Sunday, January 3, 2010

The right side of lala land.

I am changing my style drastically this week. Why?...well frankly I am not happy with my progress. I need to shake it up. I over think. I analyze. I try too hard. I do not let it flow. I want to create something different. I am tired of safe. I am not really worried about what people think because I have nothing to lose. I am excited for this week. It will be challenging and yet very enlightening. I will be creating my work with my left hand. I have never used my left hand in any capacity as a default limb other than driving. I am in my comfortable zone. I have been playing it safe for too long. I guess we are in denial when we say...yes I always try new things. I always shake it up. I have not been. I need too. If using my left hand will somehow open the creative process in my left lobe then I will go ahead and take a chance. It is not like I am a classically trained artist with all the education and experience painting all these years. I am new to all of this. I am taking baby steps in this world, art world. Sure I will get criticized for what I will create. No one will know I am creating this with my opposite hand. No one will know I am changing the course of my creative flow. Only I will know. to everyone else who will view my art they will either like it or think it is vulgar. Just like my right hand is all the same. Everyone has a style and a presence. Everyone has a following. We can all touch someone in this world with our art. We all have our fans. We all have that support group that enjoys what we do as artists. I will look for them for support. They will be my muse. They will give me the back that I need. I am not making sense. It does not matter. Only 3 people read this thing anyway. lol. Not even I read it. I actually writ ethis for the people in lala land. The people that are my imaginary group of friends. I tried having regular friends but they are so human. they are a disappointment. Now my lala land friends are my best supporters. Any way lala land friends....enjoy my art in the coming days and I hope you understood this posting. By the way. If you are reading this...YOU are in lala land. 

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