Friday, August 20, 2010

Pressing Forward in Full Color

Ill make it short this time. I now I can get really lengthy in my rants. I was told in the very beginning from someone they enjoyed my blog but that I should not blab too much. LOL. Do not read it! Gee wiz. How funny is that someone telling me how to write my blog. I get it though...if I am looking for regulars to make them catchy and interesting full of content of value to the reader. I guess that is when I was trying to make a blog for Google Adsense. At this point I do not even care. All I care is that I say what I have to say about the art scene that maybe an artist thinks and feels the same about that maybe they cannot seem to find the nerve to say. I have nothing to lose. I am happy painting now. I wanted so bad to be a part of that wonderful art world and be well known and respected. Guess what!? It is just like anywhere else in life. There is the few that make the experience a challenging one. There are people that have so much pull and they are the major influence....if you are not in good with these people they can really make your life hard. They will bad mouth you. It does not make a difference how nice your work is. You just have to stay clear of these people and smile, have a wonderful great attitude about it and find a place or group that will accept you and encourage you. It is much easier when you can relate to other artists who have the passion you have. It is so refreshing when there are genuine people that you can sit and talk about how lovely life is creating and enjoying your gift with others. This is the amazing part of being an artist.

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