Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Creative Power

It happened again. I have been told by many people in my life, Mentors, Coaches, Ministers, City Leaders, and other successful influential people in my life, I can create my own reality by visualizing. Somehow after experiencing myself these phenomena...I still did not have 100 percent faith in the idea or philosophy. A few years ago I had a vision in the middle of my life of anxiety, depression and self pity, I was going to be successful and happy one day with regards to my art life. At this time in my life I was not creating much but for enjoyment in my garage. It was for time to get away from the world. I did not even want to show anyone for fear of rejection and ridicule. I guess as artists we all have that privacy factor. Not so much fear or just very personal to express yourself and for the first time a show in public. I did not let many people watch me not even my children. It was kind of intimidating to hear the criticisms even if they were positive encouraging ones. During this tumultuous time in my life I was having these visions. I was more feeling it than seeing it. I was feeling that my art was one day going to be seen by many and sought after by many. "Many" was a very questionable word at the time. Many people? What did that mean? Hoards of people? Room full of people? Calls from interested people? Showing in front of people? I guess it did not matter. For at the time one person was enough for me.

To date I have been public since October 2009. I have been seen by many people and have done quite a few shows. I have been interviewed and talked about by very influential people. My art has been purchase and is hanging in homes I could only dream of owning. I have met so many wonderful people in my connections. I have been regarded as a very unique artist. A pioneer in my niche. I love all of the attention. Not because of the attention so much. I am a very shy person at heart. Telling you that if you know me you would laugh. As a young man if you knew me that would be how you would describe me. When I express myself through my art I can be whoever and whatever I want to be. I can tell the story my way. I can be as passionate as I want to be and show the color I want. It is one area in my life I have total control. I thought it was the only area I had the control of. Now I know of another area I have total control of. I found this through my art. I have total control of creating my life.

God our creator gave us this gift to control creating all of our lives. He gave us this gift. All this time I thought the Good Book was exaggerating that we are created in his image. We are. He is should and spirit. Energy power and might. He is all universes. He created with thought. He thought it and then it was. We are of the same spirit. Yet we keep that part of our being doormat never getting to really know that side of us. That supersubconcious mind in us that is so powerful. We waste all of this power through a life time of worry doubt despair. We search for that special thing in our lives that will give us an answer and make us happy when all along it is with in us begging for us to release it. Release this unbridled power to create majesty. Create a world to fulfill and enlighten. We have all the answers of our purpose for ourselves, within us. All we have to do is slow down and be quiet.

I have been reading so much literature on this journey. My entire life I was different always searching reading exploring and trying to find answers. Even in my so called darkest hour I was wondering why true happiness escaped me. Why I could not let all the money and material things I had accumulated make up for the happiness I lacked inside. I had a great life. Wonderful children a beautiful wife. Yet I could not appreciate where I was at. I was still looking for more. That little thing that made that huge difference. Where was it? It was so depressing that I let my life blast by. Like a blink of an eye I am Older. My youth was gone. My skin was not as shiny and tight. I was older. Different. I did not recognize myself in the mirror. I saw myself standing before my art in my dreams thoughts and believing it was so. There was nothing in my life at that moment that could convince me this was not going to happen. Just as sure as death was certain one day it was certain to me that I would do my art and it was going to be big. I got a taste of it in a short frame of time last year. I am so thankful to all of those people who I have met and encouraged me. I went back to work after being laid off giving me the opportunity to create for most of the year. And these past few months I have been getting these visions again. They started small and very mild. Now I see it as death is certain. We know this for truth that we will die in flesh. I know for certain that I will be creating for wonderful people again. I will give people inspiration through my visual art. Through the creative process that I have a passion for. I see everyone who everyone is and it does not matter. I see it as the sun makes the night sky day. I see it and feel the happiness. I immediately have received calls from several people organizing shows and displays for events. I am getting calls from people from my travels by work. I have commitments to create works of art for companies. It is not coincidence. There are so many other incidents. I am creating my life all over again. I am reshaping my culture. I am rebuilding the legacy I will leave my children of honor and respect. I am rebuilding my life all over again. I am inspiring others to do so with my connections. I am inspiring. That is my dream Create 2 inspire always. Love, inspire, connect cry laugh be joyous of the life and power we have been given. Quit bitching and moaning of what you don’t have and what others have that you don’t have. Shit! Go and get some for yourself. Ask for it! Take it. Dream it. Be thankful what you already have and what you will receive because you see it already present in your life it just hasn’t showed up yet like UPS is a little late delivering it.

The one thing we can deliver immediately is joy, love and happiness. Have the gratitude that we can give you that gift of happiness. Look in the mirror and see the beautiful person you are inside and quit complaining. Take a deep breath and be thankful for the hard times you are going through and knowing that it is a building of character and you will be more appreciative of what you have when you get it. You will be more appreciative of the piece in your life and the quiet. Overcome the complaining and self doubt and create for yourself a life of positivity and confidence. Smile. Say hi to someone you do not know. Hug a family member that you have not forgiven. Let shit go. Open up. Live your life on your terms and not the world’s terms. If you don’t agree then stop reading this it is not for you. If you cannot relate stop wasting your time reading this crap and go look at pron. or shop and spend the money you don’t have. Go read the disastrous news. Go on facebook and comment negatively on someone. Email hate words to someone like you always do. Stick to your plan of self destruction and get the hell off I love you all.