Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Precious Moments

As an artist i lament the possibilities in life. I can have whatever it is I want. I can do what is possible and anything in life is possible. I look at the world in a pre-creative state of mind. Always looking for inspiration from people and still objects. I always look for the texture and color of life. I want to copy the beauty and express it in my work. I am a very basic artist in the sense that I do not complicate things. I am not a picasso or braque. I am not a dali or michaelangelo. I am a very normal person with average skils. I love what i am capable of doing and I am not trying to sell or pawn myself as a master. Yet I am a master at creating what I love because it is mine. I create MY masterpieces for my enjoyment. I am very passionate about what my soul expresses. If some else is passionate about my work then that is an extra I can enjoy.

I am not fooled into believing I am going to compete for the attention that the very gifted and talented artists have. I am not trying to capture that audience. I do not even want an audience. I would love to inspire others to think the way I do and have a passion for what they love to do and to share it with others. Share it in a very humble way and pay attention to whom enjoys it. Enjoy your work with them and talk with your audience be it one or two persons.

I reflect on where I have traveled in my life, physically and spiritually. It has been a journey. Yet I have wasted precious time and resources. I have pissed away so to speak opportunities that I can not return to myself. I myself learned this through those experiences. We live in a very comfortable world. We have before us a spoiled culture. If we fail we have a safety net. Lately we have been seeing that the world is very delicate and everything we are so used to having can be taken away in an instant. In a global light we have seen that nature, as we call it can have no mercy on us. Our earth reminds us that we are very small and to appreciate a reprieve we recieve daily where their is calm. To enjoy everything we experience daily. To love everyone and give of each other. I do not care nor does it matter what you believe, if you are reading this then you have the luxury of internet access and the time to find this blog. You have the calmness in your life where you have time. Time to reflect on what you have and want. Time to appreciate and create opportunities to enjoy those gifts you are NOW able to enjoy. One day youll be detached from these opportunities and will struggle just to survive. Some life a lifetime of calmness. Some live a lifetime of chaos. Some live a lifetime of silence never knowing.

If there is a point to my madness it is to do not take your days and moments for granted. You only have one moment at a time. You are only guaranteed the moment you are in never the next.