Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creating Our Life Is an Art

I just celebrated my 45th birthday yesterday. This whole weekend was amazing. I am in love with my life that I created. It was given to me but the journey I created. We create our journey every day. We set forth the steps we take far in advance before we step forward. I do not know how it works out but I know it works. I ask for it, it comes my way. I complain and give my attention to something I do not want and it comes my way. I give attention to anything and focus too much it comes my way. Simple. Yes it is that simple. There are a few things I left out that are very important but the basics are we are what we think.

Lately I have been feeling in control of my life like never before. I know the source of all my good and challenging experiences. I can see where certain directions my life takes had its beginnings, Where I could have had a different thought process. Every day I am thankful for the experiences and the people I meet and are a part of my life. This is a wonderful journey that is going very fast. Now that I know what I know about life I often wonder what it would have been like to have this knowledge as a young man. How different my journey could have been. When I start to think of that alternate route I would have taken then I am reminded of my beautiful children and the wonderful people I have encountered along the way and the amazing friendships.

I often think of my life as a canvas waiting to have the imagery put on it. What vibrant colors I will choose. What textures I can conjure up and the arrangement of color and subject. There are so many variables to consider when painting a masterpiece. Who will see it? Who will buy it? What will everyone think of it? Do I care what people think? I should not as long as I enjoy it. Life is that way. Sometimes we make decisions based on what we worry about what others will think. Sometimes we arrange our lives a certain way where it does not please us but it will serve another’s purpose. We make ourselves available for others. We sacrifice our happiness for others comfort.

When it comes to our children we always make sacrifices. What I did not realize is that I could have played both sides of the token. I could have been providing for them working the same hours and yet working somewhere I love rather did not like just to make ends meet. Make sense? And if you come right down to the basics it is not about what you are doing it is how you perceive your life experiences that gauge your happiness. We need to be happy regardless. We need to love our lives in any and all situations. We need to feel and see the joy. Creating our life is a lost art only a few have the ability to perform.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I create for myself an environment where I can be happy everyday. Not to say that there will not be challenges in my world. We live in a world that is ever evolving. I live my days to be thankful and expect people in my life that I can inspire. wonderful appreciative people who are positive even in the most dire of circumstances. We are so blessed to have a breathe. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be alive in this beautiful globe of humanity. there are so many opportunities that we come across. Opportunities to love and be loved. We look for joy in our lives. When we feel joy it feels right. We are creative masters of our lives. Go and create a masterful masterpiece of a life.