Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is the Rain Inspiring?

I dont know why the rain inspires me so much. I want to express myself in so many different ways. I was at a theme park today and I was enjoying the people. The faces. People are so beautiful and different. People have so many textures and color. We are so diverse in this world. Artist should involve themselves with the public if they want to be inspired. I can just sit in the same place for an hour in a busy section of anywhere and people watch. It is so inspiring. Weird....but yes inspiring. So many different expressions and facial features. so many different colors and attitudes. You can feel what they are feeling. If you look close enough you can see their pain, happiness sorrow. We are all connected and yet we do not realize it. So many of us are so closed minded we do not take the time to say hello or just nod in acknowledgment. For some reason the rain cleanses everything around and makes things more clearer. Washing away all the crap and build up. We tend to be dry and sour in our everyday lives and the rain somehow washes that attitude away. For me anyway. I am crazy I know. This is another senseless rant of mine. My points get lost sometimes.

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