Monday, February 20, 2012


Are you happy? Can you honestly say that you are? If you are not what is keeping you from being happy? Money? Status? Looks? Love? Relationship? Excuses? How do you get from unhappiness to happiness? Is it some level of attaining that something first before you can feel shangrilah?? Why can't you just make the decision to be happy. Feel complete because you want to. Why can't you just love the person you are and not let life's standards become you. We all have a choice to make our own. Yet we believe the lies. The world is caught up in this whirlwind of distraction and we cannot focus on what is important. Us. Our soul. Our dying spirit. If only we can hear that crying voice inside yearning to feel the joy we were born with. We miss that innocent happiness that we had as children. We avoid it. I can remember the feeling of being outside with my friends running all over the neighborhood playing chase, tag or hide and seek. Innocently , fearlessly. Not worrying about circumstances or the danger of young children alone on the streets. We were so very happy. Screaming making noise. Saying hello to the neighbors. Waving at the passersby in their vehicles. Talking with the local police officer. It was such an innocent time. I finally after all these years feel that happiness in my heart. Amongst all the daily stresses I face and not allow to penetrate. I arm myself with innocence. The innocence our creator gave us at birth. the joy we had as children. Some adults, and parents rob our youth of these delicate times. these memories never become. Their innocence is taken away. they justify this atrocity by pointing to their own childhood missing this glorious time. So now our children suffer. Is not the children of the world our most precious natural resource? A source of love and joy for all of us to protect and admire. To learn from to keep us sane? To remind us that life is precious. our world leaders are selfish. We are selfish. I can continue to go on about this. And with a passionate roar yell from the top of my rooftop. What will that accomplish. All I can do is love you. Love my family. Love my children and their children. Reach out to the reachable. help the people that allow. Look in that mirror of yours and listen to the image looking back at you telling you that you are a piece of you know what. The image in the mirror is perfect. A perfect creation or Lord has made. That image watches us all the time. Waiting for the image and the life to meet and become one. When will we become one with who we are suppose to be? When will we love innocently, fearlessly and unconditionally as a child does to their parents or caretaker. Nuf said. I love you!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Do I Paint? What Should I Create? WIll Anyone Like It?

This is a heavy subject for me to write. I, like so many other artists, are always struggling with what we should create. Is it in my best interest kind of thing. Should I create a piece that might not be marketable. Our society has given us so many lines not to cross. These lines are drawn in so many ways from different directions. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see what the media wants us to see. Im fat and ugly. I do not fit in. My art work is not going to  measure up to what standards the art world has put out there. This is so ridiculous. I am not a very intelligent man and I can only articulate myself a certain way. I speak from my heart and I do not give a shit what you think. I am who I am and I am a product of the likeness of perfection. My creator gave me a gift of life to do with it as I see fit. I have a freedom to feel the way I want to feel. No matter what chains are shackled on me I can feel the way I want to feel. I can imagine what I want to. I can smile, laugh and be happy whenever I feel. I can be positive and be a great person. I can be the light for anyone in despair. I can create my work to suite MY needs. IF anyone relates to it than it will be a plus. For all of you out there that are struggling with the lie, That you are not good enough and the world will not accept you.....wake up to your life today. To the gutter with everyone that thinks this way because that is where you belong. Be in love with yourself and all that you are. You ARE beautiful. All that you are is beautiful. Your gifts are yours. Do them. Bask in the sunshine of your life. It is your light. You were born happy. Be happy. Dont pray to God our Lord for happiness. Dont ask him to have pitty on you to give you the strength to be happy. What is funny is he gave all the tools we needed before we were born. We had that joy in us all along. Figure the shit out. He gave you Joy. You have it. Let it out. BE who you are. Ok. I know it is easier said than done. I am sitting here laughing because I remember when I would tell my mom the same thing. Yet my mom is my perfect example. Abused wife. The eldest of all her siblings. Immigrant. Yet she rose to the ocassion as so many other americans. She was positive above all of the challenges before her. She conquered her obstacles and tackled the most heart felt circumstances. She would turn to me and say: "Mijo! reach for the stars, they are right in front of you. reach out! Touch them! Dont make excuses. Life is short!" My mom is 74 and loves the marathon experience. She has been doing it over 20 years. Run walk jog crawl. She finishes it. She lost her son husband brother and over the past 15 or so years has lost many other younger siblings and still she is so positive. Wow . What a role model. She is an amazing woman. My best friend. The love of my life. Great example of joy manifested. So quit your bitching and moaning about your life. Suck it up! I am sure we all have that someone in our lives that is always running over the challenges in their lives we can look up to. Ask them yourselves what keeps them going. I am sure they will tell you their love of life and the joy they feel.

So. What should I paint. What ever the fuck you want to paint. Sorry for the profanity. But sometimes too much sugar in the morning coffee puts us to sleep. Sometimes you have to really taste the shit to affect you and wake you UP!. As always. I love each and everyone of you that read this blog.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Create Art For Yourself.

I have been ask recently why I have been writing about non art related subject on my blog. Am I writing non art related? This is about creating a life for yourself. A life of happiness. We are imagining something beautiful and we are creating this imagery in our minds. Then we contemplate and plan how we are going to manifest it in our lives. Isnt that the same process of creating visual art? So there is the answer. IF it does not resonate with you then click close on this blog. Besides in order for me to create art I need to be happy. Not sad. I am a moody person at my core. Moody in the sense that I feel emotion for everything. I am a softy when it comes to my grandchildren and kids. I always cry when it has been a while since I have seen them. I get emotional when people love my work.I hug everyone. I feel bad when the people that I manage have a bad day.

When I create it has to be a inspirational moment. It has to be a grand gesture to my soul. I have to create something that smiles. So I need to be happy. I need to feel joy. Part of being me is being able to have control of my life. For so long I did not have control. I let the world take control. Lately I have been feeling trapped and it is my fault. I have a wonderful job with good people. I have a great life. I have opportunities that only people dream about. I have my freedom. I love that I have a choice to be happy, healthy, able to wake up and choose to do what I do whatever it is I want to do. I live in a country where I have the choice to be good. Today I have a smile in my soul. I exist as I want to. I make the choices and it is so. My art is mine. I create for myself and I am thankful. I have had a wonderful few years meeting so many wonderful artists that come from different genres and paths. They create in so many different ways. They have their own special passions and I love that about each and everyone of them. They are all so special to me and have had so much of an influence on me. Some of them have been a joy to know and some have ...lets just say they were a learning experience for me. I have had a wonderful time creating with them and showing my work along side of them. Learning from them. Now I have backed off and am on my own. I will now go forward to pursue my vision. I have fulfilled that part of my life that needed to be experienced. This experience has been so beautiful. I have created work to make people happy. That has always been my dream. I still have that dream. I still have so much inside of me to give to others with regards to my art. The art I create for myself will hopefully be an inspiration to someone else.

 Isnt that why we create? To inspire? I hope this is why we create as artists. I hope that for you artists that create on a daily basis will not tell an artist with their passion that it will dwindle away and become a chore. I hope that you the artist that is so talented and it comes easy to you will always find the time to inspire someone young and old new or old to the arts. I hope and pray that you will inspire people with your gift. I hope that while you create the art for yourself you think of those eyes that are watching you and looking up to you hoping to be like you...I hope that you stay humble. Because to them you are something big. You are special. They wish they could create like you. Stay humble. Reap the rewards of good karma. remember why you do what you do. I want to always watch you because I think the world of you.