Monday, April 26, 2010

How to Live Paint.

I hate live painting. For me to write a blog on "How to Live Paint" is a joke. I love people. I love when people watch and are amazed at me creating artwork. It is still very surprising to me that the human spirit is so connected to art of any form. We all connect to some for of art. Everyone from small children to age old adults.

Everytime I paint in front of people I get so nervous. I feel so much anxiety leading up to setting up in front of a crowd and really showing my creative process. It is hard to reveal myself. I feel like I am doing a strip tease. Very humbling. Yet when I get people talking to me and standing there watching me for long periods at a is so invigorating. They are so happy to see someone create. I have artists that I know personally watch me and smile and compliment me. I see under my cap people smiling and watching me....ME! of all people..I am the centerpiece....very humbling. They actually participate in what I am creating. They want to be a part of the creative process and they make suggestions.

I am probably like most artists and are very shy when asked to paint in front of strangers. I am self taught so I do not have anything to risk being as that I do not have rules to live by in my creative process. I just paint. But even I still get intimidated by the thought of revealing my weaknesses as an artist. Making mistakes. Experimentation on the fly. But when I am actually doing it it is liberating. I get lost in the process. It is like no one is around. I am on a "runners high" (artist high). There is no failure because I am not trying to impress anyone. I am doing it for myself. My focus is on me and my work. What makes me feel right. That is the attitude we should all take when creating our work. We should be creating and not make excuses. Painting live is like painting in private. It should not matter who is in our presence. They do not matter. We can only hope that the people that are watching are appreciating the process. We could only hope that they are inspired by our actions. They can see our soul for display as a message of hope for them. Art is so alive in my life. I want to share it with the world along with my fellow artists.

At the moment I am going through some very rough times personally. My art is what keepsme grounded. I have been displaced and away from my family. Yet my art keeps me down to earth. I look forward to create daily. It makes me whole. It is a part of me. I am not a part of it. My life is revolving around creating my art. I believe that art has a healing force behind it. Healing of our souls. Changing our attitude towards our outlook. Being in touch with our creator which the gift was given. we show our appreciation by creating and inspiring others. Live painting gives us an opportunity to teach others to open their minds. To love. 

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