Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Do You Create?

Sometimes I find myself frustrated with my choice of subject matter. I will sit there and re do colors over and over. Erase, clear, clean and start over. Why do I do this. Who am I trying to impress? I should be creating for myself. Is my motive to be vain? AM I trying to appease the masses or the public. They do not matter. I have to remember that if someone connects with m work then I have succesfully created something in which came from my soul. A fine artist is suppose to create this way. I am not a commercial artist.

It is so eas to get caught up in measuring yourself up to your peers that are selling their work. Selling regularly. We can get caught up in the commercial side of this world of ours. I just want to create honestly. I want to create my vision. I want to see people connect with what I show. I was invited recently to a very important city with regards to artists and gelleries. I was working with a gallery owner and he began making suggestions on presentation. In his experience I figured I should at least try some of what he was hoping I try. I agreed to make the adjustment. He then began to change the integrity of my work....his ideas and my vision did not coinside. It is one thing to compromise because they are selling your work for you but it is another to give him control. I no longer am doing business with him. This might mean an opportunity out the window before it showed fruit....but really if I continue to network and be true to my vision then someone somewhere will appreciate where I am at and the way I do it. I feel at peace and a weight has been lifted.

I create for my soul first. My soul is connected to that energy force we call GOD. God has given me a gift to create and connect. I will connect and inspire others to do the same. This is my love and passion. I want people to see my passion. It will stand out that I am trying to hard to accommodate. I would rather see the rough and raw of my work. I Twill have a following that is true to who I am true work. If not working with a gallery in a prominent part of town means I am not ready for big time,...then let it be so. I will not sell myself out. I will hold fast and be patient. My love will endure. My inspiration will succeed. My passion will reveal itself to whoever it is meant for. Make sense? I think it does. Onward then!

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