Monday, August 22, 2011

This morning I was thinking of today as a day I have to go to work and spend all day away from loved ones. How awful that made me feel. As I drove to work I was thankful that I had a good job. I was thankful that I have been put in another situation to help a handful of people be happier than they were yesterday. I hope I accomplish that today. I know my purpose in life is to connect with those that cross my path in the best way I can and encourage them. Inspire them to create for themselves happiness as I have. Instead of worrying of the time I have to spend somewhere away from where I want to be I am thankful for the opportunity for God putting me where he wants me to be.

There is so much to do. I only have a day to do it in. I always leave myself open to the possibilities. Every possibility in the world to inspire. I smile and laugh all day as much as I can. I know our lives are surrounded by reasons to be upset or unhappy. I know that tragedy seems to follow our existence and our first inclination is to complain about it. We always seem to look at the negative in the situation when we could certainly forgive, appreciate, love and hold on to the positive in everyone we come across. I know it is easier said than done. There is always a time and place for everything in life. There are seasons where we will have the opportunity to say yay or nay. Sometimes over thinking a solution is unhealthy when we make a rash decision and all we had to do was relax, back up and focus. Release all the tension and be calm.

Our minds are clouded with the worries of the world. We follow the trend and stand in line to jump off the cliff just because everyone else is suppose to do so. We are creatures of habit and do not realize that all we have to do is wait, focus and relax. Why are we followers and not leaders? Why cant we laugh and love. As a generalization WE makes up a large percentage of the masses. How many of us can honestly say we forgive, laugh, smile, hug, touch, cry, feel joy, give joy, give love. Are we caught up in our lives running around so fast pretending that we have it under control we medicate ourselves to forget. We desensitize ourself from our loved ones. We become addicted to the easy way out we do not work for what we love. We expect it in a pill. Then we seek help elsewhere for other things. When all along we had it within. We have that power we gave away and lost a long time ago. We have the capability for so much inside ourselves. we lost that key to our own soul. The soul that is God given. God like.

We are our creators child. He took a piece of him and created us. Call him what you want. God, Christ, Creator, The Big Man, Mr Energy, The Universe. there is a being. Something larger than us. Something that gives off energy and gives life. there is a spark in every being not even scientists can explain and we doubt it is there. We become what we call agnostic because we do not believe or not believe. We just exist and we think that is enough. We are thankful to ourselves. When did we lose our innocence?  We tend to blame everyone else and not take responsibility. We continue to do what we do and in our minds are waiting for that apology. The apology doesn't materialize so it justifies our transgressions. We find excuses, we make our family suffer because we think they owe us something, We have become lazy and we teach our children that laziness. We do not struggle to find peace instead we create chaos with our excuses. When does this cycle end? When do we venture on our own with our heads held high contributing to the world in a positive way. When do we break a sick cycle that seems to travel from parent to child. generation to generation.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Read.

Everyday I wake I am so thankful. I wake knowing I have another opportunity to create for myself an amazing life. I want to maximize my time left here on this wonderful planet that so many of us take for granted. We are such an amazing species. We have the freedom to love and be good. We have the power to create and be thankful. We have the gifts to transform our world into a beautiful place to live.

Sadly as we look at our media we do not see the latter. At least not as the main story. We see death destruction and tragedy. Where is all the positive re-enforcing subject matter? Is this sensationalizing of human tragedy now entertainment. It is like we are watching a movie and we know it is all fake. The news is more graphic than the R rated movies on the big screen. Hollywood cannot write a better script than our actual lives. We experience all the drama as it unfolds before our very eyes. We are so used to it we watch the television and view on the internet like it is a regular thing. It is a regular thing. We become more diseased with all of the negativity and it causes us to manifest a destiny for ourselves that is bleak to say the least. We pass this down to our children and know the rest.

Where do we stop this vicious chain or revolving door? We decide to feel joy. We decide for ourselves that in our hearts and minds we are happy. We pass all the negativity and look for a smile in our day. We build on that and multiply it. I find myself falling into the trap because around me it is so overwhelming the amount of people I know always complaining bitching and moaning for the shitty lives and situations. How someone owes them something and they are to blame for their unhappiness. We sit in front of the mirror figuring out ways to destroy our lives. We lose confidence in that joy we were born with. As children we always found a way to keep that joy intact. We always played. We always laughed and were silly. We would always come up to our parents after they came home from a hard days work wanting that love and affection and our loving parents that we adored so much would send us away because they are too tired for love. WHAT? Is that ridiculous? Too busy to love? But we do it as well. We do not break that cycle. I tried my hardest to be a good father. A good person. I am sure I can say I failed in some respects based on the the standard I set for myself. But I am blessed to have raised strong children. Strong in character. Even when they saw me at my weakest they reminded me of how strong I am and that I taught them well.

Lessons from our children as they become adults. I am not too proud to tell you I am learning from my children who school me everyday on how to be a great human being. I see them grow and progress. I see them figure out life. I am still learning. I am still happy. I feel joy. I have so much love to give. I have TODAY. When I wake up tomorrow. I will be so grateful for the gift of a new day. I will be thankful that my life has been given a new day for a new start. A new and wonderful opportunity to be fruitful in my quest to feel that wonderful joy. Gods Joy.