Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Do I look Up To You?

I have been avoiding writing in the blog for a bit because I am undecided whether or not I want to keep it. I know the three people that read it will be disappointed. I initially wanted to have a place where artists can relate to the struggles and learn from each other. The information I write about are mostly from my self expression of life. I do relay the feedback from other artists. My blog has evolved into a hybrid of sorts. On the one hand it is for artists. On the other hand it is the creative idea that we are all artists creating a life for ourselves knowingly and unknowingly creating. We make for what we want in our lives. We are dreaming all the time using all of our senses asking God and wishing for something or a situation. We are always hoping and looking at everything in our life expecting something to change. We change it withour effort sometimes. The effort is in the emotion of it.

This blog has become a way for me to help others see what I have learned over the past few years. A new way of looking at life. I new way to create. A way that I finally know after a full life of living I have enjoyed my days. The finality of life is not so depressing anymore. I relish in today. I look forward to tomorrow. I cherish the connections, friendships and aquaintences I encounter on a daily basis. I love my family more. When I see them I hold them dear. On the other hand. I have been staying away from the negative that has afflicted me over the years. Not letting people get into my head so to speak. I will surely show them my love but when it is too much to bear I move forward. Moving forward can be painful. You leave the pain behind that was a crutch you looked forward to feeling. Sometimes the pain from our bad experiences is like an addiction. We love to have drama to justify the errors in our ways. We love to have THAT story as to why we have a desperate life. We do not have the courage sometimes to leave it all in our rear view mirror. Looking in the mirror is a challenge. We see what we really are. We see the soul in ourselves when we look into our own image.

Sometimes we ask ourselves who do I follow? What do I believe? Where do I go to get inspired? We run away from the fact that the inspiration is within. We follow our inner voice. I call it my soul. My spirit. My inspiration. The God inside of me. The creator's DNA. We all have that capacity to grow from within. We do not need a crutch or someone else to define us. We have our bearings. We have our faith. Our faith in the large voice that tells us NO when we are wrong. That GIANT desire when we are inspired yet we do not listen. We hear it but we are in denial that we are capable of the dreams we have. Dreams are those LARGE Voices. Dreams are our soul speaking to us. We are powerful. We are beautiful perfect creations yet we allow the worldly lies to impair our true vision for ourselves whatever that may be. So the question should be is How do I look up to you? And that should be addressed to the mirror every morning. Make yourself proud. Follow you. Inspire yourself.