Friday, March 26, 2010

Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?

"Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?"

"Only the ones who don't sell art are in creative lifestyle only but those fortunate ones who sell art are in both....what do you think?"
I think we should all take on the attitude of it being a lifestyle. We should live and breathe our creativity. Experience and express our soul. If we are given monies in exchange for our work it is a compliment to our work. If we are spoiled because of our gift then we should be thankful and continue to create to reach more people under the assumption that it is temporary. Always staying humble and appreciating that honor where people want to reward us. It is a business at that point....but we should always process it internally as a lifestyle. Something we love. We choose to do. We never HAVE to paint. We are not forced to because of....We WANT to and NEED to because of our calling.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are We Connected As Artists?

All creators have a connection. They all have a link that bonds them. Giving live to a piece of art work is what they live and breathe for. We rise in the morn to greet our muse and then we get to work. Our muse is our soul. Our soul is energy. The energy that fuels us is connecting all of us. We feel. We experience. We see inside of one another and share the passion we feel for what we love.

I can go to any event here in my city and instantly connect with someone. Art bridges the gap between so many demographics. Age, sex, orientation, race, name it. We are all a community that is massively connected. It is unbelievable. The more I go out and involve myself in this wonderful community I fall in lov with all the people I encounter. Genuine souls. Even the artists that are in pain and are very closed in putting up that wall...I can still get to them. I smile, hug, show them I love them and wammo! they are my friend. It is not always that easy but you get the point. Give people a chance. Non artists who love art and purchase or just like to view it are so special to me. I can have 20-30 pieces showing and if they only connect to is marvelous, spectacular and awe inspiring to me. It is very humbling. It fuels my desire to create. Making people have that feeling is so special. Enormous in my heart. That is why I create.

Creating along side wonderful fantastic talented amazing artists can be intimidating. But for me it has been a joy. I learn so much. I see that they are just like me it is just that they are that much more committed. I value that friendship I have forged with them. I learn from them and watch their passion. it does not come over night. Some are self taught some are educated for years. But everyday they too learn. They too graciously will look upon another artist respectfully and take something away from that experience and apply it to their own. We all have to grow together as artists and learn from one another because we are connected. We are all unique and have our own special way of expressing ourselves and a true artists will not criticize or judge another artist only they will encourage and guide one another to grow. This is not a competition it is a journey we are partaking together to inspire one another and the world through our gift.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.... Davinci

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.... Davinci

Wow. What a powerful statement. Do we as artists get lazy and create to just create at times. To just get a subject out on our canvas as quick as possible? Do we sometimes shy away from the pain that we experience when using our soul as inspiration? is it not where we should derive all our energy for creating? 

Last night I was painting a piece for an event. I could have chosen the theme of the day(St. Patricks Day) but I instead chose what I truly wanted to paint. I just added the green to align myself with the day. Creating last night was effortless. It flowed.There was true creative energy from people performing their music as I painted. Everyone was so gracious with spending their time to watch me and talk with me. I felt so humbled at their compliments and even their criticisms. I enjoyed every moment. I truly was creating a piece of work from my soul and heart. 

I think when an artist experiences creating from their internal innermost thought and shows. We all need to develop that link between our soul and our hand. Let our being create. We need to listen to that we truly Want and Need to create. At some point we all have to make a living or give someone something that is out of our norm as an artist. Only if it is for the benefit of another person to grow as an art lover or artist. We cannot or shall not compromise ourselves and believe we can ignore that link. Discovering who we really are through a representation in our art is a needed must. We cannot go beyond that and expect to be passionate about creating.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How to create in a Negative environment?

I posed this question in hopes of getting an answer through maybe my own writings or feedback from readers. How do we create in a negative environment? Wow. That is a loaded question. Is it possible? Do we move away from that environment? Can this environment help us and aid us in the creative process? Is it healthy for an artist to stay in this sort of place, space?

In general as a human being we go through changes and always are finding ourselves. We are always learning from our experiences. We are always looking within for strength in different situations and challenges. There might be some instances where we want to give up and turn it in. There mihgt be times where we find the challenge is greater than us. Most of us deal with it somehow and move on. Some give up and waste away. As artists we are very different in the way we handle our life paths. We are suppose to use our life as inspiration. We are suppose to make ourselves available for change in our direction to accomodate our creative soul. Our soul wants to speak to the world. Our soul wants to be open about what is has to accomplish in this world. We are only a vessel for this soul we carry. We should be in tune with what the driving force behind our gift wants. We have to acknowledge this path to be taken. I know I speak out of my ass sometimes and people tend to think I am crazy sometimes because I am all over the place....but for my true feeling about my creative gift is that we are all here to inspire as artists.

Art will heal. Art will heal all our situations. It gives us an outlet in any type of situation. It will teach others what we learn. They can see our souls through our experiences. They can look at what we create and see jow to cope with theirs. People connect with art in such a way that can never be explained. I can only say that when the artist gives his soul to his work....connects with the creative process and leaves it all in his creation...someone is destined to recieve that gift.

So...can we create in a negative environment? Of course. We have to treasure and seize the moment for what it is. It will be a positive experience in a challenging place. We will reap the benefits of learning and giving at the same time. We will receive resolve and rest. We will inspire others in the same place and be an example. We will share our love for humanity and plant a seed of creativity in their heart and soul. Look at the negative as a positive experience, with challenging lessons.