Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look at what I made!!!!

I have to take the time here for a little reminder for anyone that wants to read this piece. Respect, humility and restraint. I have gotten to know quite a few artists in this very short journey of mine so far. I have met very successful to very humble beginnings. I have met artists that show up to small affairs and are very well know in the industry and yet you would not know they are so sought after ....meaning a piece of theirs would sell for ridiculous prices. I have met artists that offer their advice and soul for another artist to benefit from and offer it as a gift of love and no agenda. Why would someone have an agenda to help someone? Well this is the human race. There are many breads of assholes in this world. There are also artists that are so genuine they are so passive and quiet and just love to be noticed for their work and gracious for the acknowledgment. Then you run into the artist that is gifted and has the ability to be like a photo-copy machine and reproduce exactly what he/she sees in their imagination. This person can make masterpieces out of simple subjects just from their arrangement and composition. Like I said most artists are very humble and loving. Very genuine and classy. BUT....again, this is the human race. Every so often you run across this person or persons that like the attention. GRab it when they can. At anyone's expense. Reminding us how we have to stay humble. They really look bad when they expose themselves. Its like they want to squash anyone else having their day in the sun. We all want some kind of validation or notoriety when we are trying to prove something to ourselves...we look to our fellow artists more than our family to do this for us. We look at our peers to give us support and it is returned. We look for encouragement and understanding of the moment. That moment is yours and should stay that way. If someone were to say"I did this and it was grand!" The natural response is "Awesome my friend, congrats!" NOT..."Oh yeah well I did this...." Why? Why do people want to do this? Why does someone feel the need to do this? Only in their own minds is the answer. And yet I feel so bad for these people. They have something inside of them that is broken. They need some kind of fix so they vent out. They look for answers in their own way. They lash out without knowing they are lashing out. They create a little bubble for themselves. We are already in a bubble so in essence a bubble in a sounds so suffocating! But it's true. They want to make themselves happy by making the happy unhappy. Misery loves company is a truth. We cannot get mad at these folks because they do not know this is what they are doing. All we need to do is love them and listen. Ok I feel better now. Time to create.

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  1. Yes, love on 'em and listen.... that's the best thing to do, maybe one day they will learn of such grace and give some back to an artist that needs a genuine "Pick-me-up" great post, friend! lets keep lifting each other up as we tread along our artistic paths.