Friday, August 27, 2010

im still here. i am still giving it my all. we all struggle at times to keep our passion for creating. we want to create all the time. sometimes our lives take priority over our passion. that thing that we love to do for ourselves. that interest we have that gives us hope to be ourselves. most of us are in a job or situation that does not match what our dreams were as children. we dreamed of being something larger than life. or at least we dreamed of doing something in our lives that made us happy everyday. we might be have accepted our current situation and find happiness in it.....but we all had dreams. my dream was to be an artist.

i spent a lifetime of visiting that dream here and there. just as quickly as i dreamed i had to forget about it because of my fears. recently i tackled my fears and embarked on my journey as an artist. it has been a life changing event for sure. my life is completely different right now than it was a year ago. a year ago i could only laugh at the idea that i would be referred to as danny the artist. it is hard work. it is not easy. it takes sacrifice and commitment. i almost gave it up a few days ago....because of those fear coming back. self doubt. but because i have immersed myself around people that are like minded artists who are so positive and are committed to being artists for the love of it and no other reason.

my journey has taken me through so many changes in my persona. it has forced me to re evaluate who i am and how i look at life. an artist at any level cannot have clutter in their minds. we have to be clear of what we want to create and have a purpose to why we create. in order to create passionately we have to be honest with ourselves. look in the mirror and create! in the end....i cannot stop creating this time. i will work it out. i will create for the sake of creating but i will not give up. i love all of you that support me.

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