Sunday, July 21, 2013

We Are Connected.

Ever since I can remember I can feel the essence of people. I can feel their pain and love deep inside. I could see right through someone and know. Know the innermost emotions. I would ask myself why. AS I got older I thought this gift was a curse. I felt like I never fit in. I felt like everyone was watching me. It felt like paranoia. I had a childhood friend that had voices, true voices in their mind. Schizophrenia? I don't know what it was called. I often thought it was what I was feeling. The difference is this did not drive me crazy. when I became an adult I knew I had a gift, know what to do with it was very confusing. When the churches found out I had this they thought they had an answer for it. They said I had a calling. I told them everyone had this gift because we are all connected. For some reason they all were offended when I spoke this way. Friends did not understand me nor did my family. So I left, among other reasons. I experienced life. I became what the world wanted me to be. What society wanted to create of me. What was expected. I buried that person deep inside me. I gave in. I lived a life always running from my true self. Avoiding the mirror. My eyes always called me in the mirror. Wanting me to see my soul. My soul was trying to reveal itself in my life at different junctures. Again at church, People would tell me the same thing. I would leave. Another church someone else would tell me of my calling. I would leave.

Places of employment I would always be thrown into leadership roles. That is where I flourished once I got over the nack for seeing through negative and using to my advantage. I always knew I had a purpose in this life. I knew for certain at some point I had to face this calling if you will. I had to introduce myself to my soul. Discovering that true self was very hard. I was fortunate enough to have the journey in life to explore and come back. Mose of us leave this world never knowing. Never expressing themselves through the eyes of their soul. Never listening to that inner voice. The voice that is connected to our creator. A voice that is our soul. The energy and spark that gives us life. Our soul is the inspiration behind all imagination and creation. Man has the capacity of so much because they search within. Our soul. That is the gift we have. All of us. That is how we are connected. That is the love we feel out of no where. That is how we feel others pain. We all have a common thread in us. IT does not have a physical description but it has a very real purpose. Know and believe that this is real. Scientists cannot prove or disprove. THey can measure it as energy. They can give it a purpose and beginning by their language.

When we were created in the womb, we were a combination of two, a male organism and a female organism becoming one. Both had a presence and a purpose to unite with one another. These two organisms were alive. Before that they were each apart of a single larger organism. Our parents. The creation is constant. The souls are connected. We are all connected. IT was not magic. It was not a big bang. That is another story. We have the capacity. We are very powerful. There is so much more to us than we can imagine. And there is more to us that we CAN imagine. Believe. I guess if your mind is still stuck in the worlds lies that we are to be controlled and asleep, then you need to know I am trying to tell you to wake up. We are alive. Strong. Gifted. Powerful.

If we are connected then we are gifted. We can see in each other. We can feel each other. We can help each other. Inspire, encourage, love and open each others eyes. I always tend to separate myself from the negativity. I will try and improve the environment if it is within my control, so to speak. If I have exhausted all my efforts and it is a choice of the other to remain in that state, I will move on. What can we do? We can think positive all we want if the other party involved has made a decision to follow a different path I need, we need to continue on our path. Remove our self.

Remember we are connected. We can hurt ourselves if we remain. Love heals many situations. Love can only plant a seed sometimes for a future event. You might not reap the results instantly but the seed has been planted.  If we send love in our thoughts and prayers it gives them hope knowing that you have not given up. Silently they appreciate. Outwardly they are defiant. Pride is the difference. Pride can sometimes be the demise of a nations leaders. Hope is the defining moment of a people. Hope starts revolutions.

Strive for love, peace, harmony, joy, respect, encouragement, mindfulness of one another. Where we come from and what we are.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Going Forward

I do not know where to begin. I am at a crossroads in my life. I am changing my blog. I am changing the content. The purpose. I have had a hybrid type of blog acting as an Artist kind of advice forum. I have been wanting to write so much more. I have been wanting to write about life. Not complaining but encouraging. I will continue to encourage artists in their world, for those of you that remain reading my blog and are artists. I want to reach a broader audience. I have a passion for helping people and feel this is the perfect place for it. In essence helping people in this forum will help me be a better person. God knows I need the lessons. I have found out in my life that I learn so much more from life when I listen, watch, appreciate and observe. IF that makes sense. Someone told me that an artist experiencing a creative block is a lazy artist. I beg to differ. I strongly feel that SOME of us artists that experience a block are struggling with unresolved challenges in their soul. I see it as an artist creates and is inspired from their souls. Our art is an expression of our deepest emotions. We can see the pain and joy in our textures and colors. Not necessarily our subject matter but our way of putting it in our media and or medium.

SO where do I go from here.

How do I transform my blog. Well, I will tell you how imperfect we are and that we all need to be one as a human race to grow. We all have to love each other and open our hearts to encourage one another to live the remainder of our days positive. We admit our mistakes and failures, move forward to hold each other while we get stronger. Not take advantage of one another being mindful of every act and relationship we partake in. Every contact with another human being, every precious moment we cross one another should be meaningful. Know that our lives are all intertwined. Be respectful of each others space in time. Avoid the confrontation that can transform someone's life negatively. Release the hatred and anger for one another. Love one another and avoid the negative thoughts like a bad disease that kills. Because it does. Accept that we will have tragedy and hardship, but that this world is unpredictable. We do have some control of how we perceive those horrible moments. Do we perceive as an attack against us personally individually? Or do we know that each of us has a path we follow and sometimes the path leads to circumstances that are a result of a decision. Loved ones we will hug today and say goodbye tomorrow. Going back to before, Every precious moment we cross one another should be meaningful.

I will address all of you that read this blog going forward as if though you are in front of me and you are loved ones in need of encouragement. We will bond as loved ones do. Our souls will connect. We will break bread. I will create a place to escape the life that might be a hindrance to your happiness at the moment. I will not claim to have all the answers, but I will surely have an opinion that you might relate with or to. You might read something that will strike a cord in your pain. You might share a joy that my life has given me. We might laugh together as I am writing and you receive the message as a blessing. Our quest can be contagious. To be happy and live happy. To fill ourselves with joy when we wake and appreciate the love we spread throughout our day. We might be misunderstood, but we will surely be loved by many. The misunderstood will be outside looking in. I cannot help that. It is a normal reaction to positive and negative in the same space. Water and oil.

I am not a very school educated person. I do not hold degrees in humanities nor do I claim to be an expert in the human psyche. I have a passion for seeing people being happy. I will not impose a religion on you. I will give you my insights on spirituality and basic humanistic values. I will let you in to my soul if you want to. If you continue to read do not be insulted, If you choose to open this blog then you have some interest in moving forward with me. Discovering together a purpose we are all looking for in this life. Whether it be a long or short life. If my blog stops because I am gone and my journey ended for as long as this blog stays it is yours. I have no control over what you read. I do not email you or call your house to read my words. You found me. If I have invited you and you know me personally, I gave you my card out of love. I felt you need to be loved. This is one of my ways to share myself to people I cannot normally speak to in person for different reasons.

Please enjoy the pages going forward. I cannot guarantee you will like everything I write. My goal is to help you think about life differently. More positive. Work it out with me.