Friday, December 28, 2012

Artist in a FUnk

I sit here contemplating my next creation. There is so much to express in my life. I want to be colorful. I want to show the world how to be happy. I want to create for myself a life of color. A life of happiness. I want to live my pieces. Or say, I want to give life to my my pieces. Does that make sense? Connecting to my audience is so important. My audience is anyone that is inspired by my hand. My hand of created works. Works that come from my soul. Whether it be in my writings, paintings or advice that is given. I love inspiring people to create for themselves a life of joy. It is so hard for us as humans to be consistent in feeling a sense of happiness in our lives with all the media in the world spewing out and sensationalizing negativity on all fronts. War is a story to be told in 3D. Human violence and suffering are colorful like a video game. It is ever growing and addicting on the television. We cannot get enough we go on the Internet looking for more of the same. We are stimulated in a very grotesque way. WE love to see the human drama unfold and we do not have to go far. We even stand in a crowd gathered to see a traffic accident or tragedy in the street around our city to get a glimpse of human tragedy, like watching an episode of your favorite TV Cop Drama or reality show. For those of you that do not have a clue of what I am talking about, go somewhere else and read someone Else's blog. This is about life. this is about a creators life. You Me. We are all creators. We are all artists inspiring others to find their path to creativity. We are all capable of directing our own reality. Destiny is truly in our hands. The power we seek is already in us. We have to know what that power is before we can use it. We have to know the source before we believe in the sources creation. We are that creation. We are that power. If it sounds like a crock of you know what then go. Get out. Go patronize another blog. Join the mundane. Listen to cancer. Let the disease control your joy. My joy is here. Reminding one another of the beauty of life. The life that is our choice. The choice is to feel free from pain. The pain from our surroundings. The surroundings that compel us to be distracted from who we truly are. We are an extension of our creator. Our creator is Love. Eternal Love. Love that cannot be quenched. Love that can only be strengthened by any situation. Tragedy needs love to intervene for healing. Interaction with family is Pure love. Birth of life is Love. Laughter is outpouring of love overflowing. Loving on another unconditionally is a gift. The gift of love is free to acquire and give. The effort involved in Loving is either a worthy sacrifice or an act of Love in itself. My words are full of Love for you who needs to read them. If they do not make sense I understand. If they resonate in you a familiar feeling let me know. Share with me, teach me help me grow as well. If I offend you let me know. Or leave. I do not want to hurt you. I CREATED THIS FOR YOU. I ramble for you. If I have a vision to write. I write. If I have a vision to paint I paint. If I have a vision to love I love. I passionately live. Where I was dead before I find the courage to be alive. I find the courage to create. Stepping forward to an unknown is courageous. Moving forward is fulfilling. Asking for help is humbling. Humbling yourself is strengthening your character. Holding that hand of another soul in pain is worthwhile. Learning from it is life changing. Create my friends. Live! Love! Laugh and feel joy.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Precious Moments

As an artist i lament the possibilities in life. I can have whatever it is I want. I can do what is possible and anything in life is possible. I look at the world in a pre-creative state of mind. Always looking for inspiration from people and still objects. I always look for the texture and color of life. I want to copy the beauty and express it in my work. I am a very basic artist in the sense that I do not complicate things. I am not a picasso or braque. I am not a dali or michaelangelo. I am a very normal person with average skils. I love what i am capable of doing and I am not trying to sell or pawn myself as a master. Yet I am a master at creating what I love because it is mine. I create MY masterpieces for my enjoyment. I am very passionate about what my soul expresses. If some else is passionate about my work then that is an extra I can enjoy.

I am not fooled into believing I am going to compete for the attention that the very gifted and talented artists have. I am not trying to capture that audience. I do not even want an audience. I would love to inspire others to think the way I do and have a passion for what they love to do and to share it with others. Share it in a very humble way and pay attention to whom enjoys it. Enjoy your work with them and talk with your audience be it one or two persons.

I reflect on where I have traveled in my life, physically and spiritually. It has been a journey. Yet I have wasted precious time and resources. I have pissed away so to speak opportunities that I can not return to myself. I myself learned this through those experiences. We live in a very comfortable world. We have before us a spoiled culture. If we fail we have a safety net. Lately we have been seeing that the world is very delicate and everything we are so used to having can be taken away in an instant. In a global light we have seen that nature, as we call it can have no mercy on us. Our earth reminds us that we are very small and to appreciate a reprieve we recieve daily where their is calm. To enjoy everything we experience daily. To love everyone and give of each other. I do not care nor does it matter what you believe, if you are reading this then you have the luxury of internet access and the time to find this blog. You have the calmness in your life where you have time. Time to reflect on what you have and want. Time to appreciate and create opportunities to enjoy those gifts you are NOW able to enjoy. One day youll be detached from these opportunities and will struggle just to survive. Some life a lifetime of calmness. Some live a lifetime of chaos. Some live a lifetime of silence never knowing.

If there is a point to my madness it is to do not take your days and moments for granted. You only have one moment at a time. You are only guaranteed the moment you are in never the next.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I feel Better NOW!

I am in a rut. I have not been in a rutfor a long time. I am happy. I am thankful for my life, surroundings, accomplishments, situation, my gifts. I am appreciative of all that I am and have. Sometimes we get comfortable and stop moving forward. At times we feel that security blanket around us and lose sight of our ultimate goal. At least I know my ultimate goal in life is to inspire. It always has been. The only way I can inspire the way I am called to is on a large scale. The only way I can handle inspiring on a larger scale is to be able to be an inspiration to one person. The ONLY way to be able to be an inspiration to one person is to love. Love myself and therefore loving others is natural. I even have to love the people that do not want to be loved. I also have to remember to love the people that are fake and mysterious. I do have to remember to love people all around me even the people that do not love me.

That is the problem I face today. I am in a rut. I am letting fake people get to me. I am not wanting to or in the mood to love the people that do not love me. I am not a people pleaser but I am a person that does not like the drama of certain situations and tend to shy away from it. Shy away is a weak word to describe what I do. I run like a madman away from it. Drama around me is toxic. People who lie to my face is hard to swallow. I guess it is Karma. I lied to people I loved once a time ago and it hurt them. I am around some toxic relationships daily I cannot avoid. I am facing a dilemma that I cannot avoid. I have allowed this situation to bother me, infect my happiness, take charge of my peace. I have to regain composure and march forward attacking the negativity. I know it is easier said than done but I know It can be done. My first step is to be happy...for which I am already. The second is to empower my life with lovely happy encouraging activities. PAINTING!. I have not been painting. I have not been interacting with Art as a daily supplement. As artists if we are away from our passion it becomes a scenario of being in the middle of the mojave desert and no water. We will dehydrate. We will choke from hunger. We will cease to function.

The base of this post is to remember who you are at all times. Remember you love for life. Love your life and all around you. Not everyone is going to be like you. Not everyone is going to be positive on the inside and out. They will fake and lie to put on a show. The truth always shows to us. We are empathetic people who feel their pain. It is toxic for us to be around them and allow them in our special place. Our soul is for inspiration not for someone to suck our life out. It is not for them to drain us of our happiness and joy. It is ofr them to see us as an example. But they will not see it that way. hang on. Dont complain about them. Do not give them any control over you. They control with their influence of shit. They will infect you with their lies and deception of loyalty and turn on you when you look them in the eyes. Put on the shield of love.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Create Inside

How do we deal with life and balance our attempt at creating art every day. How do we balance the chore of living our lives the way our world demands it. Should we be appreciative of the opportunity we have living in our respective places where if we have the freedom to express we should by all means find the time. Rather than complain that we have no time because we are too busy with work and responsibilities. What about the places in the world where people do not have the luxury of having access to being creative. Do not have the freedom to be able to create. Their lives are hinged on finding food and shelter or keeping safe from gunfire. Trying to find ways to avoid disease and keep their families safe. We are blessed to have our freedom if we have it. We are truly selfish if we are to think we are so in a bad place when we are capable of so much more. We are capable of creating our world. There are people that create a happy place in the most horrid conditions. We who have all that we can have are still unhappy. IS it a state of mind or is it a situation that we have a need or cannot avoid unhappiness? Are we in a place where unhappiness is justified? Can we resolve the issues that we have allowed in our lives to be unhappy? Other than death, tragedy and loss, we have all the tools to be happy. All the resources to be happy. We can grieve. Yes we can be sad for a season. When we clear our minds it is time to focus on our happiness. We touch so many lives when we share our joy to others. WE create an environment of joy. People watch us and see and feel our pain and joy. We are all connected in some way. Even the most destitute of a human being affects another. A homeless person has family and loved ones. When they disappeared they left behind worry and anxiety. They leave an empty space for some lives wondering where their loved one has gone.
I try to open eyes with these tid bits of my thoughts. Take it for what it is. We are all creators of joy. We are all loving breathing souls connecting everyday in our own unique way. As artists we need to connect through our creative avenues. We need to relate to others and connect through our masterpieces. They are all masterpieces we share with everyone. Not sharing our works is selfish. Not sharing our joy is selfish. There is no such thing as “I smile inside”. “I create for myself”. I know we all have privacy issues and shyness as artists but if we can touch one life and reach someone we are good. We are justified.
These are just my thoughts. These are not things that are going to be broadcasted over the airwaves to convince others that this is the way to think. It is my thought. My opinion. I share my thoughts in a conversation with you through this forum that you the reader has chosen to follow or read. I have not solicited my voice to you. I have the privilege of having you as an audience and am humbled that someone takes the time to see what I feel. It might resonate it might cause a bit of a hurtful thought, it might make you angry. In essence we are all supportive of each other in this journey and we should somehow try to give of each other to teach each other something from our experiences. Is there a point to this entry? Yes.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lonely Artist

Lets let it out now. I am sick and tired of so many negative people around me. Why are people so selfish thinking of themselves and how they are so sad and upset about something that they want to include everyone in the world to their misery. It really pisses me off to the point where I just want to leave the busy life and be alone. Painting until my last days. Creating my art for myself. A large warehouse where I can hang everything and just stare at it everyday relishing in my masterpieces. Yes they are my pieces of work. They are my creations my babies. I gave my works birth. I gave them a soul. All art works have a soul. Some have empty souls. Some have passionate souls. Some have angry souls. Some have happy joyous souls. We as artists give our pieces of works life. We give them life. Our works inspire others in different ways. Our works give other people life. So I guess the answer to my little paragraph of bitching and moaning and self pitty of being around challenging people is that they all need people like us to inspire them. To love them. TO hug them with our art. To show them affection. The kind of love that humans have to show each other for us to survive. 6 billion or more people in this world and we are cramped with negativity. Dont believe me? Look at the news. But do not let that leave you in depression and despair. There is a lot of good out there. In all this death destruction perverse nature our world is spiralling into we can see hope. Hope in humans. We can see people gasping for love and joy. People looking for change. The kind of change that brings love and hope. Not the Obama change or the Humanistic change. A deep change in our belief system. A spiritual new beginning people are yearning for. We are all looking for a deeper happiness. We need to allow the joy we were born with to permeate through our soul. We need to expose that love from our birthright. Yes it is a birthright that society has robbed us of. Society wants us to be robots. Believing that the technology of today is replacing our joy. But technology is just like a drug desensitizing our emotions. Technology is a way if distracting us from what our soul is trying to feel. A deeper connection to each other. We need to connect with each other on a deeper level. Talk face to face not text. Call or visit to say I Love You. Not a text or email. travel to visit that loved one. Take the future event of regret out of the possible equation and feel the joy from contact. We are headed in the wrong direction. Turn this technology into an enhancement to our lives and not a detriment. I am using technology to reach some of you knuckleheads that look into this little screen for your information on life. Intead of talking to the elders about love and life you "google" it. You might find a great opinion. Have you ever talked to a person with life experience and have tea or coffee sitting talking to mom or uncle and auntie about life? Or a good friend? No. You would rather chat or text randomly to strangers. Go on a forum. Game until the wee hours of the morning numbing yourself from the world while your little children turn into adults. And then they wonder why they are all screweed up? Where were you? Distracted. Years ago it was the alchohol or drug. Now it is technology interrupting our lives. I might be overreacting. I might have it wrong, I know. Think the way you want. I closed my facebook. I deleted 12 of my 14 email accounts. LOL I have streamlined my life on the grid. My focus is on me and my loved ones. My loved ones are focused on themselves. I still love them. They are distracted like you. But I have hope that the values I have beat into them all these years and the loving I kissed them and hugged them with will prevail. I will never give up on you. I will never go away to the solace of my fantasy life of being a hermit artist. I will always be here for you because I love you. Wake up people! If you think I offended you then good! I got through.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creative Frustration

So what do you do if you are always happy and things seem to always still be challenging in life? If everything you do seems to still take you in a dead end. If the world is ending despite your positive attitude. I do not recall anyone so happy and positive that has had a bad life experience. I see some people come down with end of life illnesses and have an amazing experience in their last days. Reconnect with loved ones lost. Experience times that filled them with completness. Gave their family and friends loving last memories of them. We all have something good to give each other in any time of our life. We all can be so giving of ourselves and make someone feel empowered by the gif of love you offer. There is enough to go around. Al you have to do is turn to your flank and smile. Give a hello. Compliment someone. Wave to the beggar. If you cannot afford to support him smile. Greet a co-worker. smile at the cash register person.  Let a person in your lane once in a while. Wave at the person that lets you in their lane. Say thank you. Open the door for someone. Small things that will in turn give you a greater chance of having that reward of joy. Change your attitude towards people. wish well not bad. Do you get what I am saying here? KARMA is a bitch that never forgets.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life Is Art. Art Is Life. Art Imitates Life

Dont mind the title. Whether it has anything to do with what I write has no relevance. What I tell you in my words is not to amuse you but to inspire you and sustain you through the good and the bad times. We all should have an outlet of sorts. An outlet to physically release. An outlet to mentally and emotionally release. We need to lean on something or someone from time to time in our lives. But only lean on that or someone for a short time and then get strong and move on. Do not linger in your self pitty. Do not feel sorry for yourself for very long or the powers of who ever may capture you in its prison and shackle you with desparety.

Recently I have had some trying times. Not drama or anything, just some challenges. As I break words with you here I am being challenged. I have some little battles to overcome. I worry for a bit. Make a plan if I can and then move on. Yes it is easier to say than to practice sometimes but we have to believe that we will overcome the obstacles the ultimately we have created at somepoint in our immediate past. And for some they created their own challenging situations years ago thinking they can run away but they caught up and all of the sudden. "woe is me, feel sorry for me".

We have to be strong and aware that we have control over our lives. We have to know that every action has a reprocussion. No one gets away with everything. At some point things catch up to you. I know. Boy do I know. We also have the option to be good. And all that is done good is rewarded. And we also have the choice and the gift of joy. This is the most important part of this rant of mine. For those of you that have been reading my blog regularly. It is intended to inspire the artist everywhere. I want you to understand that we have to keep the control in our hands. Do not give the control to others.

Let me put it this way. If I wanted to paint a masterpiece and be proud when I show up to the grand opening of the Gallery show, would I want to have someone else paint the masterpiece? Well. maybe some of you would. But I want to take credit for my creation. SO> why would I let others manipulate me into living anyother way except with joy. My Joy. Why would I let anyone take away my joy by believing falsehoods, lies and letting them control my emotions. I have done all of the above.

As life artists we have to create for ourselves a wonderful experience. Being happy and filling your mind with joy is a great start. Being happy where you are at. Right now. Go to the mirror. Tell yourself how much you love you. smile. Practice smiling. I know I had a problem smiling. Now I am loud and obnoxious and happy. I love to laugh. I love to hug everyone. I kiss my friends when I see them. they think I am weird but when I dont do it they think something is wrong. They ask me if I am ok because I am not as affectionate as the time before. We are all yearning for love. We are all born looking for that love and we never stopped. We just get used to being around negativity that we look for it. Stop that vicious cycle. Jesus said Love Thy Neighbor. I wonder why. Love thy self first.

I can go on and on about this subject. Instead I will save it for the next entry. Quit your bitching and moaning and get a life. Find the life of your dreams. Make it happen today. Smile. Love. Remember Joy. Love. Inspire someone. Take a deep breath. Smell the roses. Smell your feet. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Take some smelling salts! Do whatever it takes to know that life is here and now. We are guaranteed only the moment we are in. the next moment is not assured.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Do I look Up To You?

I have been avoiding writing in the blog for a bit because I am undecided whether or not I want to keep it. I know the three people that read it will be disappointed. I initially wanted to have a place where artists can relate to the struggles and learn from each other. The information I write about are mostly from my self expression of life. I do relay the feedback from other artists. My blog has evolved into a hybrid of sorts. On the one hand it is for artists. On the other hand it is the creative idea that we are all artists creating a life for ourselves knowingly and unknowingly creating. We make for what we want in our lives. We are dreaming all the time using all of our senses asking God and wishing for something or a situation. We are always hoping and looking at everything in our life expecting something to change. We change it withour effort sometimes. The effort is in the emotion of it.

This blog has become a way for me to help others see what I have learned over the past few years. A new way of looking at life. I new way to create. A way that I finally know after a full life of living I have enjoyed my days. The finality of life is not so depressing anymore. I relish in today. I look forward to tomorrow. I cherish the connections, friendships and aquaintences I encounter on a daily basis. I love my family more. When I see them I hold them dear. On the other hand. I have been staying away from the negative that has afflicted me over the years. Not letting people get into my head so to speak. I will surely show them my love but when it is too much to bear I move forward. Moving forward can be painful. You leave the pain behind that was a crutch you looked forward to feeling. Sometimes the pain from our bad experiences is like an addiction. We love to have drama to justify the errors in our ways. We love to have THAT story as to why we have a desperate life. We do not have the courage sometimes to leave it all in our rear view mirror. Looking in the mirror is a challenge. We see what we really are. We see the soul in ourselves when we look into our own image.

Sometimes we ask ourselves who do I follow? What do I believe? Where do I go to get inspired? We run away from the fact that the inspiration is within. We follow our inner voice. I call it my soul. My spirit. My inspiration. The God inside of me. The creator's DNA. We all have that capacity to grow from within. We do not need a crutch or someone else to define us. We have our bearings. We have our faith. Our faith in the large voice that tells us NO when we are wrong. That GIANT desire when we are inspired yet we do not listen. We hear it but we are in denial that we are capable of the dreams we have. Dreams are those LARGE Voices. Dreams are our soul speaking to us. We are powerful. We are beautiful perfect creations yet we allow the worldly lies to impair our true vision for ourselves whatever that may be. So the question should be is How do I look up to you? And that should be addressed to the mirror every morning. Make yourself proud. Follow you. Inspire yourself.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Are you happy? Can you honestly say that you are? If you are not what is keeping you from being happy? Money? Status? Looks? Love? Relationship? Excuses? How do you get from unhappiness to happiness? Is it some level of attaining that something first before you can feel shangrilah?? Why can't you just make the decision to be happy. Feel complete because you want to. Why can't you just love the person you are and not let life's standards become you. We all have a choice to make our own. Yet we believe the lies. The world is caught up in this whirlwind of distraction and we cannot focus on what is important. Us. Our soul. Our dying spirit. If only we can hear that crying voice inside yearning to feel the joy we were born with. We miss that innocent happiness that we had as children. We avoid it. I can remember the feeling of being outside with my friends running all over the neighborhood playing chase, tag or hide and seek. Innocently , fearlessly. Not worrying about circumstances or the danger of young children alone on the streets. We were so very happy. Screaming making noise. Saying hello to the neighbors. Waving at the passersby in their vehicles. Talking with the local police officer. It was such an innocent time. I finally after all these years feel that happiness in my heart. Amongst all the daily stresses I face and not allow to penetrate. I arm myself with innocence. The innocence our creator gave us at birth. the joy we had as children. Some adults, and parents rob our youth of these delicate times. these memories never become. Their innocence is taken away. they justify this atrocity by pointing to their own childhood missing this glorious time. So now our children suffer. Is not the children of the world our most precious natural resource? A source of love and joy for all of us to protect and admire. To learn from to keep us sane? To remind us that life is precious. our world leaders are selfish. We are selfish. I can continue to go on about this. And with a passionate roar yell from the top of my rooftop. What will that accomplish. All I can do is love you. Love my family. Love my children and their children. Reach out to the reachable. help the people that allow. Look in that mirror of yours and listen to the image looking back at you telling you that you are a piece of you know what. The image in the mirror is perfect. A perfect creation or Lord has made. That image watches us all the time. Waiting for the image and the life to meet and become one. When will we become one with who we are suppose to be? When will we love innocently, fearlessly and unconditionally as a child does to their parents or caretaker. Nuf said. I love you!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Do I Paint? What Should I Create? WIll Anyone Like It?

This is a heavy subject for me to write. I, like so many other artists, are always struggling with what we should create. Is it in my best interest kind of thing. Should I create a piece that might not be marketable. Our society has given us so many lines not to cross. These lines are drawn in so many ways from different directions. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see what the media wants us to see. Im fat and ugly. I do not fit in. My art work is not going to  measure up to what standards the art world has put out there. This is so ridiculous. I am not a very intelligent man and I can only articulate myself a certain way. I speak from my heart and I do not give a shit what you think. I am who I am and I am a product of the likeness of perfection. My creator gave me a gift of life to do with it as I see fit. I have a freedom to feel the way I want to feel. No matter what chains are shackled on me I can feel the way I want to feel. I can imagine what I want to. I can smile, laugh and be happy whenever I feel. I can be positive and be a great person. I can be the light for anyone in despair. I can create my work to suite MY needs. IF anyone relates to it than it will be a plus. For all of you out there that are struggling with the lie, That you are not good enough and the world will not accept you.....wake up to your life today. To the gutter with everyone that thinks this way because that is where you belong. Be in love with yourself and all that you are. You ARE beautiful. All that you are is beautiful. Your gifts are yours. Do them. Bask in the sunshine of your life. It is your light. You were born happy. Be happy. Dont pray to God our Lord for happiness. Dont ask him to have pitty on you to give you the strength to be happy. What is funny is he gave all the tools we needed before we were born. We had that joy in us all along. Figure the shit out. He gave you Joy. You have it. Let it out. BE who you are. Ok. I know it is easier said than done. I am sitting here laughing because I remember when I would tell my mom the same thing. Yet my mom is my perfect example. Abused wife. The eldest of all her siblings. Immigrant. Yet she rose to the ocassion as so many other americans. She was positive above all of the challenges before her. She conquered her obstacles and tackled the most heart felt circumstances. She would turn to me and say: "Mijo! reach for the stars, they are right in front of you. reach out! Touch them! Dont make excuses. Life is short!" My mom is 74 and loves the marathon experience. She has been doing it over 20 years. Run walk jog crawl. She finishes it. She lost her son husband brother and over the past 15 or so years has lost many other younger siblings and still she is so positive. Wow . What a role model. She is an amazing woman. My best friend. The love of my life. Great example of joy manifested. So quit your bitching and moaning about your life. Suck it up! I am sure we all have that someone in our lives that is always running over the challenges in their lives we can look up to. Ask them yourselves what keeps them going. I am sure they will tell you their love of life and the joy they feel.

So. What should I paint. What ever the fuck you want to paint. Sorry for the profanity. But sometimes too much sugar in the morning coffee puts us to sleep. Sometimes you have to really taste the shit to affect you and wake you UP!. As always. I love each and everyone of you that read this blog.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Create Art For Yourself.

I have been ask recently why I have been writing about non art related subject on my blog. Am I writing non art related? This is about creating a life for yourself. A life of happiness. We are imagining something beautiful and we are creating this imagery in our minds. Then we contemplate and plan how we are going to manifest it in our lives. Isnt that the same process of creating visual art? So there is the answer. IF it does not resonate with you then click close on this blog. Besides in order for me to create art I need to be happy. Not sad. I am a moody person at my core. Moody in the sense that I feel emotion for everything. I am a softy when it comes to my grandchildren and kids. I always cry when it has been a while since I have seen them. I get emotional when people love my work.I hug everyone. I feel bad when the people that I manage have a bad day.

When I create it has to be a inspirational moment. It has to be a grand gesture to my soul. I have to create something that smiles. So I need to be happy. I need to feel joy. Part of being me is being able to have control of my life. For so long I did not have control. I let the world take control. Lately I have been feeling trapped and it is my fault. I have a wonderful job with good people. I have a great life. I have opportunities that only people dream about. I have my freedom. I love that I have a choice to be happy, healthy, able to wake up and choose to do what I do whatever it is I want to do. I live in a country where I have the choice to be good. Today I have a smile in my soul. I exist as I want to. I make the choices and it is so. My art is mine. I create for myself and I am thankful. I have had a wonderful few years meeting so many wonderful artists that come from different genres and paths. They create in so many different ways. They have their own special passions and I love that about each and everyone of them. They are all so special to me and have had so much of an influence on me. Some of them have been a joy to know and some have ...lets just say they were a learning experience for me. I have had a wonderful time creating with them and showing my work along side of them. Learning from them. Now I have backed off and am on my own. I will now go forward to pursue my vision. I have fulfilled that part of my life that needed to be experienced. This experience has been so beautiful. I have created work to make people happy. That has always been my dream. I still have that dream. I still have so much inside of me to give to others with regards to my art. The art I create for myself will hopefully be an inspiration to someone else.

 Isnt that why we create? To inspire? I hope this is why we create as artists. I hope that for you artists that create on a daily basis will not tell an artist with their passion that it will dwindle away and become a chore. I hope that you the artist that is so talented and it comes easy to you will always find the time to inspire someone young and old new or old to the arts. I hope and pray that you will inspire people with your gift. I hope that while you create the art for yourself you think of those eyes that are watching you and looking up to you hoping to be like you...I hope that you stay humble. Because to them you are something big. You are special. They wish they could create like you. Stay humble. Reap the rewards of good karma. remember why you do what you do. I want to always watch you because I think the world of you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leave it behind you!

The idea of thinking and feeling positive is that you have to be always aware that your thouights can change your life. You can be feeling like crap and crappy things are going to happen. When you feel great and are happy no matter the challenge in life you will experience positive things. Sometimes I am feeling so happy and when I am alone with my thoughts...other crazy ideas and emotions creep into my mind. I start to wander around my past and posibilities. I start to reminisce about what decisions I have made throughout my life that have affected others. Could I have done something different to make life easier for someone I love? Have I hurt others because of my selfishness? Have there been loved ones that I could have reached out to before they perished? So many what ifs and could have beens? Is it worth to revisit? If to learn from those experiences I say yes it is ok. As long as it is all in perspective for you. You have to know going into doing that mental research that it is the past. You cannot let it affect you in anyway. Who you are now, hopefully, is a wonderful caring positive loving person that has risen above all of the crap from the past. Do not torture yourself with the baggage of guilt and regret. Look forward to a wonderful place in your life where you can forgive yourself of the negative choices you made. Choices that might have created a very uncomfortable world for you. If anything look at it as a strengthening of your character. Now you know what NOT to do going forward.

Life is so beautiful. It is a gift everyday we wake up. We need to spend the precious moments appreciating each other and loving one another. I say again and again. Quit your bitchin and moaning and get to feeling joy! Create yourself a life of happiness. Be a life artist and create Joy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


my day started this morning being thankfull for waking. being thankful for breathing normal. not having a disease or illness that keeps me from enjoying my life unninterrupted. i open the blinds and see the bright morning sun. i feel the sun warm through my window. i hear all the birds as they wake and call their families to join them in song. i hear the dogs bark to wake their masters. as the morning progresses i can hear the freeway rush sound increase. sirens start to blare. the alarm clock goes off. the anxiety sets in because now i have spent those early moments not doing a damn thing and i am late for work. now i am rushing to get out the door. people cutting me off. speeding to catch the hour. hurrying to be on time. chasing that minute. stressing out over the lingering thought of possibly getting a ticket for speeding. insurance premiums raising. gas prices on the rise. co workers with bad attitudes. not enough pay. the morning turns into a chore right away. job description is not what i imagined. fear keeps me there. fear of change. eating lunch. too many calories. not enough nutrients. burgers are making me sick with fats and grease. drank too much soda. feeling sick after the lunch break. cannot focus on the rest fo the day. ready to go home. family calls with bad news. worrying about them. friend calls with gossip. annoying information too much information. co worker gossiping about someone else. i am really busy. cant focus. yet my boss is telling us we are slow. worrying about losing my job. the hour is here. didnt get anything done. driving home. driving 25 miles at 20 miles an hour. late to pick up the kids at daycare. they charge for that. running out of gas on the freeway too busy to fill up. running on empty. remembering what the doctor said. lose the stress lose your life. blood pressure is high. grinding teeth. paranoid about the spouse always online at night. WTF? why am i doing this? wait there is more. need to go to the groceries. Need to pay the tags are late. insurance is due. rent/mortgage is due. taxes need to be done. clothes are getting tight. need to take a shower. gas is expensive! check engine light is on. i need a drink. i need to run away. have to get the kids. have to see my mom. dad just died. mis him. mom misses him. need to console her. she lives 60 miles away.

but wait there is more.........

How do we silence the confusion in our heads. for some of us this is a daily ritual. Going through a laundry list of duties and respnsibilities that are never ending. we start out the day appreciating end the day hating life. there was a time where I was thinking this way. the examples I gave are somewhat a parallel to the life I lived. At some point you have to change or modify this destructive way of thinking. We internalize our life in a negative tone at times. We do not realize this destructive thought process. Instead of showing appreciation throughout the entire day we throw the white flag up at first sign of distress. then we began to chase our tail the rest of the way holding on until it is time to sleep.

How do we change? Be happy. Love yourself. Love your life. If something in your life makes you uncomfortable. make a change. Modify your outlook on life. Instead of saying "I guess" say YES! Instead of whining, find a solution. Instead of sitting on your ass eating twinkies...go for a walk. Instead of yelling at your kids because you had a bad day, hug them and kiss them to recieve their love for some of that healing. Love is always healing.

Make a choice. the right choice. Go in the right direction. Free yourself from the drama.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

1 2 3

I write my heart and soul and som read and take offense. Dont read my friends. If this offends you then dont read. I will continue to write. I am not saying anything offensive. i am giving words of wisdom. My view, my take on life. I am trying to inspire people to live their lives happy. I do not know how that is offensive. I am not cramming it down your throat. You chose to read this page. You made the decision to click on my blog, or you typed in my web page here. I did not call you or contact you. If you accessed my page through facebook you were my friend and had seen my address there.

We all have the ability in life to make a choice in anything and everything we do. We make the choice to eat that twinkie and gain a few extra pounds. We make the choice to have that one beer that led to a six pack that led to a DUI. no one forced you. You had a character flaw in you that allowed you to be influenced by your peers to take a hit which led to a termination based on a drug test that was administered the following day. No one to blame. You decided to call off the relationship and regret it knowing you made a mistake and cannot get that person back. We all have a choice.

We have a choice to make the right decisions. We have a choice to wake up in the morning happy and appreciative of the wonderful day we are given. It is how we percieve life as to how we are going to experience it. It is how we internalize our daily experiences to dictate how we are going to feel. this is an amazing life. We are so powerful of a race. We are the human race filled with diversity and color. Filled with talent and wonder. We are so powerful we can do anything we set our MINDS to. It does not have a limit as to how. It does not have a limit as to where. We can and we are and we will. We WILL it to happen. We are going to make it happen and we can acheive. Ever heard the term "make your mind up" well that is very real. Once you make your mind up to anything you want you can have it all. Happiness and joy are the first things we should always be thankful for and desire. Isnt that what we ultimately crave anyway. We look for that feeling through material things. We think we can achieve this joy through external sensations. We already have all we need within us. We can find all of our lifes answers internally. All we have to do is listen. Quiet yourself and listen.

If you do anything else today, focus on joy.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

There is more.

What a wonderful time to be alive. We have so much technology at our availability that we can learn so much about humanity and each other. Yet we choose to work negatively towards our lives. We choose to make horrible decisions to distract ourselves from our reality. Our reality is happiness and joy. We have taken a road as a whole to avoid the real person we are. We are a very loving race. A creature in this world created to love and be loved. We find so many ways to damage that legacy. The legacy that was given to us by the entity that created us. There is so much proof of this theory that there is a united movement to trash that legacy and say it is false. Science has spoken out in support of the theory of intelligent design and there is growing proof. Researchers have disected what they can of our DNA and what we are comprised of to the core of the atoms that support everything we are composed of. They have viewed that atom and found that there is a smaller world within our atoms to be explored. Energy flows. We can manipulate what shape they take. We are in complete control of our core. We are in complete control of our life. And  yet we rely on something else. We rely on someone else to influence us. We fail to inspire ourselves. We fail to look within our own soul and spitit for answers. Where does this innate hate for what has created us come from. Why is it so strong? I do not understand why there is such a war against love. Why? I love you. All of you. I know we all have some kind of pain we hold in our hearts that sometimes direct the path we take in life. We all develope that fear within us that manifests itself as a roadblock to impede our progress. Fear is destructible. Some say a certain amount of fear is healthy to keep us humble and knowing where we come from. Fear is said to motivate us. Bullshit. Fear is bad. Love and confidence in ourself. If we did not have fear we would be insanely brave. There is a fine line between fear and discernment. Discernment is a map of choices. We make choices based on what we feel and our desires. We know instictively which direction to go. We know in our hearts by what we know and we avoid the roadblocks someone else is creating for us. If we are in tune with our soul, that innate divine energy we are given as a gift at birth, we will know which direction is where we will reap the benefits of being humble to our voice. All is am saying is to quiet your mind. Listen to your deep voice. It is very quiet in this world because of the distractions. You know what they are. Get rid of that shit. Focus. Quit making excuses.