Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brain Freeze

Literally my brain is frozen. I cannot seem to think of anything for my submission this weekend. I should have all of this done already. It is a love hate theme. I do not think I will be entering this one. I really enjoyed the time I had with this group event. I will give it another shot today. So many times I go out and crate works that come to me as soon as I start painting. Is it confidence? Is it because i need more confidence. I was told I do not have confidence enough in my work. I guess it shows. What are these people art psychics. They look at my work and read between the layers of paint. Each layer representing what I think. that is up with that. I do not say a word to these people that see my stuff and they already make an assumption about me. As for the confidence I feel very positive and happy. I have not done this sort of thing all my life. I have always created either by drawing or painting. I took sculpting course work in college years ago. I have always had an interest in art of all genres and mediums. I just never took it seriously enough. Now I have attended quit a few events and shows. I have even had the privilege to have two one man shows. As for my confidence....If you are talking shy? I am not by any stretch shy. As for confidence in my creative process.....I will admit I play it safe. I try and not take excessive risks. meaning I do have boundaries. I have always though and felt in my soul that we should not have boundaries in creativity. Content? Well that is between the artist and his own soul. The creative process and technique should always be open. If I lack...and I do lack in so many areas...but the area I would love to resolve first is breaking down those walls and let my flow roll. Create in any form. So brain freeze i believe stems from fear of the extreme experimentation and the risk. I have nothing to lose. Why am I laboring over this? I don't know. I figured if I have an artistic related problem...I should blog and someone of the three people that read this will scream at me with an answer.

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  1. Daniel, we already met on Imagekind, where I am registered as Jack the little Giant, who is actually the eponymous hero of the children's books we produce. You ask that one your 3 readers should scream an answer at you. I think you already know the answer, but I don't know why you have boundaries or what you are afraid of. Your art is excellent, so push it out into more experimental areas if that is what you feel inside. It doesn't matter a fig what others think, you create what you experience, what you are, what you imagine, even what you suffer. Bollocks to everyone else. If they don't like it, fine. You can please some of the people some of the time ..... And anyway the point is not to please others, it is to express yourself. You get one life on this earth, say what you want in your own way, don't die wondering what if. I believe that we rarely regret what we do, but we often regret what we don't do. So do it.
    Good luck. B