Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Artsy People

I remember I use to think that the term "Artsy People" was a negative thing. Like someone was trying to offend me. I have been surrounding myself with Artsy People since I have been embarking on this journey of re-discovery. I have been attending all these events and shows and the only people that are there are people who like art...hence the term Artsy People. I have noticed that people who express themselves through creating are more open to conversation and opinion. Yet in their own worlds they are somewhat withdrawn. I myself cannot converse as openly with people that do not appreciate art. that is all I want to talk about is creating, what others created, what am I going to create, how we see the world through artists eyes. there are so many things that interest me about this new world I want to share and hear people share with me. I am drawn to researching, seeing listening and exploring the new. I spent a whole lifetime of doing the opposite. I never knew this world of art was so wonderful. So fulfilling. I need to make up time. In 2 1/2 months of being in this world 100 percent I have gone so very far. For me that is so wonderful because I doubted myself for so many years. I doubted my creativity and yet I have enjoyed every step. Now the possibilities are endless. I dream of showing my work exclusively and sharing with a larger audience bridging the gap between artsy and non-artsy people. This needs to be done. Although some people in this community do not it to grow. They like their little bubble. Exclusive little world. What a shame that there has to be two worlds equal in interest and in passion. What it comes down to for some people is money and value. I understand that. What I don not understand is the disrespect for the arts. We cannot change thousands of years of the same.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Create and Shut Up!

Sometimes I find myself in a pity party. Whining about why I am not painting. Why I cannot be inspired. I look back and realize I am a big idiot. I have been given a gift to create and I cannot find a reason to create....wow. what a waste of time. the reasons are all around us. God gave us the reason all over our environment. I know we need to create certain pieces as artists for a theme or commission....but sometimes we are in a block and have nothing in the tank. Walk outside, get out your sketch pad and draw the trash cans sitting next to the tree. For that matter paint the damn things pink. Paint an abstract with the shape. That is a bad example...but I think for the 2 people that read my blog the chances might be 50/50 that one will understand. I hope! Then sometimes we cry about the products we use. they have to be a certain make. I am glad I do not have that problem. I just paint with that I can find. I coat it with an enamel clear anyway. So I think maybe just maybe if I was a canvas paintiner things would be different with me....Oh well. maybe not. this rant is for people making excuses to not take out the brush from your ass and apply it to the canvas or surface you create on. If you paint on canvas...try another surface. Paint on a plank of wood or cabinet door. A cabinet door has the interior for the composition and the border is the frame. Paint on an old trash can lid. Make the paint thick give it texture. Maybe I just am a little eccentric when it comes to my work. As I try and rediscover myself on a daily basis I focus on what I enjoy creating. I am realizing that there is a following for every type of art. So there is hope for me. I am not the type of artist that will appeal to the masses like say davinci! He stood the test of the ages. He was brilliant. So diverse. We all have our niche. And if that is another excuse....do not even go there. We are all unique...paint what you enjoy. If what you enjoy is not marketable? then market better. If your sole purpose is to make money and not for the enjoyment then people will see right through it. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Canvas is very intimidating. I dont know why but it feels as if I will be painting naked. I will expose a part of me I would not want everyone to see. I paint on rusted shet metal. I have my own medium to work with., I cannot be compared to anyone else as far as the way I create texture. I know I am not the best artist even by any stretch...but I have met so many people that love what I do. Painting on canvas would be a waste of time for me. I would just be competing against the whole world. I am comfortable in my little niche. I need to experiment. I need to reach out and be brave and creative like I tell everyone to. where do I begin? that is a very hard on for me. CANVAS! Just saying that word is very bone chilling for me. Canvas. Ok. I love creating colors and textures on surfaces . I could probably work with wood as well. I could probably work on poster board. But canvas. Ok. maybe I am making more out of it than it really is. Can someone out there in Blog-o-sphere help? Do I have any people that actually read this that can send me an inspirational rational comment? Or did I lose everyone that reads this thing with my horrible rants. Oh well. Life goes on.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Remind Me NOT to paint on comission.....

Actually...I do not mind painting something someone requested. It is just when I ask them for the truth.....Sometimes it does not go well. Honestly we cannot read someones mind. They have a certain picture in their mind and they need to be comfortable with it. There should always be a sketch or a rough draft like the tattoo artists do. The person told me that she will leave it in my hands. That right there made me nervous. My gut told me to make sure she approves of the composition before I actually started the piece. It is much easier to paint what I feel and someone going to an event/show/gallery and pick what is already done. At least they get what they wanted in the first place. So this article is to remind all of us ...including myself to make sure to show a rough draft. I spent 10 straight hours on this piece. too bad for the next person trying to make an offer on it. I am not letting it go so easy. In the end. I had a wonderful 10 hours creating a piece I enjoyed creating. That is the most important. My work was not and never felt like it was work. I have spent hours on a piece and when it was completed it was awful....yet someone else wanted it and loved it. So I guess to each his/her own. What ever floats your boat.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Artistic Humility

Today there is hope for the artist. Today there is hope for the struggling artist. Today there is hope for the humble struggling artist. Why? Because there are so many people who want to seee the real artist come out and be him/herself. There are some curators and artists that are too selective when it comes to the person and not so much concerned with the body of work. They promote a persona instead of the gift. I have met so many wonderfully talented individuals who create wonderful magnificent works of art. Why have I not heard about these people. To them it doesnt matter because they are humble and they create their works for the people who follow them. They create their works for their community. I have this preconception of people in this industry and it was not a very nice picture. As I am getting to know so many and network myself in this world...it is turning out to be a very satisfying experience. Smug gives way to careful and protective. Stuck up gives way to educated and focused. The more I talk with all these different people the more I am starting to understand. I do not agree with their reasons or actions but I understand. Trust is a very big factor in this art community. You have to be involved and have chemistry with them. Paying your dues means give and take. I see the humility of the artist. these artists bust their ass and accept the worst of criticism when they know no one has a right to criticize. We are all in this together. We all have a voice in our work. We all have a different interpretation of what our eyes see. We exhibit our form differently. Yet I go back to what I have said previously...there is always that ten percent of people that want to for some reason be that roadblock....or challenge. They are very comfortable with who they know and who puts up with their shit that they are very selective in who they let in. Who is they? they are the people that try and make the rules. They are the people with the money to buy the high end stuff. Who paints in the high end world...well....you have to know someone to be noticed..or you have to be unique AND exceptional. That is rare. But there is hope. Do not stop hoping. Do not stop trying. Do not stop working hard. Do not stop dreaming. Never take no for an answer. No is just a detour for a longer journey but not a roadblock. Love and have passion for what you do. Show that passion in your work by not compromising what you paint or create. All bullshit aside....keep it there....aside. Move forward..press on and smile, hope and stay positive. This might be your last day createing and tomorrow did not come.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Why do people in the art industry act smug? I do not understand it. Is it because the curators have to have their ass kissed to get a piece shown? Maybe. I really think people have to lighten up. Maybe these art gallery owners and curators are sick of the desperate artist always getting i their face. Could it be they are just so busy with all those famous artists that they are showing in their gallery and they are making tons of money? No ....that might not be it. I am not a very educated man but....the last gallery that invited me to visit them and they were interested in my work was more desperate than I. They wanted for me to pay them, and then take a 50/50 cut. I guess it is the economy. Maybe it was because they really do not care for the work and are more concerned with the rent. Yeah. I wouldnt know what I am talking about until I own my own gallery and had to pay the bills. I have a feeling that these high end galleries are suffering more than the downtown everyday galleries because they are too stuck up to lok at the real struggling artist who has amazing work. They ask questions like..."do you have a website?" "Are you represented?" the general questions. So. up and coming artists have to be rich already? These galleries are getting away from showcasing new talent because it is a risk for them.

Which brings me to Long Beach. My city. Wonderful city for art. Is see a powerful wave of Art coming. Yet we as artists have to keep these people in the Art community/powers to be hinest. They are starting out with an agenda. They want to do the same thing with the artists that the high end galleries do. They put up so many rules that people are not enjoying the true artist. What they are getting is a gathering of commercialization already. We are holding back all these wonderful talents that are silent because they are so intimidated by these fools. Yes our city has to make some of these road blocks go away. OR art will die. Art is alive and wants to thrive. There are so many people that want to show there work. There is a public out there that does not know what a feeling they can get from seeing this work. So many of us just want to show. Selling is back seat to the feeling of seeing people enjoy their work. I even enjoy people coming to my showing or event and criticizing my work. At least they are taking the time to be involved.

Well...either way we look at it the community has to revive our interest for art. The artists have to be brave and create. The city has to ease restrictions for venues. The public have to come out to the art walks and support the community. All of this in turn will help our children ..believe it or not. they will show an interest and will want to create...this is very healthy. An alternative outlet to video games and chatting. there is nothing wrong with social media...hey I am blogging here. But there is a fine line we draw when it comes to our children. We have to instill a sense of inspiration and creativity. This will carry them through their adult years. they will be well balanced and have less social problems. Well...I am not a psychologist. I am not a teacher. I am not a social worker or expert on the human psyche. I am an artist. I just love people. I know. this is a true rant...sensless rant. Read it if you want. Hey. If you are reading this sentence...that means you read the whole damn thing. Ok...Now go throw up. God Bless.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thick Skin.

The term thick skin took a whole new meaning when I started this journey exploring my dream of being an artist. I have met so many wonderful people. Yet every once in a while I run across someone that is very .....smug. Stuck up. Opinionated in a very negative tone. I do not mind someone being very candid with me and giving me there insight on my work. It is ok and very healthy to hear the truth whether or not it is in your favor or not. In reality it is all in your favor when as an artist someone is very honest. I get a very honest perspective. BUT there are those people that seem to search out that word that will create a stir in you. They for some reason or another enjoy that. Yes I have to admit it does get to me deep in the recesses of my little feelings getting hurt. But I always remind myself I am not here to please them. First and foremost I am doing this for me. If by chance there are people that enjoy looking for my work and truly appreciating my style then it is for them. I know these people will be honest with me and tell me if I am not giving them my all. They will tell me the honest truth if I am trying to display something not as exciting. I want to create an emotion from people. I want to have someone sit in front of my work and appreciate it. I want te love. I do not need validation. I do not need acceptance. I do not need my ego to be pumped. I reached that when I was working as a manager in a steel company and there were rules on how to move up. I achieved that and was a part of the boys club. They took care of me well. That chapter in my life is over. THis is a very different humbling part of my life now. I am being a part of peoples life now. The people who buy my work or recieve as a gift are carrying a part of me for however long they have my work on their walls. I acknowledge that they are truly looking for a piece of work with passion and love in it. they want their wall to carry something special. I hope that I can be that artist they look to for this. SO when I am a part of a show or event in a venue where the public is involved I am opening up myself to all and every expression comment opinion and that takes alot of thick skin. But it does not stop there. The most judgmental of all of these types of people are from our peers. When we gather at a function where there are all artists and we are exchanging ideas and looking at each others art...they will be your worst and or best critic. They will be the most smug or kind person. They can also be your worst nightmare if you stir them the wrong way.....they do their damn-est to blackball you in this small world that is the art community. Everyone knows each other. Thick skin takes on a new meaning.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Something New!

I never thought I could create pieces that were so different from what I paint. I am painting some abstract pieces without any kind of form. Just color and composition. I try and give a composition anyway!!! lol. I just went with the flow. I went with my spirit. I painted from my soul. I have never arranged colors and shapes in such a way. I did not even structure a shape.....more like a streak of paint and a space of bare metal here and there with color mixed in. Texture from the rust peaking through. Splats of paint over the entire pieces. It is interesting. At first I did not want to continue ....then one error led to another and WAMMO! It was a piece. A piece of what I dont know. But I did manage to get out of my rut I was in this morning. Everyone in my twitter and facebook family kept on telling me to take a walk, take a break....NO! Paint! I say...paint until it comes to you. That is what I did. My 701 year old mother just lost her husband, my dad...and she wants to walk/jog/run again already. She feels weak and down but she still wants to press on. There is a saying she has told me since I was a child.."querer es poder" It translates very plainly...but in essence it is Ambition is Power! To want is your strength! If you always want to improve in your life it is very powerful the things we can achieve. So I am not afraid. I tried something totally different then what I was comfortable with. I will be displaying this in my next public display next weekend. I will be vulnerable but If I do not open myself i will never grow. For all of you who read this. I love you all.