Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Time Is NOW. Create that Joy.

At a certain time in our lives we start to question everything. That point in time is different for everyone. Some go through this period of enlightenment early on when they reach adulthood and figure it out and appreciate the rest of their lives. Some live the majority of their adult life working hard, stressed out, being responsible, putting everyone around them first and sacrificing their happiness for the well being of others not realizing that they can have all of it. Some spend their whole lives and realize everything was about their joy when they are in their twilight years. Then watching their grandchildren grow and loving them opens their eyes and they try desperately to teach their children not to make the same mistakes. Like I said these are just a few examples of how we find ourselves at different stages of our lives.

We all have the capacity to love, laugh and live on a daily basis. Enjoying our life regardless if your the only one in your world living that way. We can try and shove this information in our loved ones faces and teach them how to be happy. Show them how to love everyone around them. Explain to them that grudges and hate is useless. Lead by example to display our love for even our enemies. Sometimes the relationships we are around are toxic. The people we love are so much a part of us that we cannot abandon them. We love them. We would do anything for them. How do we keep our composure? I deal with this question everyday. I want to be happy everyday. I want to feel joy 24 hours a day. I want to be able to talk to someone that wants the same thing and feels the way I do. Is that possible? Whether or not it is possible I am going to feel joy. I will block out the anxiety I feel from these people in my life that claim they are happy and feeling joy. I will move forward  past them and be happy inside. I will proclaim victory at the end of the day when I lay my head because In the end it my be my last time and I would not want to waste that day listening to the whining and bitching. We need to be stronger. We need to be happy.

Changes to our conscious is so important. We need to quit filling our subconscious(soul) shit from above so to speak. We need to fill our soul with thoughts of joy and hope. Expect to have a great and wonderful productive day exploring the possibilities for which we were created for. We are here to make amazing strides in humanity. We are here to love and love everyone. To challenge each other to heal each other with love and kindness. Forgiveness takes bravery. It takes courage to stand in front of someone who has caused you pain with a smile and feel no pain. I am not saying go look for that individual. What I am saying is face that memory head on and wipe the pain away. Do not let that memory continue to destroy your day or the tomorrows before they can be created. We are to create wondeful days for ourselves. We are to make ourselves joyful.

Where is the rulebook that tells us we are to be victims of our ownselves making hell for one another? Where does it say we are suppose to hate. As children we are innocent. We are love in its purest form. We should carry that throughout our lives. Acknowledge, learn, file it, move on! those of you edumacated people who have a smart answer that you learned in school kiss my ass. Analyze, judge what you want. Use that expensive education to tell me otherwise. But...I'll tell you that the strength we need to overcome our problems that we create for ourselves is within us. Solving these hard matters of the heart and mind are answered if we just look inside. We all have the capacity for so much yet we sell ourselves short and pay someone or give up as the answer. Drugs is the pacifier or just to get by the day. Deal with it tomorrow I am to busy right now pill. I know so many hypocrites in my life. The first one is in the mirror. The next one is close by. The other one is even closer. Why do we lie to ourselves and our loved ones. Why do we tell our children one thing and do the opposite of what we taught?

In closing. Because my random thoughts are giving me a headache. Because What I really want to say is too blunt and naming names is bad for my KARMA. Yes. I said Karma. If it is a name to call that what goes around comes around. I got it out as to teach all of you to quit wasting time hating, hurting, selfdestructing, cutting, hiding, ignoring, abusing, victimizing, allowing, faking, crying, bashing, trashing, crashing...... tell your friend the pill, the pipe, the bottle and whoever else helps you forget that you want to remember and feel what it is that you will recognize what it is you are never going to let control your life again. Let it go my loved ones. Let it go. Let the joy reside. Let that joy be addictive. Allow that JOY to overcome and infiltrate every part of your life and quit making excuses as to why you wont. Let that loved one in your life know that they can be pittiful of they want but you will be happy and remind them everyday they have to look at you smiling that they are sad. Thats it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Life is so precious. Life is like what a painting is to an artist. So precious. So valuable. So much effort and passion goes into living that we will do anything to keep it. We are so delicate as humans. We are precious. We live for today and yet we do not appreciate. We diminish the importance of the present and expect tomorrow. We are selfish. I love my life today. I am in love with my breath that I take. I see the future up to the next moment. I see happiness and joy. I try with all my strength to defer the uncomfortable situations to tomorrow. Because if I wait until tomorrow to worry and I am not alive I spent today relishing in my joy without distractions. If I make it to tomorrow and have to face that discomfort... chances are that it will work itself out or, my joy will gain strength and I can deal better. I can have more strength to inspire and love the people around me to deal with it together. We are all connected and have to take into consideration everyone that lives those moments with us. We have to encourage and inspire. I have someone to encourage me everyday. Thank you my Precious Lord. Thank you My precious Love.

I repeat alot of the same mumbo jumbo in my blogs. I know that some do not want to read the truth and have their own thinking. I respect that. I respect it to the point of, It is my blog and if they do not want to return then it is what it is. If you return then you are with me in this wonderful journey and we are allies. We can feel positive thoughts together. We can encourage one another with good vibes. We can ask our Lord and Savior to send reminders of our joy and what we are made of. We can remember that wonderful man on the cross many years ago who was the ultimate positive person that walked this earth and tried to show us the secret to life. And we did not see what was obvious. He taught it so simply. His message was very basic. So many generations of so called teachers and smart religious people have distorted the basic message of LOVE. Why? I really do not care why anymore as I spent most of my life worrying about why. then I read and read. And one day. BAM! I am happy. I feel joy. I love being alive. I can look in the mirror and love the handsome person looking at me. I can be free of my guilt. I can release all of the shame that others have dumped on me without regret of their own. I can be free of the shackels that my environment has brainwashed me with. I can truly be happy. I can fill myself up with this endless joy that I was born with. I want to shout this to everyone starting with you. I love you. Listen up. Lesson number one. Quit your whining.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What to paint?

I love the expressions I see on the peoples face when they view my work. It is very humbling. If they object to my work and yet they like the medium I use I made them smile. If they like my work all the better. At least they are looking. I am not the most talented artist in the world or even in my little world. I love creating and have a passion for it. It does not matter if the masses are out there asking me to create more work as long as I am appreciated by a few. If I can make a handful smile and feel joy from my work it is a good thing. there are so many artists that look for attention and validation that they are great or better than the next guy. I know some amazing visual creators and they are the most humble low key persons and yet they are so gifted and people flock to see them. They have a passion they have the talent and the ability to be gigantic and yet they choose to be humble and just do it for the love. I agree.

I observe the art lovers that go to the shows and art walks. They go with a passion to see new works. They want to be stimulated with uniqueness, color and texture. They want to be wowed. I know when I look at others people work I do not look at the technique or I sit there and critique their process. I look at the energy involved in creating that piece. i look at the way in which it was created. I want to meet the artist and look at his work with him to see his eyes when he looks ast his piece. I enjoy the conversation and their story behind the piece from their own mouths. That is so interesting and I appreciate their piece even more.

I had a few art shows this weekend. I would watch people walk up to my works and ask me if I was the artist. they were intrigued at my medium(metal). And they asked of the process. They loved the texture. I was even told "I like the medium more than I like the work" I love honesty. That helps me know that my stuff is not for everyone and do not take it personal. In that particular show I decided to create flowers, abstracts, butterflies, koi and a couple of faces. Not too dramatic. kind of conservative. I think people sometimes look for shock and awe. They want eroticism. I just want to show the color and texture. I want to fill a room with energy. When you get into subject matter it limits the persons ability to enjoy the piece. If it is a nice colorful piece, abstract then you have a larger audience. More pople can be appreciative of the metal and it's texture. A few dramatic pieces with subject matter will help. Some general imagery. Then they can see the metal can be used as a canvas as well. To fit their choice of imagery.

Again I defer back to people generally wanting dramatic paintings to derive some kind of emotion. To bring them back to a time in their lives. to draw emotion. I want to create a good feeling in people. I want to start creating for the soul. A good feeling piece. Something natural. Something organic. Something we can all relate to. Nurturing. Warm and friendly. I guess I am getting soft. Is there a market for this in this world. Can that type of imagery exist in today's art imagery where most art looking for gross, erotic and controversial? If you are reading this comment below and give me your thoughts as an artist or an art lover. Or as a basic comment on your thoughts!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Talking About Art

As visual artists we want to display our inner most passion. that which we create will give us freedom to that emotion that is inside of us. Some of us artists like to use the art we create as a sort of therapy. We use it as an outlet to heal us. We let our soul talk to the outside. Sometimes our soul talks to us through our art. We are so connected to our soul and most of the time it is screaming at us and we ignore it. We have our natural gifts we spend a lifetime running away from. We meet our soul mates on earth and we walk right by them, work next to them, stay friends with them, be mean to them and we do not even know these people will make our lives peaceful. We have these natural gifts that God our creator created us with. We already had these gifts from before we were born. Some think we are just an explosion in small atoms that all of the sudden emerged as some creation. We are much more than that.

If we are so connected to our souls then as artists we can know w hat to create to stir emotion in others. We know the color that moves. We can heal with our work and let our work talk for us. when I view others work I want to see if I can feel the energy that was given to that piece. Was their passion and emotion used to create that piece or was it just a piece done out of necessity to supply the public with a purchase. Something for the artist to survive with. A tool to receive monetary gain or compensation. Sometimes we have to compromise to make a living with our gifts. Or do we? If I am asked to create a commissioned piece then I will put all of my heart into that piece and love that work. I want to give that person a piece that they can feel not just see. Art should speak to us. It should move us. We should be able to see and truly feel what is being conveyed. We are an emotional  species. We need to be moved to be satisfied. We need our art to talk to us.