Thursday, January 14, 2010

How To Paint Through A Funk

There is no really straightforward answer for this one. I recently was asking my Facebook family this question because I had no idea what to create. Paint an apple. Paint a chair. Not literally. pick anything as a subject for the art piece. At least practice and experiment. What I have been doing lately is prepping my metal backround for my pieces. I add the color and mix the texture with the rust. Sometimes through that process I find that I get some wonderful inspiration. Ideas flow. I start out wanting to paint an abstract and looking at the way I arrange the colors an idea flows. There is so much to paint and so much to express. I dont know why but sometimes I can create a more beautiful piece by just experimenting rather than planning it. If it is a piece that I am doing for myself or for my portfolio I can virtually create whatever comes to mind and no planning involved. Usually when there is a subject I have been requested to paint I have an overall view of what is needed...but ultimately not even the outcome is planned. In such cases I start out looking for a result and I will disappoint myself if I overthink it. The client is always pleased when I experiment.

Approaching the piece as if it is the last one I will ever paint seems to help. meaning that if i give up on the piece I will lose my chance to ever paint again. Force myself to at least start a piece, Arrange the background Get my ideas in order. Experiment. I argue with myself. I talk to my friends. I ask questions. I scream at the mirror. I look at my past works. I always make sure I fill my head with positive thoughts and meditate on everything I see and hear. Put on some music and pray. Yes Pray.

Hey I believe that our creator wants us to create master pieces every time. If this is our gift we possess...then it is a divine gift and we should always know we will be assisted in the process by a higher than high help. We need to understand that our work is very important in shifting the consciousness of people. We need to realize that we are very influential in the developlment of our youth and poeple in general. We can bring peace and love to our world through our art.

So if you are in a funk there is a simple solution. Quit complaining. There was just an earthquake and those people do not care if yo are in a funk or not. They could care less if your painting is not going well.....they do not care about art for that matter. All they care about is survival. We are still very fortunate that we ....wherever you are....if you are reading this...then you are ok and your life is thankful. Appreciate that you are able to be able.


  1. I usually don't have any subject in mind before I start a painting. It's a very tiring process to just try to find it on the canvas as I go along. Adding acrylic, removing it, spraying the canvas and not liking it. I usually do this for a few hours till something appears that looks promising and I follow it till I think it's finished. The good thing is that generally I start 2 or 3 at the same time and so when I get stuck with one, I shift to the others.

    I fight with myself a lot, listen to music, feel desperate, then inspired and then desperate again. I sometimes pray too, asking for inspiration... I guess I sometimes get it but only sometimes... haha

    Great post, I relate to it and I'm happy I¡ve found this blog.


  2. That is why we should paint this way. that is where the passion comes from. We paint from inside out not outside in. We are looking to connect with our piece. It is hard enough to make time for our love and then to stand there without anything. this can be nerve wrecking and wonderful at the same time. this is how we grow.