Saturday, May 28, 2011

          Is it that hard to stay positive and give yourself the respect to create you art work? Do the social media and your environment prevent you from being open to the creativity that you long for? Is so hard to ignore the battle drum of the war we should be fighting against this world and its influences. As artists we need to be warriors. We need to attack this problem head on. This war is won on the battlefront. We wage this war in the creative mind. Our minds are captivated by this distraction. What a well-planned out distraction we endure. The orchestrator must be a genius.
         We wake up worried about being late to work and we skip breakfast. Breakfast should be a time to reflect. The morning should be a time to gather our thoughts and give ourselves a chance to endure the crap we will face. Then we get on the road and we face the violence of the roads and in our thoughts we struggle to keep that happiness and joy we are supposed to feel. We get to the place where we earn the funds to pay our bills. We are at work and some people work in environments that are not so friendly because they choose to stay there and have the notion that they have to be there because they cannot fathom the idea of doing something they love passionately for work. Work is over and we go home. Here we go again with the traffic. Damn traffic. So we lose ourselves in that mad race home. We get home and then we deal with all of our responsibilities at home. Whatever those are. Evening goes by so fast we are already tired from work. We sit down to relax for a minute and it turns into 3-4 hours of TV. Yes. TV. Our wonderful news telling us all the wonderful things that go on in our world. The newscaster smiles when they tell us of catastrophe, human suffering and any other horrible thing they can report on for their ratings. News is like an action movie, drama, and horror all in one. No comedy. No family news. Where are the positives? We are so addicted top this shit we sit their encapsulated. We eat like there is no tomorrow with you know what....chips dip and soda. 3-4 hours of this crap. And we are artists. But I am relaxing! I had to unwind. I am very tired to create. I had a long day. My kids take up my time (on the video games). My husband/wife is my focus. (In another room) there are so many things I have to do when I get home! Then it is late...oh shit I have to go to bed. It’s late! Ill create something tomorrow.
          Guess what the week went by and everyday was a duplicate of the prior. We are distracted and we do not see the point to this madness because there is no point. I am sure there is someone in a little room watching all of us guiding all these systems to keep us busy. Then there is the weekend. lol. I won’t even get into the waste of time we have for the weekend. Do we create? No. Our priorities are in order of course. Work, family, alcohol and then other stuff and then art. I know that sounds really rough. I am trying to be honest here. For some of us it is this extreme. We might have different ways to fill up the time in our heads, but it is all the same. We are focused on a system that keeps us away from us. US is what we are truly. We are not who we are supposed to be. We settle for a diverted happiness. We settle for happiness that is someone else’s happiness. We did not create our happiness we settled for happiness we stumbled upon and we settle for that reality. A reality that was not meant for us. We adopt this reality and let it consume us. Our true love and passion is put aside because of all of the above. If you are reading this blog then you are an artist. Your passion is art. You create. The passion we feel is so powerful but the distraction is more powerful. It is well thought out. I only touched on the small distraction. It is very deep. I generalized it. It is far more specific. Our awareness is key to stay focused. I have some wonderful friends who are artists and they are so focused. They lead full lives as well. They have children, jobs and loved ones they worry about and they have that focus. They find the precious time. That is how committed they are. As for you sitting there reading this blog pissed off and offended that I am directing this blog to artists only.....Yes I am directing it to artists only. guess what we are all artists. We all are creators of masterpieces. We are artists of this masterpiece called life. We go through the same process an artist does. We think it, imagine it, have a passion for it, plan it and then start creating. Sometimes it flows and it is there! Sometimes we have to work at it. But we are. And we are able to create the life we want. But in order to create in our precious lives anything and everything we want we have to have pure joy inside us. We have to master the war against the distractions. We have to totally be warriors. Warriors to fight that war. No excuses. We have to block that shit out. There are so many stories of tragedy lately. People have lost lives. People have lost loved ones. The people that are left standing that get to be interviewed about what material things they lost are so filled with gratitude and joy that they were spared their lives. They don't care much about the material things. They are ready to rebuild. We have to have this appreciation every day. Have the appreciation that we have. That we are. We have to live our days aware. Fight this battle in our minds. There is so much to live for. There is so much we have to experience. There are so many people that need love. Give them love but don't let them in. show them how to love but guard yourself from the negativity they carry. Create.

Friday, May 27, 2011

QUit feeling sorry for yourself and feeling sorry for others. Love one another but quit feeling that pitty party. We all have such a wonderful poiwer to be happy and yet we do not use this power. I always encourage my loved ones to learn how to create their happiness. And in essence we are all true artists because we create daily our truth. WE donot create the truth and is righteous about us but we surely create some truth about us that is exterior anyway. Our soul sometimes takes a back seat to what we really want to be. We do not listen to that inner voice of reason. WE aregue with ourselves and want to be happy but we decide to be miserable. We decide to be unhappy in our daily lives because we use excuses. Excuses to be unhappy. WE look in the mirror and we see the reflection. WE see a reflection that is distorted to begin with. We see a reflection that is backwards and shows us doing things the exactly opposing way that we are actually moving. Why do we judge so harshly others of the exterior when we do not see the beauty and perfection in our fellow human being. We are all connected in this earth and yet we choose to put each other down. Treat each other with disrespect. We wallow in our self pitty and blame everyone around us that is happy. Why cant we be happy. We also envy others and their lives because they seem to be happy. We waste time in  obsessing the lives of others it comes.....because they are happy. Why cant we just be happy for being happys sake. Why does there have to be a reason to be happy when all we have to do is stop everything and smile. Think of ONE thing that we can smile about in our lives. and dont smile that fake ass smile we smile when the photographer says cheese. A smile that comes from the soul. A joy. We need to feel joy. We need to truly feel the joy. We need to let the world see us vulnerable in our own skin. Vulnerable to laughter and happiness. Why is it that being happy is a lot harder work than being miserable. Well chances are that we know many people that are miserable and they use us to dump all their garbage. I do not mind listening. But now I listen just to listen. I do not use the opportunity to give them self pitty. I try to encourage and if they are not encouraged then I cannot do nothing for them. I can only show love and encouragement. I do not want to carry the loadthey have been carrying. It is heavy. They have been using that excuse to be unhappy and they want everyone around them to help them continue. They seem to think that that is the way they get attention. They would get more attention with love. Laughter and happiness. I talk to people and I tell them to forget their troubles and just turn the negative off like a switch, They say that is impossible. I tell them that they are wasting their lives. They say it is so much to get rid of. They tell me they have been unhappy for too long and they are used to it. and yet they complain of these problems all the time adding to it with depression and anxiety. They stress out so much it causes physical problems. I can go so many directions with this one. It is simple. We are wasting our time being unhappy because we are spending all our time complaining of how bad our lives are. We should be spending our precious time being happy. If we decide to wast ethe day upset and arguing with loved ones then we die that same day.....we leave our families with the bad memories. We create destiny for them based on our last actions. We waste our last day in that worthless self pitty. Wake up and smile. Feel joy. Change the way of thinking and love your neighbor. Sound corny. Ok. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself and waste your days. I am just saying.