Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does Love Affect Our Creativity?

the rollercoaster of emotions we feel when we are in love is very confusing at times. yes it feels good to be so close to someone and feel that joy of someone loving you back. but it can be tiresome at times. trying to please them. worrying about keeping them happy. in my mind it should be effortless shouldnt it? if you are truly in love with your so called soulmate shouldnt it be easy? as an artist i create my works with all my heart and emotions. i am very passionate when i start my pieces. since i have started to paint i have become a cry baby. i cannot explain it. i really have to be in a special place when i think of the color i will be using. i try and block everything out so i can go with the theme of he piece instead of the theme of what i am feeling at the time. as much as a give effort to doing this my pieces always will reflect what i was feeling at the time i created the piece. i am starting to really re think this process now. i am finding if i try to paint the opposite of what i feel then it will look rushed or fake. unfinished....like something is missing. i look at my imagery now as an extension of my soul. i always have. but now it is really taking a shape not like before. i am learning that now this canvas(metal) is now the window to my heart and soul. the colors will feel warm with happiness, dark with sadness bright with positivity. i am finding that when i release the negative through my work it is powerful. if i depict happiness in my colors it encourages me with good energy that lasts. love is a very powerful tool when painting. it makes everything brighter, darker, rich in color, painfully rough when sad. love can be channeled through our work if we listen to our heart. corny? might be. then again if that is what you think then close this page and bye bye. 

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