Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Is Alive In Durham North Carolina

I recently was sent to Durham North Carolina for work. I dreaded going out there because I assumed it would be boring. How stupid I can be. In this life there are people everywhere that are genuine and loving. There are people in this world always hospitable and arms open to new people and visitors. I spent the first weekend wasted looking for a bar to forget I am away from loved ones. It was like that feeling all over again when I was in the USMC serving in Jacksonville North Carolina. Away from home, do not know anyone….ETC…. Here it is different. I am an artist. I have a very universal interest that people are so open to share. I looked online and saw the Golden Belt. It is an old factory turned into working art studios, galleriy, shops, tattoo parlor, living lofts for creative people. I was fortunate to catch the art walk there. It was wonderful. Just about everyone of the studios were open with artists to meet and greet. I talked mixed and mingled and felt right at home. I felt so comfortable just walking around looking at the art. SO many people were visiting and buying art. It was ALIVE! So many people to mention that I met…The memories will be precious.

I also wanted to listen to some music and visit a rockalternativepunkish bar or cafe. I drove down the street from the golden belt and ran into a couple and asked them where a good place to have a beer. They said go there! The Pinhook! At first glance it was dead. I figured oh well. I will just have a beer and go to my room. The Pinhook is a place where people come late and stay later listening to live music…hanging out. Mondays was movie night. They have a very large screen movie theatre size! The owners take turns watching the bar and talking to the patrons. Each one of them made me feel at home. Nick, Liz and Kym. All I can say that there was an energy there that made me happy inside. Thank you Pinhook.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Justified Distraction

i know lately it seems as if though i have been feeling a bit negative in my rants. maybe i am just trying to let the stuff go because i really do not like letting this stuff out to my loved ones. so instead i let it out here where it doesnt bother anyone. i would hope that the few three or four people that read my blog can learn from i am going through creatively. we all have personal problems that get in the way sometimes...or for better words become a distraction. none of the reasons that can justify to stop creating. a commitment to doing something we love or to use our gift to heal our souls by cleansing. cleansing through creating is is very therapeutic. letting go our fears and giving the world art is very rewarding. art gives life to creativity and inspiration. we assume the role of motivator and role model. we give life to thought and instigate emotion and feeling people might have not felt in many years. through a painting we can help people heal. we can give life to someones soul that has appeared to have died. art takes on a life of its own once created. it transforms. i can go on in so many directions as to how art is life giving. so much so that if this is so and we are so gifted with this task as artists. there is no excuse to stop.

i am too sad to paint...paint your sadness!
i am too depressed.....heal and let your soul speak!
i am too busy....slow down and live before you have a heart attack and create!
i dont know what to paint.....scribble some lines and play connect the dot with the paint and paint an abstract!
we all have distractions and also created excuses at one time or another....the only justified distraction is death or being crippled from head to toe or in a coma.....

Friday, August 27, 2010

im still here. i am still giving it my all. we all struggle at times to keep our passion for creating. we want to create all the time. sometimes our lives take priority over our passion. that thing that we love to do for ourselves. that interest we have that gives us hope to be ourselves. most of us are in a job or situation that does not match what our dreams were as children. we dreamed of being something larger than life. or at least we dreamed of doing something in our lives that made us happy everyday. we might be have accepted our current situation and find happiness in it.....but we all had dreams. my dream was to be an artist.

i spent a lifetime of visiting that dream here and there. just as quickly as i dreamed i had to forget about it because of my fears. recently i tackled my fears and embarked on my journey as an artist. it has been a life changing event for sure. my life is completely different right now than it was a year ago. a year ago i could only laugh at the idea that i would be referred to as danny the artist. it is hard work. it is not easy. it takes sacrifice and commitment. i almost gave it up a few days ago....because of those fear coming back. self doubt. but because i have immersed myself around people that are like minded artists who are so positive and are committed to being artists for the love of it and no other reason.

my journey has taken me through so many changes in my persona. it has forced me to re evaluate who i am and how i look at life. an artist at any level cannot have clutter in their minds. we have to be clear of what we want to create and have a purpose to why we create. in order to create passionately we have to be honest with ourselves. look in the mirror and create! in the end....i cannot stop creating this time. i will work it out. i will create for the sake of creating but i will not give up. i love all of you that support me.

Artistic Depression

Do you get depressed sometimes because you cannot seem to create anything? Does your emotion of the day and feeling rest on whether or not you can get something out of your head to manifest into a painting or piece of work? I seem to slip into a funk really fast when I cannot create my work. Lately I have not been happy with my results of what I create. It seems to snowball from there. The days go by really fast. I do not create anything from which I thought of. I look at images for inspiration and use reference as my subject rather than create something from my soul. I feel fake and do not feel worthy of people looking at my art because of the fear that they will see right through me.

I am Stuck!

I wish I had been given the instruction booklet from God on how to be an artist. I am stuck. I started out of the gate strong and now I am stuck. I know it is temporary as I search my soul for some inspiration...but .....Painting for the sake of painting is so hard. Creating something very deep takes a very special energy. That passion has to be present when we create. We cannot just turn that shit on like a light switch. It has to be overwhelming. Like falling in love. We cannot just settle for someone we feel we can get along with for the rest of our lives. We have to be head over heels for that person. What we create has to feel natural. It has to flow. It might be hard work....but it flows. It might have its challenges....but it is a very passionate grind we enjoy. Like exercise....we know it hurts but the results are amazing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does Love Affect Our Creativity?

the rollercoaster of emotions we feel when we are in love is very confusing at times. yes it feels good to be so close to someone and feel that joy of someone loving you back. but it can be tiresome at times. trying to please them. worrying about keeping them happy. in my mind it should be effortless shouldnt it? if you are truly in love with your so called soulmate shouldnt it be easy? as an artist i create my works with all my heart and emotions. i am very passionate when i start my pieces. since i have started to paint i have become a cry baby. i cannot explain it. i really have to be in a special place when i think of the color i will be using. i try and block everything out so i can go with the theme of he piece instead of the theme of what i am feeling at the time. as much as a give effort to doing this my pieces always will reflect what i was feeling at the time i created the piece. i am starting to really re think this process now. i am finding if i try to paint the opposite of what i feel then it will look rushed or fake. something is missing. i look at my imagery now as an extension of my soul. i always have. but now it is really taking a shape not like before. i am learning that now this canvas(metal) is now the window to my heart and soul. the colors will feel warm with happiness, dark with sadness bright with positivity. i am finding that when i release the negative through my work it is powerful. if i depict happiness in my colors it encourages me with good energy that lasts. love is a very powerful tool when painting. it makes everything brighter, darker, rich in color, painfully rough when sad. love can be channeled through our work if we listen to our heart. corny? might be. then again if that is what you think then close this page and bye bye. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pressing Forward in Full Color

Ill make it short this time. I now I can get really lengthy in my rants. I was told in the very beginning from someone they enjoyed my blog but that I should not blab too much. LOL. Do not read it! Gee wiz. How funny is that someone telling me how to write my blog. I get it though...if I am looking for regulars to make them catchy and interesting full of content of value to the reader. I guess that is when I was trying to make a blog for Google Adsense. At this point I do not even care. All I care is that I say what I have to say about the art scene that maybe an artist thinks and feels the same about that maybe they cannot seem to find the nerve to say. I have nothing to lose. I am happy painting now. I wanted so bad to be a part of that wonderful art world and be well known and respected. Guess what!? It is just like anywhere else in life. There is the few that make the experience a challenging one. There are people that have so much pull and they are the major influence....if you are not in good with these people they can really make your life hard. They will bad mouth you. It does not make a difference how nice your work is. You just have to stay clear of these people and smile, have a wonderful great attitude about it and find a place or group that will accept you and encourage you. It is much easier when you can relate to other artists who have the passion you have. It is so refreshing when there are genuine people that you can sit and talk about how lovely life is creating and enjoying your gift with others. This is the amazing part of being an artist.

Angry Creator.Happy to be FREE

there are so many excuses i have been making for not painting letely. some of the excuses i blame on family members and friends and other people. some of the excuses i blame on my situation in my life. some of the excuses i just make out of no where. but the real reason i have not been creating lately because i have been trying to sell out and i do not have the stomache to. i am an artist who is so proud of the freedoms we share to create and thrive in our self expression. i am always telling people to savor the gift they have while they have it and respect it by creating with their heart. i am such a hypocrite because i am not following my mantra. it is just like a blogger or a preacher or anyone who is trying to inspire others. they inspire others to do what they are not doing. like a parent living their life through their children. having them do all the things they did not have the courage to do when they were children teens or young adults. when i was a child i had dreams of becoming an artist. i had dreams of living the artists life creating what i wanted even though i would not be that picasso or michaelangelo. i had big dreams. then i left home. i left home at 17 scared and running. leaving my dreams behind. for the next 20 something years i lived my life. raised children became a grandfather....not happy with my choices in life regarding my career. or at least not doing something i loved. i do not regret the path i have taken. what i do regret is not integrating my love for art in my life as a commitment to myself. instead i was afraid to expose that side of me for fear of rejection.

the new me. fuck you. i will paint what i want and create what i want. i will show anyone and everyone and enjoy every waking moment and create pieces that i enjoy creating. they might disgust the world and not sell but i will create that shit anyway. i have been creating in hopes of impressing people. i have been following the advice of some pretty vicious people who do not give a shit about me or what i want to create. they do not care if they know me today or tomorrow. all they care about is their status in this art scene they are in. i have also met some wonderfully talented artists that care about me so much they are willing to take the shirt off of their back to help me. i love these people. they matter to me. some of these people sell their work some dont. and they dont even care. yes they need to make a living but....and a big but....they want to live their life doing something they love and they will do it their way. i am self taught...that means i have no clue as to what the fuck i am doing when i pick up the brush. i do not have a clue as to who created what style or a way of doing things. all i care is that i pick up my brush, spray can, grinder, glue, rusted metal and make something that moves someone. i will give the shit away to make you happy. i do not really care. i love the feeling of seeing someone that looked at my work and actually cried,  laughed, screamed, yelled, any emotion here will do. as long as they are looking and remember who i am. yes i want to be remembered. not for some ego trip. i want to be remember as the guy that had a passion for his art. i am not the most talented person by a stretch and i do not even care to be known as that. but i am very passionate about creating art. creating art that ,loves people. creating art that has a story. look at a piece of mine and lets talk about it. I love you and i want to make you smile. i even love you when i am telling you to fuck off because you annoy the shit out of me with your smug attitude criticizing me for how i paint, my so called incorrect technique. i am not going to change for you asshole. i will love you and respect all artists out their who struggle with their fears and show my passion and hope to give some inspiration of courage to show the world their/your gift. my life is shit right now in many areas. but one thing is for certain....i love who i love and i love creating art. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creative Loss Found

I have not painted very much lately if not at all. It is a crime for me because of the commitment I made for myself. Creating for me is like breathing. I have to be thinking of something all the time. Lately I have been absorbed by life. Contemplating so many things. Ideas are always fluttering overhead and yet I see them as so far away I cannot make sense of them. Like impaired vision. I have not found the right prescription for my sight to see this wonderful inspirational idea. I do not know if I am making sense. All I know is I have not been very motivated. I have spoken to others about this and they all say the same thing. Just paint you big sissy!

My heart has been bleeding lately. I do not know what it is. I still cannot look in the mirror and love that person looking back. If I did life would be more tolerable. It is like I am waiting in line for something to happen. In essence I guess we are all just waiting in line for the inevitable. When is my number up? We ask that everyday. I do not want to ask that anymore. I just want to feel happy. I want to live. I walk a very delicate trail. So many doors to choose from. So many distractions. We decide to head one way and then we get wishy washy and head a different way. It is so frustrating. I want to create and make my life of it. Yet I have to survive and pay bills. LOL. That is so funny. A distraction from my passion. I spent a wonderful year creating without worrying about paying the bills and now I have to go back to work. I failed at making my art work sustain me. I am a success at meeting and creating new friendships that will last a lifetime. Friendships in this wonderful art community. At least that is my positive from this experience. I can truly say with out a doubt I can call my fellow artists and art lovers friends. They have always supported me and my work. So many people I have met through events and shows, facebook and forums. I have met people from all walks of life. I am an artist.

Our lives shape who we are as an artist. I guess that is the answer to my dilemma. My muse is my life. My inspiration is my experience. I have not been able to create because I have been looking for substance in my work. I want to create and build a body of work that personifies who I am and my soul to be cleansed. I make a lot of pop art looking stuff. I create things that are pleasing to the eye. I need to create what is me. Who I am. Where I have been emotionally, spiritually and my essence needs to be captured. I have been so worried about everything else and not been paying attention to what I write here. I look within and I have the answer.  We all have the answer within. We are a child of who created us. He created us in his image. We are his spirit. We are just like our creator. We have the power to change our environment. We have the gift to ask for what we need. That is a wonderful thing.

I know I had a lot of readers that enjoyed my writings and since I have been a little confused...more than usual...I have lost some readers. We are all human. I hope I can connect with someone out there and we can all learn from each others experiences. We are also in a capacity to help each other heal and heal ourselves with love. Not criticisms...but love.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Do You Create?

Sometimes I find myself frustrated with my choice of subject matter. I will sit there and re do colors over and over. Erase, clear, clean and start over. Why do I do this. Who am I trying to impress? I should be creating for myself. Is my motive to be vain? AM I trying to appease the masses or the public. They do not matter. I have to remember that if someone connects with m work then I have succesfully created something in which came from my soul. A fine artist is suppose to create this way. I am not a commercial artist.

It is so eas to get caught up in measuring yourself up to your peers that are selling their work. Selling regularly. We can get caught up in the commercial side of this world of ours. I just want to create honestly. I want to create my vision. I want to see people connect with what I show. I was invited recently to a very important city with regards to artists and gelleries. I was working with a gallery owner and he began making suggestions on presentation. In his experience I figured I should at least try some of what he was hoping I try. I agreed to make the adjustment. He then began to change the integrity of my work....his ideas and my vision did not coinside. It is one thing to compromise because they are selling your work for you but it is another to give him control. I no longer am doing business with him. This might mean an opportunity out the window before it showed fruit....but really if I continue to network and be true to my vision then someone somewhere will appreciate where I am at and the way I do it. I feel at peace and a weight has been lifted.

I create for my soul first. My soul is connected to that energy force we call GOD. God has given me a gift to create and connect. I will connect and inspire others to do the same. This is my love and passion. I want people to see my passion. It will stand out that I am trying to hard to accommodate. I would rather see the rough and raw of my work. I Twill have a following that is true to who I am true work. If not working with a gallery in a prominent part of town means I am not ready for big time,...then let it be so. I will not sell myself out. I will hold fast and be patient. My love will endure. My inspiration will succeed. My passion will reveal itself to whoever it is meant for. Make sense? I think it does. Onward then!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Is Creating So Hard Sometimes?

It is not a matter of subject matter that keeps us from continuing to create. It is not a matter of us not having enough passion. It is not a Decision we make that we do not feel like doing anything for that moment in time. The reason we do not create for long stretches of time is because of our surroundings. If we surround ourselves with negative it detracts from our positive thoughts and feelings. There are some who say that our negative experiences do motivate us and inspire for some interesting work. Yes that is very true. But in order to create...MOST of us have to be in the right settings or environment which are under our control.

If you want to discover yourself and who you are talk to your soul. In order to do that you need to meditate. You need to talk to your inner self and search inside for what the script is. What will you be painting about? Where is your character coming out in your work? There are so many variables that we process to display in our work. We need to adjust and embark on the truth when it comes to your heart and soul which is your work. We need to be able to connect hinestly with your following, People can read right through us when they see our work. It is not so much the process but the arrangement. the use of materials. The placement of color. We need to let ourselves go. We cannot do this with chaos around us. If there are people you are connecting with because you feel they are good for your carreer yet they are stressing you out...then ....remove them. Move on! Let it go! Even if your art is just for you. It is something you love and it is good for you. It is good to create and collaborate. We need to let our collective juices flow. We need to. We will die a paintful death without our first love. Our first love because we are born creating. We are intuitively trying to make the world a better place. Love Live Laugh And Create!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peace Of Mind

I need to start shoveling the shit out of my life. There are a few things or people in my life that are just energy sucking/draining. I need to be free of these things in order to be happy. If I do not eliminate these things from my life I will always have an excuse to be miserable. I am stronger than that. I allow these things to get to me. SO therefore I should not complain. That has been my motto or mantra you might say....if I allow it I deserve it. Bad or good. I Need to heed to my own advice. Facebook is gone!

As for social networking was doing me a wonder for my art life. I was meeting people and getting exposure. I was connecting with other artists who have given me motivation. But when it has started to become a distraction I had to let the damn thing go. I would add people that I should not have been talking to in the first place. These are people that are poison in my life. These are people that probably want to see me fail. They enjoy sending me little annoyance of comments. Little tidbits they call comments. Sadly these are people that are family and friends I know personally. That is where the poison can come from. We as creators feed off of some kind of drama or life experience to give life to our work. We also can have poison in our life as a distraction and we cannot create. We can be so sad and distraught that we cannot even function.  We are loving people. We want to inspire and be inspired.

Social networking is sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes you have to take a step back. This is a whole other world that people take seriously. They do not have enough sense or courage enough to call you or deliver the message personally when they are able to. They would rather hide behind their computer and bash you. Or play games. This is a distraction we do not need. It is funny...I cannot even believe i am wasting a posting on this subject. this posting should be about uplifting you as an artist family member of mine...Helping you relate to someone else about our art life and culture. Giving you some insight to another perspective to what bothers you. I want to be help to anyone that I can offer the help to. Sometimes we all need some uplifting. I always do. Everyday I ask the God above. over here. over there. I ask for God to smile upon us so we can join together in groups all over the world....we all need to be collectively creative and inspire. Life is so short we cannot be wasting our time and effort worrying about these idiots who do not have a life on social networking bashing each other. It is very hurtful being ridiculed. Embarrassed. We are all full of love when we were born. Somehow it was per-versed into an anger from life experience. All people have to do is remember where they came from. LOVE. that is where we came from.   ANOTHER rambling. Create CREATE CreAte!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wow this is going to be a loaded article. I do not even know where to start with this one. I know my garb can sometimes...or always come out like babbling But I guess it is healing to just let it out unscripted and raw. People can relate. Maybe someone can relate to me. I do not know how many people are still logging on to my articles...for the few that still are here it goes.

Artists all want to show their work and have some sort of recognition. Whether it is by family friends or a larger scale....the public. Or even worse the art scene in general. We all want to guage and see where we stand against our peers. We all differ as artists and all have our own voice and uniqueness. Yet we all want to see if we can get as much attention as our our fellow creators. Attention. Yes attention. We all want that comfort. We all want and yearn for being accepted. Our work to be loved and admired. It feels good. We get a sense of completeness. We all want that feeling. People in awe of our work. We can sit back and enjoy the groups looking and staring at our work. It feels really good.

We all want the above aforementioned. Sometimes this is not attainable by ourselves. We all need a little help. So we meet and greet. We attend shows and events in hopes of meeting that person that can help us get there. We all dive into this very world we promised we would not be a part of. The ass kissing I need to be friends with your tight stuck up ass in order to get my work shown. They have the control. And if we stand up for ourselves because they offend us we lose out on the opportunity. How do we deal with these people? Shit  have been in a crazy journey. I have met good and bad. I have made what I thought were friends. And they end up being selfish people with their own agendas disguising themselves as people who love art and are there for the good of the artists. There are so many sharks. I personally like to deal with the professional courteous gallery owner or curator. they are all about business. They leave the ass kissing for the street. Your work speaks for itself with them. You know they are impressed because they are actually taking the time out of their very busy day to talk and work with you.

We really do not need to be buddies with these people. I understand where they are coming from. You have a product that has been untested and they are taking a chance with you. That is all fine and dandy. But if you are going to be working with artists be professional and organized. Be on time. Keep your promises. Keep them informed. I know it is asking a lot...but not really. Most artists are already insecure as it is. The new artists up and coming want to feel confident they are being helped by the right person. You had a lot of excitement and energy when you met the artists promising them you will show their work and give them a nice venue. Keep that energy and excitement. Show them that passion. Hide your frustration and do not complain when they are trying to overcome their fears. These artists are new to this crazy world. Show them some respect and do not treat them like they are dumb. They know about life....they just are not familiar with the art them understand it. If you are not up to par with working with people and dealing with some pretty eccentric personalities then go dig ditches for a living. At least it is just you and dirt.

For the artists....hang in there. Keep painting and watch out for the sharks. Watch out for the "You owe me" attitude. You should not feel like you owe anyone when dealing with your work. If someone is KIND enough to work with you then they will get all they need back from you if they work with your art correctly, market it professionally, use your talent to get what they need(money) that is the gesture they are looking for....monetary compensation. They also like the exposure and notoriety. DO NOT pay someone to show your work. Consignment is a word you need to learn. "I'll do you this favor" is not a phrase you want to hear. Do not let the person working with you play head games. Just because a gallery is well known doesn't mean it is the right one for you.

For Curators/Gallery Owners/Promoters.....Treat us with respect. For those of us that are new to this us out. We are just trying to learn. We have so much to learn. We are scared. We are very hungry as you are for the exposure and the excitement of being in this wonderful community of art. We can all get along much better if there was a level of respect that we all had to follow. Head games? We do not need them. Respect. Love. Inspire. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Man Has Got To Eat!

I find myself being to generous with my art. I find myself practically giving my work away. Seeing a smile light up when my work is given as a gift to someone who will appreciate my work is so fulfilling. It makes it all worth while. There are not even enough words nor can I think of any to describe the emotions I feel when someone walks away so happy they have a piece of work that I created and it has brought them happiness.

My life before was so aimless. Yes I am a father and love my children and grandchildren....that is a given. But my goals and dreams were blank. I did not have one. I was living day by day. I was getting up in the morning expecting the same outcome. I was hoping I could just make it to the end of the day without dying some tragic death. Tragic because I did not leave a legacy behind. I did not leave something that is there for my children to recognize who I was. A daily reminder. Not just a picture of me on a wall or an album. I want my children to be able to see their father was a good person and his soul loved and connected with people. This is what art does for us. We as creators cherish every moment we live on this earth. It is another opportunity daily to create. To be in a place where so very few people get to experience. In our own souls. Interacting with ourselves to get the best out of us.  We are so fortunate to have been given this gift. Yet so many people have it and take advantage and abuse it. Even worse there are even a larger number of people that keep it to themselves and do not share with the world. Not sharing it for the sake of a way to relax and cope is one thing....not sharing your gift out of fear is sad. We should all respect each others creative outlook and representations.

There are people that are so critical of one anothers work. We all have a voice. We all have an opinion. We speak freely in a somewhat free society where we can express openly our sentiments. We can speak our mind and open ourselves up so that we can teach others. As artists I feel we all have a right to be individuals and not be afraid to share without scrutiny and negative gestures from others. It is even worse when the negativity comes from our own community. We should encourage on another. We should applaud one another for being brave enough to show the public our heart and soul leaving ourselves open to all. Yet we are humans. We are also sometimes unpredictable.

The ultimate compliment the public can pay an artist is a purchase. Someone expressing their love for your work by bestowing upon you a generous gift for your effort. Thanking you by giving your work a home because they appreciate you. At that point you are forever in the hearts of the art community. You have left your legacy. AND you have made a buck. A Mans Got To Eat!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Do Artists Lift Themselves Up?

They don't! We work through it. I think as artists we should never use our personal troubles as an excuse not to create. We can not do certain shows attend events so we can recharge and move forward. Stopping the creative process is damaging to our legacy as an artist. We need to use our torment and sadness as a source for inspiration. Through this valley we travel we can find something beautiful. We can create something special. We have to work through it. At the moment we might not like what is coming out....but we will look back at that moment where we created and let our soul out as a wonderful experience of change or transition and it has been recorded.

Creating through this period is very challenging. Personally I am going through this trying time in my life. Through creating I have found happiness. I have found peace. The way I view my trials are very different as I have in the past. I felt all alone before. Now I feel as if I have a friend and confidant in my creativity. There is a calming affect when you let it all out on your medium/media/canvas...whatever that may be. We create avenues of release in our work. We challenge our hearts to tell the truth. People will instantly relate to your piece. It will be the truth. It will be life altering for some. Emotion and passion will overwhelm them. You have given that piece magic. The power to grab someone and hold them captive in its presence. Sounds like a crock of shit? No. It is true. I have seen it for myself.

My life has been a waste of time. My children are blessings. My choices to fill in the space of time where I am not with my family has been wasted. Or has it been? I experienced certain moments in my life that have translated in to some pieces that have had an impact on some. Privately they come to me weeping that the piece connected with them. To me it was a simple piece to them it is a centerpiece in their home that will remind them of that emotion that they feel everytime they gaze upon their art. It is very humbling to me to experience that with someone. I live for those moments. I love people. I love art. I love when people are so inspired by art. I love to show love for my fellow brother and sister how to love and appreciate this art we call ART.

So the answer to the question posed....CREATE and Inspire...That is how we lift ourselves up.

Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Live Paint.

I hate live painting. For me to write a blog on "How to Live Paint" is a joke. I love people. I love when people watch and are amazed at me creating artwork. It is still very surprising to me that the human spirit is so connected to art of any form. We all connect to some for of art. Everyone from small children to age old adults.

Everytime I paint in front of people I get so nervous. I feel so much anxiety leading up to setting up in front of a crowd and really showing my creative process. It is hard to reveal myself. I feel like I am doing a strip tease. Very humbling. Yet when I get people talking to me and standing there watching me for long periods at a is so invigorating. They are so happy to see someone create. I have artists that I know personally watch me and smile and compliment me. I see under my cap people smiling and watching me....ME! of all people..I am the centerpiece....very humbling. They actually participate in what I am creating. They want to be a part of the creative process and they make suggestions.

I am probably like most artists and are very shy when asked to paint in front of strangers. I am self taught so I do not have anything to risk being as that I do not have rules to live by in my creative process. I just paint. But even I still get intimidated by the thought of revealing my weaknesses as an artist. Making mistakes. Experimentation on the fly. But when I am actually doing it it is liberating. I get lost in the process. It is like no one is around. I am on a "runners high" (artist high). There is no failure because I am not trying to impress anyone. I am doing it for myself. My focus is on me and my work. What makes me feel right. That is the attitude we should all take when creating our work. We should be creating and not make excuses. Painting live is like painting in private. It should not matter who is in our presence. They do not matter. We can only hope that the people that are watching are appreciating the process. We could only hope that they are inspired by our actions. They can see our soul for display as a message of hope for them. Art is so alive in my life. I want to share it with the world along with my fellow artists.

At the moment I am going through some very rough times personally. My art is what keepsme grounded. I have been displaced and away from my family. Yet my art keeps me down to earth. I look forward to create daily. It makes me whole. It is a part of me. I am not a part of it. My life is revolving around creating my art. I believe that art has a healing force behind it. Healing of our souls. Changing our attitude towards our outlook. Being in touch with our creator which the gift was given. we show our appreciation by creating and inspiring others. Live painting gives us an opportunity to teach others to open their minds. To love. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Stops Us From Creating?

It is funny how we can let things distract us from our true loves. My true love is creating artwork for the world to be inspired by. I can be happy creating 40 pieces and only one will be noticed by one person. That would make it all worth while. We as artists sometimes feel so insecure about what we do that we stop because we get distracted from the real reason we started creating in the first place.

How do we not get distracted? That is a good question. First of all the process is very simple to dissect. We paint, we are not happy with what we create, we stop, we analyze and go over what we are unhappy about and we dwell. Instead of moving forward with another piece and leave the current for later we cry and act like babies. I for one have already waster many years procrastinating because I felt I was not good enough to be among these amazing artists around me in this great community of mine. And yet I still find myself making excuses for not creating again even after I have learned the valuable lesson.

The best way to handle these low points in our creative lives is to create, paint, draw, take the photos, write, through it! Just keep going! Make anything. Create whatever. Practice techniques!....There is so many things you could be doing to help your love...yet we find so many more delays and distractions...we create on our own. They are not even relevant reasons for stopping. Punish yourself for doing it! It is called work stoppage. Not to be tolerated.

Our soul suffers from this work stoppage. We die each and every time we do this to ourselves. We shorten our life span immensely. If we were to die Monday. Today is Thursday. and Friday we make another excuse...and then Saturday I might think about it...and then I do not start creating til Sunday night....I wasted 3 perfect opportunities to create a masterpieces that can be appreciated by the people we love and our followers. We can have so much more in our legacy. But we are too selfish and think only of how we are in pain to think of the bigger picture. Someone is waiting to connect with our art. Someone is born to live with what we create. It is destined to inspire them in their life. We break the cycle. our art might be the beginning of something special for that person to connect with our soul. Because our soul is left on what we create. We can reach out to multitudes of people...we do not even have to be there. If it is displayed or shown someone will see. If we post it in our social network...someone will see and appreciate.

Speaking of social networks....what a great way to reach out to more people. I have had the humbling opportunity to have people from all over the world connect with my work. they did not have to buy it because they copied it and saved it to their computer and can see it anytime they want. They always show appreciation for what I created telling me they connected with my baby. this is awesome. this is why I create my work.

Sometimes I might sound very random in my rants. Sometimes I do not write for a long stretch. We all have our insecurities, problems and crosses to bear...we all have that one person that will inspire us to get back on track....I found a wonderful book that steered me back in that creative flow...Art And Fear (by David Bayles @ Ted Orland) it is a wonderful book and I strongly recommend. This made my whole month! Year! If the authors did not create this book I would be in my slump still and would have never been inspired. I hope my 3 readers get my point!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?

"Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?"

"Only the ones who don't sell art are in creative lifestyle only but those fortunate ones who sell art are in both....what do you think?"
I think we should all take on the attitude of it being a lifestyle. We should live and breathe our creativity. Experience and express our soul. If we are given monies in exchange for our work it is a compliment to our work. If we are spoiled because of our gift then we should be thankful and continue to create to reach more people under the assumption that it is temporary. Always staying humble and appreciating that honor where people want to reward us. It is a business at that point....but we should always process it internally as a lifestyle. Something we love. We choose to do. We never HAVE to paint. We are not forced to because of....We WANT to and NEED to because of our calling.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are We Connected As Artists?

All creators have a connection. They all have a link that bonds them. Giving live to a piece of art work is what they live and breathe for. We rise in the morn to greet our muse and then we get to work. Our muse is our soul. Our soul is energy. The energy that fuels us is connecting all of us. We feel. We experience. We see inside of one another and share the passion we feel for what we love.

I can go to any event here in my city and instantly connect with someone. Art bridges the gap between so many demographics. Age, sex, orientation, race, name it. We are all a community that is massively connected. It is unbelievable. The more I go out and involve myself in this wonderful community I fall in lov with all the people I encounter. Genuine souls. Even the artists that are in pain and are very closed in putting up that wall...I can still get to them. I smile, hug, show them I love them and wammo! they are my friend. It is not always that easy but you get the point. Give people a chance. Non artists who love art and purchase or just like to view it are so special to me. I can have 20-30 pieces showing and if they only connect to is marvelous, spectacular and awe inspiring to me. It is very humbling. It fuels my desire to create. Making people have that feeling is so special. Enormous in my heart. That is why I create.

Creating along side wonderful fantastic talented amazing artists can be intimidating. But for me it has been a joy. I learn so much. I see that they are just like me it is just that they are that much more committed. I value that friendship I have forged with them. I learn from them and watch their passion. it does not come over night. Some are self taught some are educated for years. But everyday they too learn. They too graciously will look upon another artist respectfully and take something away from that experience and apply it to their own. We all have to grow together as artists and learn from one another because we are connected. We are all unique and have our own special way of expressing ourselves and a true artists will not criticize or judge another artist only they will encourage and guide one another to grow. This is not a competition it is a journey we are partaking together to inspire one another and the world through our gift.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.... Davinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.... Davinci

Wow. What a powerful statement. Do we as artists get lazy and create to just create at times. To just get a subject out on our canvas as quick as possible? Do we sometimes shy away from the pain that we experience when using our soul as inspiration? is it not where we should derive all our energy for creating? 

Last night I was painting a piece for an event. I could have chosen the theme of the day(St. Patricks Day) but I instead chose what I truly wanted to paint. I just added the green to align myself with the day. Creating last night was effortless. It flowed.There was true creative energy from people performing their music as I painted. Everyone was so gracious with spending their time to watch me and talk with me. I felt so humbled at their compliments and even their criticisms. I enjoyed every moment. I truly was creating a piece of work from my soul and heart. 

I think when an artist experiences creating from their internal innermost thought and shows. We all need to develop that link between our soul and our hand. Let our being create. We need to listen to that we truly Want and Need to create. At some point we all have to make a living or give someone something that is out of our norm as an artist. Only if it is for the benefit of another person to grow as an art lover or artist. We cannot or shall not compromise ourselves and believe we can ignore that link. Discovering who we really are through a representation in our art is a needed must. We cannot go beyond that and expect to be passionate about creating.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to create in a Negative environment?

I posed this question in hopes of getting an answer through maybe my own writings or feedback from readers. How do we create in a negative environment? Wow. That is a loaded question. Is it possible? Do we move away from that environment? Can this environment help us and aid us in the creative process? Is it healthy for an artist to stay in this sort of place, space?

In general as a human being we go through changes and always are finding ourselves. We are always learning from our experiences. We are always looking within for strength in different situations and challenges. There might be some instances where we want to give up and turn it in. There mihgt be times where we find the challenge is greater than us. Most of us deal with it somehow and move on. Some give up and waste away. As artists we are very different in the way we handle our life paths. We are suppose to use our life as inspiration. We are suppose to make ourselves available for change in our direction to accomodate our creative soul. Our soul wants to speak to the world. Our soul wants to be open about what is has to accomplish in this world. We are only a vessel for this soul we carry. We should be in tune with what the driving force behind our gift wants. We have to acknowledge this path to be taken. I know I speak out of my ass sometimes and people tend to think I am crazy sometimes because I am all over the place....but for my true feeling about my creative gift is that we are all here to inspire as artists.

Art will heal. Art will heal all our situations. It gives us an outlet in any type of situation. It will teach others what we learn. They can see our souls through our experiences. They can look at what we create and see jow to cope with theirs. People connect with art in such a way that can never be explained. I can only say that when the artist gives his soul to his work....connects with the creative process and leaves it all in his creation...someone is destined to recieve that gift.

So...can we create in a negative environment? Of course. We have to treasure and seize the moment for what it is. It will be a positive experience in a challenging place. We will reap the benefits of learning and giving at the same time. We will receive resolve and rest. We will inspire others in the same place and be an example. We will share our love for humanity and plant a seed of creativity in their heart and soul. Look at the negative as a positive experience, with challenging lessons.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do we change as Artists?

Why the fear of creating. Why do we limit ourselves to one genre or one style? Why are we afraid to branch out? Is it a comfort zoe? Is it somewhere we want to be safe? Maybe that is it. I sit and feel fear sometimes to branch out and experiment to unseen boundaries. I would love to expand my thoughts and be free of that fear. We constantly look for a comfort zone in this society. For the ost part the majority of people do this. We look for safety. But if we dare to explore our limits and break through them then there we will find simple pleasures. The simplicity of acheivment. THe subtle feeling of accomplishment. The giving of ourselves to make ourselves better. Imporvement. Enlightenment. Something as simple as changing the course of a ship by a foot can mean another continent to explore farther down. The small subtle changes we make in our lives mean large implications over time.

After we make these choices and accept the change we have created in our lives...,maintaining that is work in itself. Regarding our art...changing mediums, media, subject matter, themes, painting and creating within, revealing our soul. We all have a choice as artists to capture the moment in time or reveal a heartplace in our soul. All of this is to reach out to our fellow man and expand THEIR mind heart and soul. We do impact people. I have said these previously...we make a difference in the path people take. We create works that can steer that ship by sheer love. We can express to one another volumes of emotions that words cannot begin to describe. Color can vibrantly enhance someones outlook in life. The piece becomes a part of their soul.

How do we change? I think we answered this question. We change for a purpose not for us....for them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Create From The Soul...

When we think of something to create we think of the inspiration and how it relates to the moment. We look at the color and texture and passionately strive to speak through the composition. When we complete the piece we feel a sense of relief that we have given our soul to the world. We have divulged a part of ourselves and let go a secret. When we create we sooth our pain. When we create we resolve and heal. When we give birth to a new piece we let go of something that is not ours. It is the worlds. Someone is destined to change because of the love we gave our medium. If we connect with our work we are doing the right thing. If we give life to our art we are reaching out. If we don't....we are dying. We are compromising. We are in essence committing suicide. Let it go. Create with you soul. Paint, sculpt, photograph do with your medium what your heart and soul guides you to manipulate it. Reach out to the world. Be an artist. Be a creator. Love your work. Let it go.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How To Network and Market yourself as an artist?

Shake hands, be nice, keep it simple, remember names and dont give up. I found it not very hard to get to know these people in the art community. You just have to be persistent and always push forward. Do not be aggressive with these people. They all have "paid their dues". These people are weary of newcomers coming into their world with a cocky attitude. It is not that kind of environment. It is a more laid back sharing environment with your basic 10 percent of idiots.

In the short time I have been out here in my city joining the events and showing my work I try and be kind to everyone. I learn from their creative spirit. I do not always feel comfortable in these situations but I make the best of it and talk to all artists at least to see where they're at. I make sure to shake hands and greet everyone. As for remembering names....I tell them up front I am bad with names! You cannot be shy in this world. You have to meet everyone. Spark a conversation if there is eye contact. never interrupt if they are talking about their work. Only talk about your work if they ask. Do not make it a comparison contest. it is not a contest. This is a sharing of ideas. Be real and original. Meaning not fake the smile.

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has their own experiences they go through to get to where they are. Some artists go through years of education and commitment to learning and training to hone in on their medium. Some people take a life time of experience and translate it into their work with out the formal training and schooling. Their passion for the love of their work and with experimentation....this gives them the hunger and love for learning more. So many artists are self taught and use their life experiences to their advantage. Some of these are hindered with their ability and want to do so much more. They are also the ones that have to work harder for the piece to come alive. We all just want to create. We all want to be noticed for what we do. The next level is very and making a name for yourself. that is a very different animal.

Do you know what you are getting yourself into if you want to be known? It is alot of persistent, unwavering, hardcore, committed work. You have to be out there. Online and at the shows, events and galleries. Meeting and being a part of the "scene". Do not put expectations or pre-conceived thoughts about what is going to happen. Just be yourself. Smile. Shake hands...and have a good time. Do not be afraid to do group shows. Do not be afraid to volunteer some time here and there. Be open to giving of yourself to the art community. I am not an expert on this industry....but people are people in any walk...they want to smile, be inspired and be welcomed. I hope this rant served some purpose. I will never know. All I know is what I experience.

Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Deal With Gallery Politics.

I recently committed my time to volunteer at a local art gallery. this is not a privately owned art gallery. This gallery I am volunteering my time in is a very well known non profit organization that has been in my city for about 80 or so years I have been told. So many people have been involved here promoting and working with the local artists of the community. So I need to spend some time talking about this experience here on this forum of mine. Hopefully some of you readers will be open and give me some feedback on this subject. I think as artists we all will deal or be confronted with some of the issues I am starting to experience. Hopefully we can come to some resolve and solutions I might be able to be a positive influence for these wonderful folks here.

As I get started here I start meeting these board members that make the decisions of where the monies that they recieve from the city are allocated to create an atmosphere that promotes the arts here in the part of town they are located. I hear from them the passion they  feel. After 40 years of being involved in the arts I can still see the fire in their eyes....they eyes are the windows to their souls...hteir souls bleed fr the arts. They still want to make a difference. They still have love for their passion or passion for their love. However you look at it they are on FIRE!

With any organization it will have what I call the 10 percent rule. There is always a person or persons that like to make life interesting. For some reason they want to go against the grain. Going agains the grain is ok if you are making a stand for the positive...going against the grain to distrupt a positive flow is not very healthy for growth. How can progress be achieved if there is not some sort of cohesiveness. How can ideas be shared and agreed upon if the group collaborating do not communicate. Lesson learned. How do I convince these people they are going to be fighting an uphill battle if they are always going against each other. They are worried about control and who is right rather than trying to figure out how to reach the new unknown community they are now a part of.

This gallery was always located in a community where it was catering to middle to upper income earning filks. People that would tend to have disposable incomes. People use to going to art galleries and events. They were spoiled with regulars that like to show off and buy art as a fad. Now they have moved into a very urban area. They are in the middle of very ethnic diverse cultures. They are a very conservative contemporary gallery now trying to figure out....HOW? How are they going to reach these folks. They do not have a clue. No one on this board is hisanic, asian or black. they need to reach out to them and find these artists. They need to look within the community and research and look locally at the talent within to attract new clientel. These people that are in this community are hungry for art and getting involved. This is the only gallery here in this community and they need to take the bull by the horns. GREAT opportunity. They can be pioneers in this part of the city. Convincing them is MY challenge. What the hell is wrong with me?!

I am addicted to showing people what the passion of the artist is all about. Someone told me Art is dead. I read in many articles art is dead. People from other countries criticize america for not having a passion for the arts. I say look in the communities and there you will find people hungry. So there it is. I ranted. I talked. I vented. Whether it makes sense...this will be a topic to revisit again and again.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Are Artists Moody?

I apologize for not writing in my blog sooner. I did not feel like it. I had a lot going on in my head. I was filled with anxiety and did not know how to release it. Painting only made me crazier. Which brings me to the subject of topic. Why Are Artists Moody.

I guess I have been moody. I wake up sometimes wanting to paint and then immediately I fall into a funk. What a waste of time. I start enjoying my pitty party. I eat comfort food. I stare at the walls, the computer, a book, the back of my eyelids. What the heck is wrong with me. I already know. When artist contemplate what their next theme or project is they focus. they dig deep within themselves to feel it not think it. Sometimes in the process of feeling we sort out some issues in our lives. Then we re-live those areas where we never resolved. Sometimes in the creative process we get so involved in our story whcih we want to express on a medium we start to reminisce the bad memories and lose time. Time is so precious. We can paint for hours on end and not realize a four hour painting binge feels like 30 minutes. The same goes with anxiety. We can fall into a really bad funk and lose track of time. We can sit for hours on end thinking the same though over and over again. We need sometimes to be around other artists to remind us of these "mishaps"

These lapses in time can be very unhealthy. These lapses can drive us insane. So many artists stories have been told where they had a lifetime full of drama and pain and they manifested that experience into wonderful works. So many artists get caught up in depression because they relive these experiences. Artists need to be involved. they need to stay positive. they need to stay busy. Always working through these weird funky times. it doesnt matter if you are moody or not keep working. It is ok to smash an easel and canvas once in a while but keep on working. Keep creating. Keep mixing those colors and arranging that vibe in your soul. THe one thing we have over the regular joe is we are artists and we have a release. We have to use it. We have to remember that this release will save our lives over and over again. If we do not realize it we will surely fall into a really bad funk one day and die.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Pay Your Dues As An Artist.

This is a very interesting topic I think for anyone in the art world. Any level of art experience and education can appreciate what we are about to explore here. There are so many views here and knowing the bullshit from reality is something that needs to be cleared up.

I am a self taught artist. I consider myself and artist to the core. I use my medium to express my soul and convey it to the world. How the world perceives my canvas is not my problem. Once my work is out and about I am free. The audience always has an opinion. The public never agrees. We all are unique in our situation and have different views. Our experiences shape our views. Our lives and the choices we make everyday steer the rudder. So with that is the critique we receive from artists, art aficionados, collectors, curators, gallery owners and again the general public. They all have a reason they are who they are and why they make the decisions they make. As artists we thrive and learn from the critique. We welcome it, good or bad.  We receive it "with all due respect". It is a wonderful thing. We have a choice to absorb and digest or throw it away. We can be enlightened or be insulted. We can cherish it, carry it and treasure it or be disgusted and lash back. One thing is for certain, if it is a consistent theme and remark in that critique, then at some point it should be at the very least considered. If this is a random here and there it is a common "what ever floats your boat". At this point we can all agree we cannot please every one in our creations. I can live with that.

What I cannot live with is when an artist tells a peer of theirs that they're not that, "a peer". Why?...Because they did not pay their dues as an artist. WOW! Ok. How do you pay your dues as an artist? Let's start with the educational route. 10k a year(being nice)X 4 = 40k. Yes there will be a great deal of learning from fellow genius classmates and professors. A lot of practical class application. Art history and appreciation. Learning how to prepare a portfolio and market yourself to this tight knit industry based on relationships. That is all very fine for 40k. or more? For some including Masters programs. So these artists paid their dues somewhat. This is a wonderful way to learn if the resources are available to the student.

Mentored and apprenticed artists are very strong. Most of these individuals are naturally gifted people that were hand selected by a higher calling to be the industry leaders. They were born to inspire us. These people were  created to light a fire up our butts to be involved. They were given this natural ability/gift so they can spend the rest of their time teaching instead of learning. Sadly. Very rarely do we see them appear. We all know one. There are two extremes that dominate and a small minority actually finds someone to show them the ropes and the love for the arts. They are either too shy, withdrawn and antisocial, or very arrogant and too good to share.

I call an artists soul their passion. We all have this. We all want. We all dream. Passion is how we get to. The path we take is how we respect each other as artists and the arts. There are fine lines drawn here. We have to recognize them. We all know what they are as artists. Laws have been passed recently to protect the integrity of our work.

A self taught artist is a humble person in most cases. Realizing they have a love for the arts. Buys some supplies at some point in their life. Starts creating masterpieces. Masterpieces in the sense that they delve into their works like it is the last thing they will do on earth. These artists, and they are artists by definition, become addicted to creating and expressing their soul, their life experiences, their tragedies and triumphs. They want the world to see their world inside out through their eyes. they are so filled with excitement. No agenda. No expectations. no dream of fame just dreams of appreciation and thanks. they experiment fearlessly. They were never shown the rulebook so they are not afraid. Colors are just a tool to speak through so traditions and cultures do not apply. Abstract, contemporary, modernism.. etc....are words from the furniture store. They create with emotion and love. If it feels good in the end it stays. If their wives and husbands hate it?, maybe he can give it to the neighbor and make them smile. This is where we lose our focus. Right here. We are doing it to inspire the world to love through the appreciation of art. We want to see the joy in peoples faces when they look at our works. I actually like to see people disgusted sometimes. I get a kick out of it. Our focus is about "Creating to Inspire". Inspire what? Love, Change, Appreciation, Education, Unity, Energy, and so on....the list is endless. So if our world is exclusive this will not happen. If we have restrictions on who has the right of passage? then who is fit to be the judge? Show me that person.  

Monday, January 18, 2010

How Not To Let Your Life Interfere With Your Art.

The title is easier said than done. How do we do this? I don't know. Everyday I fight with this question. I take it a day at a time. We can have so many things wrong in our lives, events and tragedies to get in the way of our creative process. We can have lapses in time where we do not realize that it has been a week since we have picked up our tools that we create with. We always have our lives that seem to get in the way of our true love. We have to always remember we never....never.....curse the events that take us away. We instead cherish the moments we have to create. We relish the seconds we have been given to sit in front of our wonderful easle, drawing pad, creative table and absorb all of the time whether it is short or lengthy. We have to make the best of it and not be so bold and arrogant to think we have tomorrow or the next day to create again. Not to say that we have to rush a piece. I am saying we enjoy and make the best of the time we have. We have to leave the memory of creativity fresh in our soul. We have to let our heart relive this feeling and emotion each and every time duplicating that moment.

Let us consider the recent events in history. Let us ponder on all the lives that are lost in one second. We can see here very serious moments in time. These people were all going about their daily lives as normal as you and I here writing and reading. We can be as innocent and non-instigating and yet peril will find us if it is our time. We can be on an overpass in the metropolis of our great city wherever you are and an earthquake can shake you to the ground. You can be denying that this is just a self help life is too short speach and stop reading this. It is a life is too short speech. There is a difference here. We are artists. We leave our legacy when it is our time. We speak to a deaf world. A blind world. A heartless world. We open the hearts of the souls that are lost. We enlighten children and their parents. We inspire. We are not only creators of art we are creators of inspiration. So for us to waste time thinking of how what and why we are going to a waste of time. So if our lives interfere with our art....let it be so ...if you did not savor the moment the last time you had your creative session?...shame on you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is the Rain Inspiring?

I dont know why the rain inspires me so much. I want to express myself in so many different ways. I was at a theme park today and I was enjoying the people. The faces. People are so beautiful and different. People have so many textures and color. We are so diverse in this world. Artist should involve themselves with the public if they want to be inspired. I can just sit in the same place for an hour in a busy section of anywhere and people watch. It is so inspiring. Weird....but yes inspiring. So many different expressions and facial features. so many different colors and attitudes. You can feel what they are feeling. If you look close enough you can see their pain, happiness sorrow. We are all connected and yet we do not realize it. So many of us are so closed minded we do not take the time to say hello or just nod in acknowledgment. For some reason the rain cleanses everything around and makes things more clearer. Washing away all the crap and build up. We tend to be dry and sour in our everyday lives and the rain somehow washes that attitude away. For me anyway. I am crazy I know. This is another senseless rant of mine. My points get lost sometimes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How To Paint Through A Funk

There is no really straightforward answer for this one. I recently was asking my Facebook family this question because I had no idea what to create. Paint an apple. Paint a chair. Not literally. pick anything as a subject for the art piece. At least practice and experiment. What I have been doing lately is prepping my metal backround for my pieces. I add the color and mix the texture with the rust. Sometimes through that process I find that I get some wonderful inspiration. Ideas flow. I start out wanting to paint an abstract and looking at the way I arrange the colors an idea flows. There is so much to paint and so much to express. I dont know why but sometimes I can create a more beautiful piece by just experimenting rather than planning it. If it is a piece that I am doing for myself or for my portfolio I can virtually create whatever comes to mind and no planning involved. Usually when there is a subject I have been requested to paint I have an overall view of what is needed...but ultimately not even the outcome is planned. In such cases I start out looking for a result and I will disappoint myself if I overthink it. The client is always pleased when I experiment.

Approaching the piece as if it is the last one I will ever paint seems to help. meaning that if i give up on the piece I will lose my chance to ever paint again. Force myself to at least start a piece, Arrange the background Get my ideas in order. Experiment. I argue with myself. I talk to my friends. I ask questions. I scream at the mirror. I look at my past works. I always make sure I fill my head with positive thoughts and meditate on everything I see and hear. Put on some music and pray. Yes Pray.

Hey I believe that our creator wants us to create master pieces every time. If this is our gift we possess...then it is a divine gift and we should always know we will be assisted in the process by a higher than high help. We need to understand that our work is very important in shifting the consciousness of people. We need to realize that we are very influential in the developlment of our youth and poeple in general. We can bring peace and love to our world through our art.

So if you are in a funk there is a simple solution. Quit complaining. There was just an earthquake and those people do not care if yo are in a funk or not. They could care less if your painting is not going well.....they do not care about art for that matter. All they care about is survival. We are still very fortunate that we ....wherever you are....if you are reading this...then you are ok and your life is thankful. Appreciate that you are able to be able.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting to see the sun through the Clouds

That murky sky is almost clear now. I can see the beautiful stars at night and blue during the day. There is still a slight haze in my weather....somewhat like smog. But I am sure that smog just needs to be cleared by staying away from the toxins in my life. I am clear now as to why I fell off my track. My journey was sent on an alternate course. I am always headed in the same direction...just to stubborn to read the road signs. We will always have "slippery when wet" or "bumps in the road" signs. Sometimes we have UN-avoidable detours but it is a learning experience as we travel that path we are guided through.The scenery has not always been from my standpoint something I wanted to stay awake through. I wanted to sometimes lay back in my seat and not be the driver. Close my eyes and listen to the music but not face it. I should have stayed awake through those drives through adversity.  I now know that we are the ones that decide whether or not our journey can be appreciated and ultimately enjoyed or learned from. I guess we realize this in our due time. For me it has been about a realization that I am here to create for others to appreciate. I have a painting in my soul with someones name on it already. I have to create these pieces in order for these people to receive. So I need to be clear and conscious to realize this fully. I cannot be selfish. I have to think of these people. People buy art or are given art for a reason. For some healing. Usually people connect with a piece of work because it fills a void in their lives..or it calms them from whatever they need calming. Art is not only appreciated but it is connected with like a living breathing entity. Sometimes I will create a piece that I think is horrible and someone will see it and instantly connect with it. So I keep everything now...if I do not like it I put it aside and continue later. Eventually it will click in my heart that it is a beautiful piece. Or if not beautiful meaningful, a story that has been told, an emotion revealed, a poem recited, a void filled. So there is my state of mind. There is my story. If you are having a cloudy day or your skies are full of smog...pull your head out of your you know what and create!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brain Freeze

Literally my brain is frozen. I cannot seem to think of anything for my submission this weekend. I should have all of this done already. It is a love hate theme. I do not think I will be entering this one. I really enjoyed the time I had with this group event. I will give it another shot today. So many times I go out and crate works that come to me as soon as I start painting. Is it confidence? Is it because i need more confidence. I was told I do not have confidence enough in my work. I guess it shows. What are these people art psychics. They look at my work and read between the layers of paint. Each layer representing what I think. that is up with that. I do not say a word to these people that see my stuff and they already make an assumption about me. As for the confidence I feel very positive and happy. I have not done this sort of thing all my life. I have always created either by drawing or painting. I took sculpting course work in college years ago. I have always had an interest in art of all genres and mediums. I just never took it seriously enough. Now I have attended quit a few events and shows. I have even had the privilege to have two one man shows. As for my confidence....If you are talking shy? I am not by any stretch shy. As for confidence in my creative process.....I will admit I play it safe. I try and not take excessive risks. meaning I do have boundaries. I have always though and felt in my soul that we should not have boundaries in creativity. Content? Well that is between the artist and his own soul. The creative process and technique should always be open. If I lack...and I do lack in so many areas...but the area I would love to resolve first is breaking down those walls and let my flow roll. Create in any form. So brain freeze i believe stems from fear of the extreme experimentation and the risk. I have nothing to lose. Why am I laboring over this? I don't know. I figured if I have an artistic related problem...I should blog and someone of the three people that read this will scream at me with an answer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look at what I made!!!!

I have to take the time here for a little reminder for anyone that wants to read this piece. Respect, humility and restraint. I have gotten to know quite a few artists in this very short journey of mine so far. I have met very successful to very humble beginnings. I have met artists that show up to small affairs and are very well know in the industry and yet you would not know they are so sought after ....meaning a piece of theirs would sell for ridiculous prices. I have met artists that offer their advice and soul for another artist to benefit from and offer it as a gift of love and no agenda. Why would someone have an agenda to help someone? Well this is the human race. There are many breads of assholes in this world. There are also artists that are so genuine they are so passive and quiet and just love to be noticed for their work and gracious for the acknowledgment. Then you run into the artist that is gifted and has the ability to be like a photo-copy machine and reproduce exactly what he/she sees in their imagination. This person can make masterpieces out of simple subjects just from their arrangement and composition. Like I said most artists are very humble and loving. Very genuine and classy. BUT....again, this is the human race. Every so often you run across this person or persons that like the attention. GRab it when they can. At anyone's expense. Reminding us how we have to stay humble. They really look bad when they expose themselves. Its like they want to squash anyone else having their day in the sun. We all want some kind of validation or notoriety when we are trying to prove something to ourselves...we look to our fellow artists more than our family to do this for us. We look at our peers to give us support and it is returned. We look for encouragement and understanding of the moment. That moment is yours and should stay that way. If someone were to say"I did this and it was grand!" The natural response is "Awesome my friend, congrats!" NOT..."Oh yeah well I did this...." Why? Why do people want to do this? Why does someone feel the need to do this? Only in their own minds is the answer. And yet I feel so bad for these people. They have something inside of them that is broken. They need some kind of fix so they vent out. They look for answers in their own way. They lash out without knowing they are lashing out. They create a little bubble for themselves. We are already in a bubble so in essence a bubble in a sounds so suffocating! But it's true. They want to make themselves happy by making the happy unhappy. Misery loves company is a truth. We cannot get mad at these folks because they do not know this is what they are doing. All we need to do is love them and listen. Ok I feel better now. Time to create.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Are Going To Get A Speeding Ticket!

The only thing in life that is certain for sure and undeniable is death. The journey to get there is what is unknown. Why are we in a rush to get to that conclusion? Are we stupid? I know there are martyrs and heroes that have a pre-ordained destiny whereupon they have a sole purpose in life to give themselves unselfishly and they tend to live a very direct life. Hindsight tells us that when we examined their lives leading up to that date in time for them. the rest of us confused people are walking aimlessly bouncing off of the walls looking for answers. We go to the heavens for the answers looking for the aliens to tell us ...they never answer..or so we think anyway....that is what we are We pray to God almighty to write us a letter or email us...some even wait by the phone. We take medicines and stuff our minds and body with toxins to alleviate the pain of our ultimate demise. We put ourselves in harms way and that of our loved ones hurrying along that fate of ours that we know for sure and are guaranteed. So if we are guaranteed and we know for sure why don't we do something about it. Why don't we make each day so special? Why don't we love so it can be returned. This would be such a great quality of life change for all of us. No. Life is a wheel cycle. We all get caught up in what everyone else is doing. We lose sight that we have choices. I admit everyday I fail because I get caught up in that wheel. I get so wrapped up in the everyday running towards the finish line and in a hurry to get there. At the end of the finish line there is no yellow or white tape to break marking victory! There is a brick wall to stop us dead cold in our tracks. You fool! Why did you run so fast. You ran so fast you passed up that was offered to you. You ran by the love of your life. You hurried right by the special moments I created for you with your loved ones. You totally ignored the opportunities I had waiting for you with so many relationships that could have enriched the experience. But you had to run with blinders on. There is no re-start. There is no reverse. This machine goes full steam ahead. Slowing down is the only thing we have in favor. We can slow down this vehicle on this journey so we can watch for steadily for these small opportunities and enjoy. We can deal with the tragedies better knowing we spent quality time with loved ones. We truly created what we need to create to contribute to humanity our love for art. We shared our soul to the world around us and hopefully enhanced one persons experience with a piece of work we created. Anyone reading this can relate. If you are an artist it is a caling to head to this warning. We are part of a cycle or cycles. Let our wheel be turning in the right positive direction. Let our magnet attract the good not the bad. Love, Create and inspire.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The right side of lala land.

I am changing my style drastically this week. Why?...well frankly I am not happy with my progress. I need to shake it up. I over think. I analyze. I try too hard. I do not let it flow. I want to create something different. I am tired of safe. I am not really worried about what people think because I have nothing to lose. I am excited for this week. It will be challenging and yet very enlightening. I will be creating my work with my left hand. I have never used my left hand in any capacity as a default limb other than driving. I am in my comfortable zone. I have been playing it safe for too long. I guess we are in denial when we say...yes I always try new things. I always shake it up. I have not been. I need too. If using my left hand will somehow open the creative process in my left lobe then I will go ahead and take a chance. It is not like I am a classically trained artist with all the education and experience painting all these years. I am new to all of this. I am taking baby steps in this world, art world. Sure I will get criticized for what I will create. No one will know I am creating this with my opposite hand. No one will know I am changing the course of my creative flow. Only I will know. to everyone else who will view my art they will either like it or think it is vulgar. Just like my right hand is all the same. Everyone has a style and a presence. Everyone has a following. We can all touch someone in this world with our art. We all have our fans. We all have that support group that enjoys what we do as artists. I will look for them for support. They will be my muse. They will give me the back that I need. I am not making sense. It does not matter. Only 3 people read this thing anyway. lol. Not even I read it. I actually writ ethis for the people in lala land. The people that are my imaginary group of friends. I tried having regular friends but they are so human. they are a disappointment. Now my lala land friends are my best supporters. Any way lala land friends....enjoy my art in the coming days and I hope you understood this posting. By the way. If you are reading this...YOU are in lala land. 

It's a Small World After All

Technology is finally being used the way it is suppose to be used in my little bubble. My little bubble called my life. I started a face book page in hopes of interacting with other artists and finding inspiration from like minded people. And I have exceeded my expectations in what I set forth to achieve. There is a very small world of artists in this facebook. I connected with a few artists here and there from some groups and so many have added me from all the groups. It is like a multi marketing campaign yet no one is making money just connections. Everyone is so wiling to give advice and support. It is a wonderful community of artists that truly care of the integrity of each others work and we all respect where we are going with our creative flow. No judgment...and of course if someone gets out of line you can always delete and block. But I tend to think a little healthy debate is fine. We all just to have to be humble enough to put it all into perspective. People are so giving of themselves in the online art community. They are quick to give offer positive/negative/constructive criticisms. It is all healthy! Everyone grows together and learns from each other. I interact with artists from all over the world. Everyone has the same goals. Everyone has the same dreams. We are all in a small bubble called earth. So changing the way the world thinks might not be so hard after all. We can all be an inspiration through our art. We can all reach out to artists all order and move OUR agenda of creating to inspire others. Inspire through art, love and peace.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Create with Integrity.

Something about this year makes me so confident that it will be a creative year. I see so much for me happening in my ever evolving journey I am enjoying in my art. There is so much experimentation I have to make up for 20+ years of ignorance. Not realizing my calling in this world. Art is not dead in my life after all. Ar tis more than just picking up a pencil and paper and drawing something. It is changing the way you look at the world. It is taking the creative process serious and using everything around you to express the true emotions through ideas and experimentation. there are no rules for the creator. There are no rules for the recipient of the gift of art. The person who truly appreciates the visual experience does not care for the rules that are put in place by people who think they are on top of the art universe. We have a heart to create and truly love and create. When we love unconditionally we do not have rules of how we love our loved ones. When we create and express our soul we should not put rules in place to hold us back. As for the integrity of the work...there is an understanding about originality. we should all have a sense of oneness with our piece. Uniqueness with our piece. Just as we are all different our art should have its own identity. We should be fair and give our work their own voice. It should stand on its own. Creating art is a sacred act. We are held accountable for the gift we have. We should experience the journey of discovering our style and own technique. We should learn who we are and give ourselves a chance to let our expression shine through our pieces.  Our work has a purpose. to inspire.