Time Management Skills – (for the Soul)

Time Management Skills, for the soul will be one of the most rewarding posts I will have written. I know I struggled with making excuses for many years after a long day at work and I wanted to come home and just rest…. I had no time management skills what so ever! I would play time management games in my head to see how I can find a justification for not painting and not feel guilty about it. I would say to myself that I only have a few hours left in my evening and it is time to go to bed. The truth is there was plenty of time to paint. I need time management training!!!

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We have to develop our time management skills through experimentation. We have to chip away at using our resources in front of us to help us achieve everything we want. If we want to paint we could put the easel in front of the television…. Or put the television in front of the easel. I guess through doing this we could call it “time management training games” I know I am sounding a bit redundant! But there is purpose to my madness.

If we want something bad enough we have to be passionate about it. Using negative words like I can’t because….. Not today tomorrow or when I have time…. There is always tomorrow…. Well there is not always tomorrow. We have to live in the present. I use to make the same mistake making excuses to not paint for the sake of the time management of my family time or my rest. In reality if we are passionate enough about something we are willing to sacrifice sleep for what we love. If we are trying to get promoted at work or have deadlines to meet we stay up late and or work 16 hours a day. We know how to perform time management for work?! You might say that is different because we are getting paid? …. Well what is the price for our passion in life? What is the price on our health? If we are doing something we love then sleep is not going to matter. If we are working our asses off for work we are stressed out. We know how to have time management skills when we have an incentive. What is the incentive for our personal lives?

Surely you can spare an hour a day in front of the easels or sketch pad for creating and expressing your soul? Your soul is in prison when you do not let it express itself. I truly believe that our soul is our essence. We need to let our true selves speak. Most of us have created a self that is a product of our environment and necessity. I worked for many years in a very rewarding career that paid me well. I knew that this career I was in did not feed my needs internally. I knew that my soul was pissed off because I used it as an excuse to not create. My soul became jealous. I became ill with stress and addictions. I became angry and introverted. I was sad.

Eventually something has to give. Either your souls says fuck you I am going to kill this body so I can leave! Or it will figure out a way to persuade the physical conscious to make changes. Giving it a heart attack, obesity along with high blood pressure and everything it could create to awaken something inside to change!

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We need to listen to that little voice we hear. Or that pain in the pit of the stomach to do what you love. What is your calling? What moves you? What makes you smile? Is there something that gives you a sense of relief> specifically I am addressing artists…. As an artist I paint. I create every chance I can get. I paint, I write, I read and do research. I help people figure out their happiness. I blog, Facebook, google plus, join forums, comment on different platforms (twitter, Instagram etc.) I want to give my soul a voice. I express myself so that other souls will wake up! I love you. I know who you are because we are connected. I feel your heart when I walk by you. I hear your screams. I love you. Wake the fuck up and let your soul express. Quit making excuses and create. Love Smile. Laugh. Love again.

So make sure that your time management skills are sharpened daily. Play time management games by experimenting. Paint or create 30 minutes a DAY. Try the morning. Wake up earlier. Try different combinations. Make it a family thing with your kids. Tell your family you have a new activity called time management games! Give it a try. Something is better than nothing. You never know…. You might have so much work you have created you will need to go to an art show and show the world. Can you imagine how happier your soul will be!

I Love You!