Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting to see the sun through the Clouds

That murky sky is almost clear now. I can see the beautiful stars at night and blue during the day. There is still a slight haze in my weather....somewhat like smog. But I am sure that smog just needs to be cleared by staying away from the toxins in my life. I am clear now as to why I fell off my track. My journey was sent on an alternate course. I am always headed in the same direction...just to stubborn to read the road signs. We will always have "slippery when wet" or "bumps in the road" signs. Sometimes we have UN-avoidable detours but it is a learning experience as we travel that path we are guided through.The scenery has not always been from my standpoint something I wanted to stay awake through. I wanted to sometimes lay back in my seat and not be the driver. Close my eyes and listen to the music but not face it. I should have stayed awake through those drives through adversity.  I now know that we are the ones that decide whether or not our journey can be appreciated and ultimately enjoyed or learned from. I guess we realize this in our due time. For me it has been about a realization that I am here to create for others to appreciate. I have a painting in my soul with someones name on it already. I have to create these pieces in order for these people to receive. So I need to be clear and conscious to realize this fully. I cannot be selfish. I have to think of these people. People buy art or are given art for a reason. For some healing. Usually people connect with a piece of work because it fills a void in their lives..or it calms them from whatever they need calming. Art is not only appreciated but it is connected with like a living breathing entity. Sometimes I will create a piece that I think is horrible and someone will see it and instantly connect with it. So I keep everything now...if I do not like it I put it aside and continue later. Eventually it will click in my heart that it is a beautiful piece. Or if not beautiful meaningful, a story that has been told, an emotion revealed, a poem recited, a void filled. So there is my state of mind. There is my story. If you are having a cloudy day or your skies are full of smog...pull your head out of your you know what and create!

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  1. Man, your work is awesome and so original! When did you start making these? Congratulations! :) I'll add you to my blog favs!