Saturday, January 2, 2010

Create with Integrity.

Something about this year makes me so confident that it will be a creative year. I see so much for me happening in my ever evolving journey I am enjoying in my art. There is so much experimentation I have to make up for 20+ years of ignorance. Not realizing my calling in this world. Art is not dead in my life after all. Ar tis more than just picking up a pencil and paper and drawing something. It is changing the way you look at the world. It is taking the creative process serious and using everything around you to express the true emotions through ideas and experimentation. there are no rules for the creator. There are no rules for the recipient of the gift of art. The person who truly appreciates the visual experience does not care for the rules that are put in place by people who think they are on top of the art universe. We have a heart to create and truly love and create. When we love unconditionally we do not have rules of how we love our loved ones. When we create and express our soul we should not put rules in place to hold us back. As for the integrity of the work...there is an understanding about originality. we should all have a sense of oneness with our piece. Uniqueness with our piece. Just as we are all different our art should have its own identity. We should be fair and give our work their own voice. It should stand on its own. Creating art is a sacred act. We are held accountable for the gift we have. We should experience the journey of discovering our style and own technique. We should learn who we are and give ourselves a chance to let our expression shine through our pieces.  Our work has a purpose. to inspire.

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