Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Justified Distraction

i know lately it seems as if though i have been feeling a bit negative in my rants. maybe i am just trying to let the stuff go because i really do not like letting this stuff out to my loved ones. so instead i let it out here where it doesnt bother anyone. i would hope that the few three or four people that read my blog can learn from i am going through creatively. we all have personal problems that get in the way sometimes...or for better words become a distraction. none of the reasons that can justify to stop creating. a commitment to doing something we love or to use our gift to heal our souls by cleansing. cleansing through creating is is very therapeutic. letting go our fears and giving the world art is very rewarding. art gives life to creativity and inspiration. we assume the role of motivator and role model. we give life to thought and instigate emotion and feeling people might have not felt in many years. through a painting we can help people heal. we can give life to someones soul that has appeared to have died. art takes on a life of its own once created. it transforms. i can go on in so many directions as to how art is life giving. so much so that if this is so and we are so gifted with this task as artists. there is no excuse to stop.

i am too sad to paint...paint your sadness!
i am too depressed.....heal and let your soul speak!
i am too busy....slow down and live before you have a heart attack and create!
i dont know what to paint.....scribble some lines and play connect the dot with the paint and paint an abstract!
we all have distractions and also created excuses at one time or another....the only justified distraction is death or being crippled from head to toe or in a coma.....