Thursday, March 20, 2014

Im Back to help.

It is funny how we go through changes in our life. The way we think of life. The way we perceive our experiences in life. I search for enlightenment and happiness all over the world through family, work, media, people, anyway I can view a variety of opinion and viewpoints. I search for answers to explore and push my boundaries of understanding. I look everywhere and find the same answers. I find answers laden with fear. Fear of explaining the truth. The truth is what I already know and yet cannot seem to find a consistent clear answer to what I already know.

Love is what we are all missing. Unconditional Love. this is such an easy concept and yet we perceive it as difficult. Why is it so difficult at its basic idea. Al we have to do is Love. Our true nature is about Love. When we are born as a babe we want to be nurtured and loved out of the womb. As adults we find it easier to take on all the negative connotations. I believe this is caused by fear. Fear is the driving force behind all the despair we feel in life. When we allow fear to penetrate our essence we find it easier to fail. Fear gives us an excuse to hate, be angry and attack. The answer of Love is and has always been inside us.

Most people in life cannot see the answer before them because our minds are always distracted. We do not have the capacity nor the knowledge of how to quiet our minds as to listen to our soul for the answers. Slow down. You do not have to be a monk to meditate on life's answers. All we have to do is sit quietly and remove all the bad thoughts one by one focusing on one peaceful thought for a length of time. As we get used to focusing on one thought we can begin to realize we are quieting our minds . Once the mind is quiet we can start asking questions. Focusing on each question and nly the question. As we focus on the question the answers flow. The process begins.