Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Is Alive In Durham North Carolina

I recently was sent to Durham North Carolina for work. I dreaded going out there because I assumed it would be boring. How stupid I can be. In this life there are people everywhere that are genuine and loving. There are people in this world always hospitable and arms open to new people and visitors. I spent the first weekend wasted looking for a bar to forget I am away from loved ones. It was like that feeling all over again when I was in the USMC serving in Jacksonville North Carolina. Away from home, do not know anyone….ETC…. Here it is different. I am an artist. I have a very universal interest that people are so open to share. I looked online and saw the Golden Belt. It is an old factory turned into working art studios, galleriy, shops, tattoo parlor, living lofts for creative people. I was fortunate to catch the art walk there. It was wonderful. Just about everyone of the studios were open with artists to meet and greet. I talked mixed and mingled and felt right at home. I felt so comfortable just walking around looking at the art. SO many people were visiting and buying art. It was ALIVE! So many people to mention that I met…The memories will be precious.

I also wanted to listen to some music and visit a rockalternativepunkish bar or cafe. I drove down the street from the golden belt and ran into a couple and asked them where a good place to have a beer. They said go there! The Pinhook! At first glance it was dead. I figured oh well. I will just have a beer and go to my room. The Pinhook is a place where people come late and stay later listening to live music…hanging out. Mondays was movie night. They have a very large screen movie theatre size! The owners take turns watching the bar and talking to the patrons. Each one of them made me feel at home. Nick, Liz and Kym. All I can say that there was an energy there that made me happy inside. Thank you Pinhook.