Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a Small World After All

Technology is finally being used the way it is suppose to be used in my little bubble. My little bubble called my life. I started a face book page in hopes of interacting with other artists and finding inspiration from like minded people. And I have exceeded my expectations in what I set forth to achieve. There is a very small world of artists in this facebook. I connected with a few artists here and there from some groups and so many have added me from all the groups. It is like a multi marketing campaign yet no one is making money just connections. Everyone is so wiling to give advice and support. It is a wonderful community of artists that truly care of the integrity of each others work and we all respect where we are going with our creative flow. No judgment...and of course if someone gets out of line you can always delete and block. But I tend to think a little healthy debate is fine. We all just to have to be humble enough to put it all into perspective. People are so giving of themselves in the online art community. They are quick to give offer positive/negative/constructive criticisms. It is all healthy! Everyone grows together and learns from each other. I interact with artists from all over the world. Everyone has the same goals. Everyone has the same dreams. We are all in a small bubble called earth. So changing the way the world thinks might not be so hard after all. We can all be an inspiration through our art. We can all reach out to artists all order and move OUR agenda of creating to inspire others. Inspire through art, love and peace.

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  1. Well said! I am continually amazed by this as well; it's beautiful that artists from every corner of the world can pull together virtually with nothing needing to be gained for themselves, just lifting each other up and the comfort of knowing we are not alone. We are the people with hopes, dreams, determination, inspiration to share the voice within ourselves in a visual manner, open to judgement and critique. May we all find ways to take positive from these judgements and become better artists and better human beings from it. To me, if someone takes the time to share a thought about my art- whether i feel it's good or bad, my art served its purpose- it evoked an emotion and that emotion was strong enough to be communicated. To me, the definition of art is just that, so i then can take the information and and make my own judgements. I remind myself that i can only be offended if i choose to be... i call it my check up from the neck up.

    I also like what you said about "We are all in a small bubble called earth. So changing the way the world thinks might not be so hard after all." - this is very true to me as well! Our thoughts and belief systems create our realities, so powerful.

    This is a really thought provoking post, thank you.