Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to create in a Negative environment?

I posed this question in hopes of getting an answer through maybe my own writings or feedback from readers. How do we create in a negative environment? Wow. That is a loaded question. Is it possible? Do we move away from that environment? Can this environment help us and aid us in the creative process? Is it healthy for an artist to stay in this sort of place, space?

In general as a human being we go through changes and always are finding ourselves. We are always learning from our experiences. We are always looking within for strength in different situations and challenges. There might be some instances where we want to give up and turn it in. There mihgt be times where we find the challenge is greater than us. Most of us deal with it somehow and move on. Some give up and waste away. As artists we are very different in the way we handle our life paths. We are suppose to use our life as inspiration. We are suppose to make ourselves available for change in our direction to accomodate our creative soul. Our soul wants to speak to the world. Our soul wants to be open about what is has to accomplish in this world. We are only a vessel for this soul we carry. We should be in tune with what the driving force behind our gift wants. We have to acknowledge this path to be taken. I know I speak out of my ass sometimes and people tend to think I am crazy sometimes because I am all over the place....but for my true feeling about my creative gift is that we are all here to inspire as artists.

Art will heal. Art will heal all our situations. It gives us an outlet in any type of situation. It will teach others what we learn. They can see our souls through our experiences. They can look at what we create and see jow to cope with theirs. People connect with art in such a way that can never be explained. I can only say that when the artist gives his soul to his work....connects with the creative process and leaves it all in his creation...someone is destined to recieve that gift.

So...can we create in a negative environment? Of course. We have to treasure and seize the moment for what it is. It will be a positive experience in a challenging place. We will reap the benefits of learning and giving at the same time. We will receive resolve and rest. We will inspire others in the same place and be an example. We will share our love for humanity and plant a seed of creativity in their heart and soul. Look at the negative as a positive experience, with challenging lessons.

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  1. hi Daniel,

    Where can Art Lovers see your work in person?

    What is the name of your facebook profile pic (the sun)? I'd also love to know the price, although I'm not in the position right now to add to ThePrimeSpot.com Private Art Collection.

    Maybe we can barter?!

    Keep in mind you're already in my tops for the help you are giving LONG BEACH ARTS, LB's oldest art organization this side of the Mississippi.

    And keep up the GREAT work!