Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why Am I Afraid.

When is fear healthy? Is it healthy? Is a portion of it healthy to keep grounded and humble? Do we put expectations on ourselves that are unattainable in turn create situations for us that are fearful? We create our own walls and challenges. We perceive our growing pains as failures. We worry of the future challenges before they are created and we don't even know what the challenge is. So the build up of what we perceive is clearly more damaging than that of the actual situation. I struggle today with this theory. We worry of what is to come before it is here. We contemplate all the variables associated with that perception created in our minds. the truth of the matter is that the percentages that a situation will turn out different than what our perception is  of it is very high. So in essence we are wasting time. We are a very unpredictable species in a broader sense. We as humanity can surprise and be amazing against adversity. We can overcome the unthinkable. We are very passionate about our existence. We strive for joy at all costs. We look for stimulative purpose to substitute for the basic decision to be happy. We need external vices and distractions to give us a synthetic sense joy rather than looking internally... for the wisdom of our existence. 

The theory I just described is foreign to most and denied by the same or more. We are conditioned to look to someTHING to give us the internal support.(love, joy,happiness, stimulation). We go through life lonely not seeing that we are not alone in this journey. We are self-destructive. We blame. We make excuses for wasted and lost time. We do not adapt and learn from small failures(challenges). We are cyclicle in nature. We do not break cycles. Our answer is to do as we have always known. We are comfortable. We follow trends and do not lead nor do we want to be the trend setter. 

Stepping outside of ourselves is scary. That is where the fear is created,. taking a chance. As I write this I am standing on the threshold of a life changing moment or closing the door and staying pat and never discovering the new horizon. When I am done with this article I will read it myself and reflect.