Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Are Going To Get A Speeding Ticket!

The only thing in life that is certain for sure and undeniable is death. The journey to get there is what is unknown. Why are we in a rush to get to that conclusion? Are we stupid? I know there are martyrs and heroes that have a pre-ordained destiny whereupon they have a sole purpose in life to give themselves unselfishly and they tend to live a very direct life. Hindsight tells us that when we examined their lives leading up to that date in time for them. the rest of us confused people are walking aimlessly bouncing off of the walls looking for answers. We go to the heavens for the answers looking for the aliens to tell us ...they never answer..or so we think anyway....that is what we are told.lol... We pray to God almighty to write us a letter or email us...some even wait by the phone. We take medicines and stuff our minds and body with toxins to alleviate the pain of our ultimate demise. We put ourselves in harms way and that of our loved ones hurrying along that fate of ours that we know for sure and are guaranteed. So if we are guaranteed and we know for sure why don't we do something about it. Why don't we make each day so special? Why don't we love so it can be returned. This would be such a great quality of life change for all of us. No. Life is a wheel cycle. We all get caught up in what everyone else is doing. We lose sight that we have choices. I admit everyday I fail because I get caught up in that wheel. I get so wrapped up in the everyday running towards the finish line and in a hurry to get there. At the end of the finish line there is no yellow or white tape to break marking victory! There is a brick wall to stop us dead cold in our tracks. You fool! Why did you run so fast. You ran so fast you passed up that was offered to you. You ran by the love of your life. You hurried right by the special moments I created for you with your loved ones. You totally ignored the opportunities I had waiting for you with so many relationships that could have enriched the experience. But you had to run with blinders on. There is no re-start. There is no reverse. This machine goes full steam ahead. Slowing down is the only thing we have in favor. We can slow down this vehicle on this journey so we can watch for steadily for these small opportunities and enjoy. We can deal with the tragedies better knowing we spent quality time with loved ones. We truly created what we need to create to contribute to humanity our love for art. We shared our soul to the world around us and hopefully enhanced one persons experience with a piece of work we created. Anyone reading this can relate. If you are an artist it is a caling to head to this warning. We are part of a cycle or cycles. Let our wheel be turning in the right positive direction. Let our magnet attract the good not the bad. Love, Create and inspire.

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