Thursday, January 17, 2013

Create Joy Again.

There is so much in life to to see. There is so much in life to experience. People to love. Lives to inspire and connect with. Sometimes we get caught in a rut and think we have to rush everything in our life. Sometimes we look for that moment when we can slow down and enjoy our lives because we are too busy right now. Funny. All we have to do is slow down look around and realize that every moment in our daily routine is filled with inspiration, love and beautiful connections with anyone and everyone. I think we have been numb to the world. I believe in my heart that this world is lonely as a whole. I see the news, I see the results of decisions made by our world leaders. I listen to the pain caused by distorted ways of thinking that causes people to lash out in violence against innocence. We watch and hear of stories where world leaders called women and children being killed in war as collateral damage. Young boys, men, fathers and sons being slaughtered because they voice out against oppression. Brave women standing side by side losing their lives. The effects of which children are also orphaned. Most of the worlds tragedies other than natural causes are the result of a human belief. An opinion that is forced upon a society. We watch and think we are helpless. We realize that all of these precious lives are martyrs. because in the bigger picture doesn't change require sacrifice? But the cost is sometimes so high. The media glorifies it to make a great story with dramatic picture. Stunning soundbites. Graphic yet gripping images of war and struggle. They brand these human experience with big strong bold words. They sell it to the highest bidder. War has never been any less destructive nor has it been any more romantic. It has always taken big numbers from this world. It has always taken its toll on a populace(Hiroshima/Germany/Syria/Darfur). But they call it sacrifice for change. there have been genocidal events in our history which have wiped out countless families by the generations. Yet we look back at it as a moment in history. Now the media is so dominant. We have a play by play, step by step. We even influence the outcome at times. So we can use our voice for good. We can communicate to each other against tirrany. where is the improvement? How can we use technology to bring peace? How can we use this opportunity in our human history to gain momentum against hat, destruction, war and so on. These might be my thoughts. These might be words spawned by what I hear see and experience. But what i tell you as my readers, all 3 of you is this. Create joy. We are all creators.We all have the strength and the power to love, create love, create joy, happiness and positivity. Quit making excuses for your misery whatever it is. It is a human experience. We create strength from our obstacles and challenges to be powerful. We love more. We laugh more. We appreciate more. If there is anything else in life to do before we take our last breath is to Love.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

spec of sand

At the very least show each other respect for the masterpieces you create. Do not be so selfish as to think you are the only one to create art. Just because you had the privilege and the opportunity to flourish in a learning environment to learn and grow as an artist does not mean you have the authority or the right to demean another and judge someone elses efforts. Do not chastise another creator for their works. Everyone has a voice to express what they feel inside. If art is their passion and it looks different than yours, then let it be so. Who is to say that someone might enjoy the works of the artist that is the target of ridicule and shun. We all have gifts that we love to express. We are all cut from the same cloth and from the same creator whether or not you believe in anything. OR we have evolved from the same fish. We are just but a spec of sand in the worlds sandbox. We are small in the bigger picture. Yet we are large and influence so many. We are important. We encourage. We empower. We love. So why are we having such a hard time to get a long? Let alone as artists but as human beings on this earth. We all pay a price and also reap the rewards for decisions we make. We all reap the results of the thoughts we have. We think like shit we get shit. We love like angels we feel angelic. We act like an animal we are looked at as an animal. You get the picture here. I implore you as artists, as humans, as creators of your life, I implore you to love one another and appreciate each other. Always.