Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why Am I Afraid.

When is fear healthy? Is it healthy? Is a portion of it healthy to keep grounded and humble? Do we put expectations on ourselves that are unattainable in turn create situations for us that are fearful? We create our own walls and challenges. We perceive our growing pains as failures. We worry of the future challenges before they are created and we don't even know what the challenge is. So the build up of what we perceive is clearly more damaging than that of the actual situation. I struggle today with this theory. We worry of what is to come before it is here. We contemplate all the variables associated with that perception created in our minds. the truth of the matter is that the percentages that a situation will turn out different than what our perception is  of it is very high. So in essence we are wasting time. We are a very unpredictable species in a broader sense. We as humanity can surprise and be amazing against adversity. We can overcome the unthinkable. We are very passionate about our existence. We strive for joy at all costs. We look for stimulative purpose to substitute for the basic decision to be happy. We need external vices and distractions to give us a synthetic sense joy rather than looking internally... for the wisdom of our existence. 

The theory I just described is foreign to most and denied by the same or more. We are conditioned to look to someTHING to give us the internal support.(love, joy,happiness, stimulation). We go through life lonely not seeing that we are not alone in this journey. We are self-destructive. We blame. We make excuses for wasted and lost time. We do not adapt and learn from small failures(challenges). We are cyclicle in nature. We do not break cycles. Our answer is to do as we have always known. We are comfortable. We follow trends and do not lead nor do we want to be the trend setter. 

Stepping outside of ourselves is scary. That is where the fear is created,. taking a chance. As I write this I am standing on the threshold of a life changing moment or closing the door and staying pat and never discovering the new horizon. When I am done with this article I will read it myself and reflect. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's All About Happiness!

You can be Happy right now and for every moment
to come for the rest of your life.

Being Happy is the most powerful skill you can learn.

Happiness empowers greater insight in each of us
to further a collective vision of world peace.

Unconditional Happiness spreads incorruptible

Love, and brings authentic freedom to all of creation
sharing this beautiful planet.

It is all up to you. Happiness becomes you!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happiness By The Numbers

  • Americans consider happiness more important to them than money, moral goodness, and even going to Heaven
  • Americans are, on average, only 69 percent happy.
  • The world population is, on average, less than 65 percent happy.
  • At any given time, one forth of Americans are mildly depressed
  • 14 percent of the nations on Earth are less than 50 percent happy.
  • Happiness Increase Experiments published in peer review journal have empirically demonstrated that individuals can be trained to be 25 percent happier through various training programs in from two to ten weeks.
  • All demographic variables combined, including age, sex, income, race, and education, are responsible for only 15 percent of the difference in happiness levels between individuals.
  • American Children feel happy 52 percent of the time, neutral 29 percent of the time, and unhappy 19 percent of the time.
  • Americans' personal income has increased more than 2 1/2 times over the last 50 years, but their happiness level has remained the same.
  • Americans earning more that $10 million annually are only slightly happier than average Americans.
  • World's Happiest Countries:
  •  1. Nigeria
  •  2. Mexico
  •  3. Venezuela
  •  4. El Salvador
  •  5. Puerto Rico
  •  (U.S. ranks 16th)
  • Countries with Highest Levels of Subjective Well-Being:
  •  1. Puerto Rico
  •  2. Mexico
  •  3. Denmark
  •  4. Columbia
  •  5. Ireland 
    Wow! There is more! But that is eye opening in itself.

    Struggling to be Happy.

    "The 'decision to be happy' is actually the decision to stop being happy"-Barry Neil Kaufman
    We are born and we crave nurturing. We leave the womb of protection and realize we are in a very hostile environment. We conform and adapt to the environment. But at our essence we want and crave the security of love and the mothers womb. The warmth of that blanket. Cuddling and holding. Joy is what we crave. it is the same sensation. Happiness is what we search for. It is the same stimuli. As we mature in life we look for that or a close replacement. A replacement can mean a stimuli that can mimic the feeling. Drugs, sex, alcohol, anger, violence, addictions.....anything to feel at peace to quiet the voices. We are so reliant on a pacifier. We need that support. Instead of looking within we look outside. We have all the tools to cure this need and craving. It is a choice.

    You can tell me how hard it is and describe all your problems and worries. At its core it is a choice. Change the perception you were taught to have of your life. trying to not feel the pain is not a way to be happy. Facing the pain, dealing with it and accepting it as a part of our journey. Making a choice to continue on being appreciative and happy. We have a decision daily that is given. We make the decision for ourselves. To be or not. To feel or not.

    I personally struggle with this decision everyday. Everyday I have to focus and dig deep with myself to overcome years of anxiety, depression and worry. I was always very insecure about who I was and how others perceive me. I struggled as a young person looking at life as a good thing. I looked at life as a horrible joke being played on us and why do we have to go through these rituals. grow up, go to school, work, make money, lose money, get married, get goes on. Disappointment. Heartache.  Everyday we have to fight for what we are. It is work. The end result is always worth the struggle. Happiness.

    Monday, July 21, 2014


    Today is my last day on earth as a walking breathing human being. Have I done enough? Did I fulfill all the expectations. Did I live up to all the standards? Was I kind enough to my fellow human beings around me? Was I a good person in general. If I was a part of a religion, did I do all the right things to receive a reward of a first class ticket to heaven?

    When I finally close my eyes tonight I will dream for the last time. Will I dream? Or will I wake up on the other side into another reality. I am a little confused. My last day is today. My last few moments here on earth. I am very sleepy. I am exhausted. When I close my eyes I will not wake up back into the current reality I am experiencing. How intimidating is that. I am going to sleep for the last time tonight. I am trying to reflect back on everything I have done and I cannot remember a damn thing. As I am typing I am becoming more desperate. Shouldn't I be appreciating all of the love I have received. Should I be thankful for all of the love I was able to share? Or did I not share enough where I can be resting easy that it was sufficient?

    I want to relax for my last breath. I need to be happy. I should be at ease. I have spoken to many people about control. The one thing we can control is our mind and how we perceive our experience. I have mentored all sorts of beautiful individuals on how our mind is very powerful and we can heal ourselves of fear. I am scared. Right now I am terrified of falling asleep. Fear is consuming me. I will not survive the night. I will be dead physically. I cannot run. I cannot be consoled and hugged back into happiness. I am all alone. I am dying. My life is leaving me. My energy is dissipating. Have I done enough? Whether I have or not why am I worrying. My time is up. It is over. Everyone around me is asleep. No one knows I am dying. No one can help.

    Where do I turn? How can I deal with this ultimate end? Why am I feeling guilty? I am trying to weigh the bad and the good. Does my experience hold enough of the positive? If I was lucky enough to wake in the morning can I do something that is special enough to clear my history and ensure that my legacy is honorable? Is my legacy now enough experience to leave in the hands of my children and they could be proud? Is it that important? Does it matter? DO they care? Is the body of my life enough? I cannot breathe. My time is near. I am so worried. Are my loved ones taken care of?

    Should I just give up? Let it go? My life is slipping from my control. I never had control. My body mind and spirit are riddled with fear of the unknown. Where is the light. I don't see shit. All I see is the red in my vision the redness of fear! Where am I going? Is the where nothingness and darkness. When I shut down I will not exist? Will I just not be aware of anything any longer? If we dream now is it physical because our heart is pumping and conscious brain is active? If when we die and everything is off and the blood stops pumping is it just nothing? No awareness whatsoever. I cannot even begin to articulate the difficulty to explain what I am trying to comprehend. IF nothing is nothing after our last breath, and we are worrying about the little things that we cannot control in our lives, then our lives are precious. What we have is the moment. And the current moment is precious. We are holding a moment that is rare, Our moment is fading, As time passes behind us we cannot ask for it back.

    My eyes closed right now. It felt like I blinked. I remember looking at the clock and it is 25 minutes later. Where was I? This is scaring me. Why am I scared? Is my body trying to tell me something? I need more time? I'm not ready? This is all there is? Don't go to sleep!

    I'm going to sleep. I will wake up tomorrow. I will try again. I am thankful I was here. My children know who I was to them and their children. My family is proud of my legacy of love. My joy is in everyone that I touched. I have given the gift of laughter joy and love to many. I have done enough. I am happy. If I wake tomorrow and am given another opportunity, I will began where I left off. Continuing my legacy and teaching others how to love and feel joy from sunrise to sunset.

    Sunday, May 18, 2014

    Mother Teresa

    Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it. Mother Teresa


    "This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever; in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good." Author Unknown 


    "The one thing we can all agree, all faiths and ideologies, is that God is with the vulnerable and poor. God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house... God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives... God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war... God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them."


    Tuesday, May 6, 2014

    Turn the Switch On/Off?

    Our attitude is like a switch. We turn it on to be a certain way or we turn it off to be a certain way. Either way we have full control of what we dish out and what we take in. That is about the only thing we have control over is that switch. I tell this to people that come to me to help them with their problems.

    Problems. I have people come to me with their problems and I tell them the same thing. I cannot give you the answer to your problems but I can give you guidance on how to control the perception you have of everything you take in. We all have a choice and have control over that attitude we have towards everything in life. We can either be traumatized by life or take each experience and value it as that, an experience to learn and grow from.

    I try and show people that the thought process in our minds is so important to the healing from all situations. We have to acknowledge that we have to go through the pain and then control the results of that, either we are appreciative of the process or we reject that notion and feel self pity. Our hurt can turn into long lasting effects or we can grow from it and teach others that we are all experiencing the same thing and we have the knowledge within us to move on.

    We are all born with joy and lose it as we grow. WE lose it through environmental influence. We at some point take into consideration all the input we receive whether it is good or bad and apply internally. We find out the lazy way to live. We find it easy to be miserable and sad during tough patches and reject the notion to work through it and reap the benefits of being happy and appreciative. We struggle with the idea of staying positive as being too hard, and we find all sorts of excuses to accept the contrary.

    To me it is easier to just turn the switch on for happiness and turn the switch off for fear. I would rather reject fear and be brave and experience life. Fear is the reason we are all in a world of shit. We fear everything. We fear love and acceptance. We fear tolerance with love. We fear LOVE. We fear Loving one another. We associate love with the wrong things and we use fear as a crutch. Fear is addictive. Love is a struggle. We feel so insecure when we address that in our lives. yet everywhere people are looking for love. We are intimidated by people who smile at us in public thinking the worse of them for doing so. We would rather receive a dirty look than a smile. At least we are used to and accustom to the frown rather than the frown upside down.

    We have to train ourselves to reach out to people and just say hi, that's all! We have to look at our fellow human beings as our brothers and sisters. because in essence whether we believe in "something" or not we are all human beings and the universe is a sandbox and we are a grain of that sand.

    Thursday, March 20, 2014

    Im Back to help.

    It is funny how we go through changes in our life. The way we think of life. The way we perceive our experiences in life. I search for enlightenment and happiness all over the world through family, work, media, people, anyway I can view a variety of opinion and viewpoints. I search for answers to explore and push my boundaries of understanding. I look everywhere and find the same answers. I find answers laden with fear. Fear of explaining the truth. The truth is what I already know and yet cannot seem to find a consistent clear answer to what I already know.

    Love is what we are all missing. Unconditional Love. this is such an easy concept and yet we perceive it as difficult. Why is it so difficult at its basic idea. Al we have to do is Love. Our true nature is about Love. When we are born as a babe we want to be nurtured and loved out of the womb. As adults we find it easier to take on all the negative connotations. I believe this is caused by fear. Fear is the driving force behind all the despair we feel in life. When we allow fear to penetrate our essence we find it easier to fail. Fear gives us an excuse to hate, be angry and attack. The answer of Love is and has always been inside us.

    Most people in life cannot see the answer before them because our minds are always distracted. We do not have the capacity nor the knowledge of how to quiet our minds as to listen to our soul for the answers. Slow down. You do not have to be a monk to meditate on life's answers. All we have to do is sit quietly and remove all the bad thoughts one by one focusing on one peaceful thought for a length of time. As we get used to focusing on one thought we can begin to realize we are quieting our minds . Once the mind is quiet we can start asking questions. Focusing on each question and nly the question. As we focus on the question the answers flow. The process begins.