Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Do Artists Lift Themselves Up?

They don't! We work through it. I think as artists we should never use our personal troubles as an excuse not to create. We can not do certain shows attend events so we can recharge and move forward. Stopping the creative process is damaging to our legacy as an artist. We need to use our torment and sadness as a source for inspiration. Through this valley we travel we can find something beautiful. We can create something special. We have to work through it. At the moment we might not like what is coming out....but we will look back at that moment where we created and let our soul out as a wonderful experience of change or transition and it has been recorded.

Creating through this period is very challenging. Personally I am going through this trying time in my life. Through creating I have found happiness. I have found peace. The way I view my trials are very different as I have in the past. I felt all alone before. Now I feel as if I have a friend and confidant in my creativity. There is a calming affect when you let it all out on your medium/media/canvas...whatever that may be. We create avenues of release in our work. We challenge our hearts to tell the truth. People will instantly relate to your piece. It will be the truth. It will be life altering for some. Emotion and passion will overwhelm them. You have given that piece magic. The power to grab someone and hold them captive in its presence. Sounds like a crock of shit? No. It is true. I have seen it for myself.

My life has been a waste of time. My children are blessings. My choices to fill in the space of time where I am not with my family has been wasted. Or has it been? I experienced certain moments in my life that have translated in to some pieces that have had an impact on some. Privately they come to me weeping that the piece connected with them. To me it was a simple piece to them it is a centerpiece in their home that will remind them of that emotion that they feel everytime they gaze upon their art. It is very humbling to me to experience that with someone. I live for those moments. I love people. I love art. I love when people are so inspired by art. I love to show love for my fellow brother and sister how to love and appreciate this art we call ART.

So the answer to the question posed....CREATE and Inspire...That is how we lift ourselves up.

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