Friday, September 30, 2011

Be Happy

I want to get through to you my loved ones but you do not listen. Why do I take it so personal because I want you to feel the same joy I feel daily. I take it so hard when I see you sad and negative. Sometimes it affects me when I constantly send messages and hints that life is beautiful. I even have proof in my life and you still ignore the message. I am here for you and I love you. I always encourage you to smile and FEEL happiness yet you continue to frown and be down. What will it take for you to understand that life does not have to be such a struggle. It is a beautiful ride full of challenges and opportunities to improve and create joy for yourself. We all have the same fight on this journey. We all have the same fate. With that alone should be reason enough to take a look at our days as special gifts that we are here one m ore time to give it another shot. Why not just be happy today if you are not waking up tomorrow. And if you last the week then you had a joyous week. How great can that be. IS another person keeping you from that happiness? Then step away or distance yourself from that person. If you cannot distance yourself from them then know that it is not your fault that they are using you as a target to unload their shit on you. Most people do not even realize they are hurting their loved ones until they are better. Then it is too late. But never too late to apologize and make things better. to move on. To love. To smile. To give yourself the gift of your new life you  can create. Thank God he gave us this gift of the real reality most do not even know about. The reality that exists in our mind. He created us in his image. He created the universe with a thought. We have that power. He created the universe with his love. WE have that capacity to love. Use it. Love one person unconditionally. they will forward that love. Then another. Then another. It is like Multi-Marketing Love. Everyone shares the more it is passed on. Quit wasting time my loved ones. Be happy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Creators Journey.

It is not always easy to travel the road we have chosen for ourselves. There might be great challenges along the way. We can be as positive as we drive ourselves to be. Happy and full of joy and yet there seems to always be some kind of roadblock or higher hill to climb to see the wonderful light. We have to strengthen our character and be ready by sharpening our swords. We will face that challenge and become better. We learn to appreciate and see the good of our experiences. We are sharpening iron with iron. Life is beautiful we have to embrace the challenges that are facing us daily. We have to be thankful that we can face them to begin with. If we are talking about how we are going to be strong here and face these challenges together then we are very fortunate we have a community where we can be around like minded individuals to encourage us.

We have to be amazing at life. We have to wake everyday and learn to continue to create that beautiful life of ours. If you wake tomorrow and choose to be annoyed or upset then go ahead. But do not suck your loved ones in to the mess you have created for yourself. Do not involve them in your self pity. I did for many years...I did just that. Sometimes I get caught up these days in the unwarranted anger and frustration of my daily challenge. I have an amazing life right now and I am full of joy every morning looking forward to the challenge of creating for myself and the people I love happiness and joy abound! I hug and hold the people that are close to me. I reach out to strangers with a smile and a positive conversation. I can feel the negativity and I attack it with love. I encourage them with my positivism and give them hope that there are more people like myself wanting to care for our fellow man.

I try everyday to renew myself into a positive influence in this world. I am so happy to be given the chance daily. Here in this forum I know I probably reach a few of you. I know that someone reads my energy and knows what I am about. I am about love and positivism. If you think this is a load of crap then I love you stranger, friend, family but get the hell out of here and go find the blog where you can complain. I would rather you stay and read comment, send me a message or not. Whether you read or not I will continue to write. I get to do this. I am a healthy happy joyous person who figured out that loving humanity and myself is healthy. I know that life is beautiful and see the wonderful souls behind the curtain we put up against the world to hide.  I can feel and see thought the hypocrisy. I walk in the room and know where the bullshit is and I attack! I attack with a smile and send them love. Sounds like a crock? Well. Try it. You'll see.

Why do we waste our time anyway being upset or judging others? It is a waste of time and energy. We stress ourselves out and make ourselves sick physically. All we need to do is reach out. It does not have to be anything dramatic. Just be nice to someone. Do not judge someone. Quit being selfish and just think of yourself. Give someone a compliment. Encourage one another. Post something nice on your Facebook for a change instead of some remark that starts eating away at that person that takes everything you say serious. Sometimes we are not aware of the people we impact with our words and actions. I know I have hurt many people in my past and as of recent not knowingly and sometimes I do and I have to move on. We have to be aware of this. We have to think of them. We have to be generous with our love. Stingy with the shit we serve to the world. Wake up. One day at a time. For all you know that day is all you have left. OK so pull it out of you know what and figure it out. I love you all.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What Is Love?

What is love to you? I asked this in a very popular social network we all use called Facebook. I had a few interesting answers. Everyone has passionate answers. The word love conjures up some very emotional responses. If you are wondering why I am asking people about love in an art page here is my answer. If you are alive on this earth you have a chance everyday to create a life for yourself to go in any direction you wish. Most of us have the choice to feel the way we want to. If we have a choice to create for ourselves the life we want or desire or need...then we are creators ourselves. If we are creators we are artists. If we are artists and creators we have a passion for what we create. if we have a passion for that which we create we love that certain thing. In order to take the time to create something you have to be pasionate about it and love it to sacrifice the time and effort to give birth to an idea.

Getting back to love. What is love. A passion? A feeling? An object we desire? Is it romance? Is it a lifestyle? Am I confusing you with my rants yet? Have I started the thinking process in your peanut head yet? For me LOVE is huge. Love is something more powerful than just a word. Love is a way of living. I open my eyes in the morning and remember not to take for granted that I awoke. I have been given a gift to start a new day. An opportunity to connect with the world in a positive way. I remember to show compassiona nd love to my fellow man. Smile at someone. Cause and effect. Smile and they feel good(or not) but I tried. Deep inside we are all romantics and lovers. We all care for our fellow man. At our core we are children. When children get together and they do not know each other they want to play. If they are negative they have learned this or their innocence has been affected by man. If it was a disease they acquired during the pre birth, or transmitted during the birth, or trauma. A childs innocence is sacred. They look for love until they are taught otherwise. They learn by loved ones and someone they trust or all that they know.

Love is all around us asking and begging to be recieved. We do not want to give. It is free. Free to give and free to recieve. A smile, handshake and pat on the back is free. We put on a wall of protection to the outside becxause the world is full of deception. We are always on the look out for the scam artist. If we see someone say hello or greet we think they want something. What is the hidden agenda? I am a visual artist that creates pieces of artwork for all to enjoy viewing. I have epople like and dislike my stuff. Some dislike mor ethan like. It does not matter to me. The few that like show so much emotion and love towards me it fils me with joy because they tke to heart my passion and love me for it. That is priceless. Would I take the money? YES! But I have more satisfaction by their responses. Money gets spent immediately, the emotion they relay to me lasts far longer.

Lets get to the meat and bones. Love is acceptance of your fellow human being. We are all different. We are unique. Love is being thankful. Love is charity. Giving of yourself emotionally when others are in need. Love is unconditional. Forgiveness is important. Love is overwhelming. Love is respect. Love is joy. love is positive. Just know we are all connected and love one another. These are my thoughts. Like them? Read them. Hate them? Read something else.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

As artists we create a life of art. A life of creativity and wonderous imagination. As humans we are artists at our core. We create a life that is wonderous. We create happiness and joy. We create a masterpiece. We also create hatred, sadness and unhappiness. We can also create the opposite based on the decisions we make. We then complain and worry about the reprocussions of our choices in life and then we spend most of our time with regret. Then we base our whole life on insecurities. We are not good enough to have a meaningful life. We are creators of a body of work called our life. We can actually create the life we want. Any situation we feel we are passionate about. We can actually live our deepest desires. I am not talking about material posessions but more meaningful ideas. I am imparting to you the wisdom that was given to me over a lifetime of people in my life who can see beyond our existence. Only now I have realized that dream they had for me and their loved ones. I only now realize that the description of what these wise people were teaching me was something very powerful. Only a small portion of the history of humanity was and is aware of this special power all humans have since birth. It is something we all practive daily. It is something we all know and use. We all have the knowledge of this power in our being. We all can create for ourselves and masterpiece of life. And yet we distract ourselves with our daily routine. Our daily bitching and moaning of how our lives are shit. We complain of how others have it better. How come they have what I want? What makes them special? We are all special. Some of us get it and some of us dont. some of us have it and do not appreciate and some of us had it and did nto appreciate it and now it is gone. Some of use always envy others and put ourselves down like i said before. WE have to own the idea and feeling that we are all powerful and able to create a life we passionately desire. Be happy and appreciate what you have for whatever capacity you have. Be happy for the ability to choose to be happy. no body is twisting your arm to be sad unhappy or bored with life. no body is holding a gun to your head to be unhappy. and if someone is holding a gun to your head to be unhappy they still do not have control you choose to be happy and filled with joy even in the darkest of hours. even in the final moments i would rather coose to feel joy before my physical existence expires and that way i won the battle in the mind to the end so to speak. I can carry this joy to my next life of ............

I am bored and sick of unhappiness. it is so played out. Crying over bullshit. Being sad over everyday stuff. I go over and over what makes me unhappy. complain to others and make them sick of hearing about it. boo hooing to them. eventually they get tired of it and it wears them down and then you have just created a life of distraction for them they cannot focus on their happiness and joy because you have filled their head up with your bullshit. so it is an ongoing cycle. families are the worst for doing this. We create a world that is false. we act like our problems are worse then the next person. our degree of pain and how we internalize it is not the same as the next person. Yet we try to convince our loved ones that our life is so bad. And that we had it so rough. in reality we had the opportunity to experience life the way we did and we should have used those experiences to strengthen our character and move forward stronger and more powerful because we overcame that adversity.  what is so wrong with choosing to be creating a fulfilling life for ourselves. What is wrong with wanting to be filled with joy all day long. What is wrong with wanting to love. Love all day long. Love who you say is the enemy. have compassion for that person that always is sad. give more love to your children parents that cousin that lives alone or that friend that calls you and you never call back. what is wrong with reaching out and letting your love be contagious? does it take too much effort on your part? are you in your comfort zone in life. do you like waking showering shitting go to work come home eat sleep and then the same all over again? is it comfortable to you to just be less than average? Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to who is really you. we are all from love. it took a real understanding creator and a loving creator to create such beautiful masterpieces of humanity. we are pure love at our core and yet we destroy that with all of our fear, craziness and hatered. hatred towards what? fear?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Keep That Smile No Matter What

It is not easy smiling in the face of adversity. We can surely create our lives to give us joy by being ultra happy all the time. Reality is that the world around us can be overwhelming. The News we see reported is very bleek at times. One or two positive stories here and there. The newscasters and reporters smile when the ugly story is told. That gives you an adea right there that they are so used to the crap they tell. Sad stories to them are ratings. I try not to watch the reality of this world.

What is ironic is the true reality of this world is actually a positive one. People are generally nice and loving. We humans have a desire to be loved and admired by others. We want acceptance and appreciation. We want to be cared for and spoiled emotionally. We yearn for that motherly love. Our instinct as children is to seek out nurturing. As we mature through our formative years we are trained and learn what our environment teaches us. If our environment is negative and harsh then we adapt and conform naturally to protect ourselves from dissappointment. Children who are around violence since birth will grow to accept and think it is normal for them. Children who are nurtured and loved, cared for and protected will feel compelled to express that love forward. It is true that dramatic experiences do shape the character of an adult. We carry the memories throughout our lives. They surface when certain emotions are triggered by similar situation or experience. Then we regress to that moment in time. Some of us our strong and find strength from that experience. We learned to use these triggers to rise above. Some of us never blink. Eventually everyone faces their so called demons. We all make peace with our rights and wrongs.

The question is how do we keep smiling through the pain and discomfort in the journey we experience. Our life is full of experience. We love. We loose. We cry laugh and experience so many emotions. We experience physical and emotional pain. We survive. We live short and long lives. We say hello to new loved ones and say hearfelt goodbyes to passing loved ones. How do we stay upright? How do we deal and face our reality? How do we keep our reality a positive happy one? Maybe the secret to this joy is in us and always has been. Go back to what I wrote earlier. We were children with the instinct to love and be loved. That is at our core and who we really are. That is what dominates our being at birth. We are loving souls. If there is birth in life than for certain there will be death. Acceptance of this truth is key to moving foreward. It does not matter who or what we are. We are all connected to this truth. Everyday is a gift of a new start. A new beginning. Yesterday was a time to be thankful for whatever the experience. Was a moment spent with a loved one for the last time? We need to be thankful for everyday we live as to not have a regret. I understand there are many people in this world that led painful experiences and horrible hardships. I would not want to try and assume what they went through. I could not even begin to guess how why or how they reacted and internalized the experience. I think of the holocaust survivors. Before they were taken and rounded up....Did they have positive experiences? Loving families. Day to day joy? Were they uprooted from a family unit and everything changed from one day to the next? Yes I imagine so. The majority were murdered. Did they have regrets? I cannot even imagine the answer.

Whatever happens tomorrow...I do not know. Today I called my mother and told her I love her. I painted my masterpieces. I fell in love. I am a grandfather. I raised wonderful children. I do not have regrets and if there was something I have not acheived before my last breath it was something I must have not wanted bad enough or gave it enough passion to create in my life otherwise it would have happened. I am responsible for the task at hand for as long as I can see and feel this hand. I have a few things I want to do still. But for now giving thanks for what I have and have had is good. looking forward and taking the step towards those goals are grand. If I reach that point of success...wonderful. If I go to bed for the last time before that time then my life was complete.

So today I smile. Take a deep breath before I sleep and give thanks.