Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Man Has Got To Eat!

I find myself being to generous with my art. I find myself practically giving my work away. Seeing a smile light up when my work is given as a gift to someone who will appreciate my work is so fulfilling. It makes it all worth while. There are not even enough words nor can I think of any to describe the emotions I feel when someone walks away so happy they have a piece of work that I created and it has brought them happiness.

My life before was so aimless. Yes I am a father and love my children and grandchildren....that is a given. But my goals and dreams were blank. I did not have one. I was living day by day. I was getting up in the morning expecting the same outcome. I was hoping I could just make it to the end of the day without dying some tragic death. Tragic because I did not leave a legacy behind. I did not leave something that is there for my children to recognize who I was. A daily reminder. Not just a picture of me on a wall or an album. I want my children to be able to see their father was a good person and his soul loved and connected with people. This is what art does for us. We as creators cherish every moment we live on this earth. It is another opportunity daily to create. To be in a place where so very few people get to experience. In our own souls. Interacting with ourselves to get the best out of us.  We are so fortunate to have been given this gift. Yet so many people have it and take advantage and abuse it. Even worse there are even a larger number of people that keep it to themselves and do not share with the world. Not sharing it for the sake of a way to relax and cope is one thing....not sharing your gift out of fear is sad. We should all respect each others creative outlook and representations.

There are people that are so critical of one anothers work. We all have a voice. We all have an opinion. We speak freely in a somewhat free society where we can express openly our sentiments. We can speak our mind and open ourselves up so that we can teach others. As artists I feel we all have a right to be individuals and not be afraid to share without scrutiny and negative gestures from others. It is even worse when the negativity comes from our own community. We should encourage on another. We should applaud one another for being brave enough to show the public our heart and soul leaving ourselves open to all. Yet we are humans. We are also sometimes unpredictable.

The ultimate compliment the public can pay an artist is a purchase. Someone expressing their love for your work by bestowing upon you a generous gift for your effort. Thanking you by giving your work a home because they appreciate you. At that point you are forever in the hearts of the art community. You have left your legacy. AND you have made a buck. A Mans Got To Eat!

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