Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creative Frustration

So what do you do if you are always happy and things seem to always still be challenging in life? If everything you do seems to still take you in a dead end. If the world is ending despite your positive attitude. I do not recall anyone so happy and positive that has had a bad life experience. I see some people come down with end of life illnesses and have an amazing experience in their last days. Reconnect with loved ones lost. Experience times that filled them with completness. Gave their family and friends loving last memories of them. We all have something good to give each other in any time of our life. We all can be so giving of ourselves and make someone feel empowered by the gif of love you offer. There is enough to go around. Al you have to do is turn to your flank and smile. Give a hello. Compliment someone. Wave to the beggar. If you cannot afford to support him smile. Greet a co-worker. smile at the cash register person.  Let a person in your lane once in a while. Wave at the person that lets you in their lane. Say thank you. Open the door for someone. Small things that will in turn give you a greater chance of having that reward of joy. Change your attitude towards people. wish well not bad. Do you get what I am saying here? KARMA is a bitch that never forgets.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life Is Art. Art Is Life. Art Imitates Life

Dont mind the title. Whether it has anything to do with what I write has no relevance. What I tell you in my words is not to amuse you but to inspire you and sustain you through the good and the bad times. We all should have an outlet of sorts. An outlet to physically release. An outlet to mentally and emotionally release. We need to lean on something or someone from time to time in our lives. But only lean on that or someone for a short time and then get strong and move on. Do not linger in your self pitty. Do not feel sorry for yourself for very long or the powers of who ever may capture you in its prison and shackle you with desparety.

Recently I have had some trying times. Not drama or anything, just some challenges. As I break words with you here I am being challenged. I have some little battles to overcome. I worry for a bit. Make a plan if I can and then move on. Yes it is easier to say than to practice sometimes but we have to believe that we will overcome the obstacles the ultimately we have created at somepoint in our immediate past. And for some they created their own challenging situations years ago thinking they can run away but they caught up and all of the sudden. "woe is me, feel sorry for me".

We have to be strong and aware that we have control over our lives. We have to know that every action has a reprocussion. No one gets away with everything. At some point things catch up to you. I know. Boy do I know. We also have the option to be good. And all that is done good is rewarded. And we also have the choice and the gift of joy. This is the most important part of this rant of mine. For those of you that have been reading my blog regularly. It is intended to inspire the artist everywhere. I want you to understand that we have to keep the control in our hands. Do not give the control to others.

Let me put it this way. If I wanted to paint a masterpiece and be proud when I show up to the grand opening of the Gallery show, would I want to have someone else paint the masterpiece? Well. maybe some of you would. But I want to take credit for my creation. SO> why would I let others manipulate me into living anyother way except with joy. My Joy. Why would I let anyone take away my joy by believing falsehoods, lies and letting them control my emotions. I have done all of the above.

As life artists we have to create for ourselves a wonderful experience. Being happy and filling your mind with joy is a great start. Being happy where you are at. Right now. Go to the mirror. Tell yourself how much you love you. smile. Practice smiling. I know I had a problem smiling. Now I am loud and obnoxious and happy. I love to laugh. I love to hug everyone. I kiss my friends when I see them. they think I am weird but when I dont do it they think something is wrong. They ask me if I am ok because I am not as affectionate as the time before. We are all yearning for love. We are all born looking for that love and we never stopped. We just get used to being around negativity that we look for it. Stop that vicious cycle. Jesus said Love Thy Neighbor. I wonder why. Love thy self first.

I can go on and on about this subject. Instead I will save it for the next entry. Quit your bitching and moaning and get a life. Find the life of your dreams. Make it happen today. Smile. Love. Remember Joy. Love. Inspire someone. Take a deep breath. Smell the roses. Smell your feet. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Take some smelling salts! Do whatever it takes to know that life is here and now. We are guaranteed only the moment we are in. the next moment is not assured.