Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Stops Us From Creating?

It is funny how we can let things distract us from our true loves. My true love is creating artwork for the world to be inspired by. I can be happy creating 40 pieces and only one will be noticed by one person. That would make it all worth while. We as artists sometimes feel so insecure about what we do that we stop because we get distracted from the real reason we started creating in the first place.

How do we not get distracted? That is a good question. First of all the process is very simple to dissect. We paint, we are not happy with what we create, we stop, we analyze and go over what we are unhappy about and we dwell. Instead of moving forward with another piece and leave the current for later we cry and act like babies. I for one have already waster many years procrastinating because I felt I was not good enough to be among these amazing artists around me in this great community of mine. And yet I still find myself making excuses for not creating again even after I have learned the valuable lesson.

The best way to handle these low points in our creative lives is to create, paint, draw, take the photos, write, through it! Just keep going! Make anything. Create whatever. Practice techniques!....There is so many things you could be doing to help your love...yet we find so many more delays and distractions...we create on our own. They are not even relevant reasons for stopping. Punish yourself for doing it! It is called work stoppage. Not to be tolerated.

Our soul suffers from this work stoppage. We die each and every time we do this to ourselves. We shorten our life span immensely. If we were to die Monday. Today is Thursday. and Friday we make another excuse...and then Saturday I might think about it...and then I do not start creating til Sunday night....I wasted 3 perfect opportunities to create a masterpieces that can be appreciated by the people we love and our followers. We can have so much more in our legacy. But we are too selfish and think only of how we are in pain to think of the bigger picture. Someone is waiting to connect with our art. Someone is born to live with what we create. It is destined to inspire them in their life. We break the cycle. our art might be the beginning of something special for that person to connect with our soul. Because our soul is left on what we create. We can reach out to multitudes of people...we do not even have to be there. If it is displayed or shown someone will see. If we post it in our social network...someone will see and appreciate.

Speaking of social networks....what a great way to reach out to more people. I have had the humbling opportunity to have people from all over the world connect with my work. they did not have to buy it because they copied it and saved it to their computer and can see it anytime they want. They always show appreciation for what I created telling me they connected with my baby. this is awesome. this is why I create my work.

Sometimes I might sound very random in my rants. Sometimes I do not write for a long stretch. We all have our insecurities, problems and crosses to bear...we all have that one person that will inspire us to get back on track....I found a wonderful book that steered me back in that creative flow...Art And Fear (by David Bayles @ Ted Orland) it is a wonderful book and I strongly recommend. This made my whole month! Year! If the authors did not create this book I would be in my slump still and would have never been inspired. I hope my 3 readers get my point!

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  1. thanks for sharing yr thoughts. very inspiring & honest.
    found yr blog through the LB Expo site.
    Your work seems familiar
    Where you at a booth in the Topanga earth day fest by chance?
    another fellow artist