Thursday, July 30, 2009

Subject Matter

Am I worried about what I paint? Does it really matter? Will I insult someone? Will someone hate my art for eternity after I paint that certain piece that offended them? Art in any category is self interpretation self expression of your view on the subject you are creating. We are creating a sub-subject. If the subject is naked girl in my mind....I will paint a woman with rustic skin color red hair mixed color eyes where the steel is grinded to make more action...more drama with the scales of rust in my metal. Paint oxidizing because I left it in the sun after watering the piece. The more rough looking the better. See. I have created my subject. I can have her be who I want. I can make the subject alive in any abstract way I please. Will it PLEASE everyone...Never. That is why it is subjective to you. You might interpret one way I might another. That is why Artists take chances when they are out. OUT! Like an alternative lifestyle choose to live a certain way yet you do not want to be judged just being a part of humanity. Some artists deal with rejection more severely than that. We tend to be mortified if someone or a critic for that matter tears us a new asshole and makes us out as awful instead of complimenting us for the courage to show the masses. Can you imagine a gallery where as you are strolling or relaxing viewing the featured artist the artist is watching you and your expressions and feeling what you are feeling? You are sitting right next to him/her studying and picking apart the piece as if they did something so horrible.....The art world should be free of judgmental idiots but It is filled with them. They also have their cliques. I want to be in the community of the artistic expressionists. I want to open a gallery where all the funky artists join me in celebrating creating artwork that we can all enjoy hate and love with no boundaries. Explore the avenues of texture. Run through fields of expression and slide in the paint and mediums of change. Shit I am not making sense. Hahaha.... bottom line...we have to be very aware that Art is for cleansing of our minds and loving our world through our medium.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When I see clowns I smile. I get inspired to join them and make people happy. I love clowns because they are so creative. They are special people. they are unique. They glow. they make life or the negative in life forgettable. I do not want to beat a dead horse so to speak. I just talked about being positive with great passion. Dont worry not another rant. If an artist needs inspiration just look at the clowns. They adlib. They have structure and a reason.....but they go in not knowing what the crowd will respond to. they go in changing it up and going with plan b-z. They are always on their game. They can find something fresh and something old and make it new. That is the way artists should create pieces of work. Artists should always ne ever expanding in their uniqueness and their ability. they should always go for the texture and color rather than worry about the composition of the subject. Did I make sense? In other words....keep it simple. Paint what you love. If the recipient doesnt like it you cant convince them. If I dont like chili sugar wont help it.

ART Inspires to LOVE

For all of you artists that are so arrogant as to keep your gift to yourself...shame on you and may God strike you down with a lightning bolt! No...maybe not. I am not serious.....but shame on you anyway. We create for what reason really?!? We create to fulfill some need inside. I have written about this before. We paint to inspire. We build texture to ad depth and life to our work. We want people to feel an extra umphf... when seeing our pieces. we want them to feel as well. When we convey our emotions on the medium whatever it is we want our hearts to show. We want that passion to be realized with tears and smiles. How can a person who does not use art as their escape or stimuli. How can a "non artistic" person experience that high we feel. Write! Blog! Speak kindly, warm someones heart. Care. Be compassionate. It does feel good. Forgive, smile....I know this is a corny blog. but Someone needs to be smiled at. Someone needs to create the art of love and kindness and create a wonderful masterpiece of passionate kindness.....create a work of loving heartwarming words of wisdom to each other. It sounds like bullshit to this negative world we live in. We are so caught up in our societies words "me" "I" or F U!. We all have so much to give and offer each other. We all can learn something everyday from our fellow man if we just pay attention. I for one am learning in this stage in my life that I am a hypocrite and I have to correct it. I have to show more kindness to my fellow man. I have to keep my loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. I have to be more forgiving. Am I religious now? No! I hate religion. I hate the stupid lies that certain cultures brainwash our fellow man to believe that God is available with Debit Or Master Card or Visa. I wont go into a rant on what I believe. What I will say Is I love my fellow man/woman. I cannot please everyone. I can always keep everyone in my good thoughts and prayers to the God that does not judge. The God that does not require a credit check. The God that does not get mad if I do not dress a certain way. The God that appreciates I always think about him and not the religious figure on the pulpit lying to me. The God that Gave me my gift to love people through my Art and this blog. For those of you that know me intimately and have given me the privilege to know you.....I love you so much! For those of you that are giving me the amazing opportunity to positively impact you with what I write. I love you more!

Monday, July 27, 2009

When Is It Done?

I have seen amazing work from some of my closest friends. They labor over their piece for days weeks months depending on the subject or person they are creating for. I know other artists that are very gifted and start in the morning and done at night. Yet they all tell me the same thing.....whether they are working on one or two they always have one on the side that takes them forever because they want to get it right and they always paint over and have a shit load of layers. By the time they are done they are ready to scream. I have 10 paintings in my garage like that. I have another stack that are completed that I do not have the courage to show anyone. I don't even want to look at them again. I am very picky about those pieces and who sees them. Why? I am not sure if they are done. Funny. But I have not signed them. Funny thing about rusted metal when you turn them against the wall they look like trash. Those or my life's treasures. they are my hearts creations. Yet I cannot seem to finish. Example. I was really frustrated with a dragon I was painting. Firstly I was not painting it for anyone, then I never could figure out how to finish the damn thing. Then finally every time I propped it up on the easel I stared at it for a half an hour before putting it back because I did not want to risk ruining it. Then one day I took it put it on the easel and then finished it in 20 minutes. 20 MINUTES! After months and months of this darn thing staring at me. I have had mixed reviews about it and do not really care. I love it. And it is on my wall in my living room. I am committing myself to just line them up and finish them. I have allot of pieces that stare at me all the time. I think I have split personality. In all of this I realize one thing. I am so blessed to have this problem. I can create and be inspired, inspire and show people my heart with what is made with my hands! I am blessed. Was there a point here? Oh well that's it for now.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

RED Paint

Has anyone ever had a color that makes them feel alive. Red is that color for me. I don't know why. I have seen artists use a certain technique or medium that they are comfortable with. They use it because they flow with it. Using red is very liberating. I know that sounds weird. My favorite color is blue. All the mixtures of blue yet I love painting with red. For some reason it brings things to life. I love color and texture. What artist doesn't. I am not telling anyone anything that they already don't know.....All I know is I have been told I use red too much by different people...I say to them...quit looking at my work. The work I create is for people who want to look at it not people who want to manipulate what I create to suite their internal needs. Any artist should create to impact their life and the world sustained by their art not to adjust to their surroundings. I think that is called selling out. I almost did sell out this year. I almost considered changing my methods and style to get my work out there. If I would have went along with that plan then it would not have been my work. My work that I create is loved and loved because of it's uniqueness. That is my word here today. Keep your passion for who you are. Identify with that uniqueness and RUN with it. Go with IT. Create IT!
Everything seemed to be so sad and depressing. Contemplating my immortality again. Scary thought to leave this world at anytime. Like playing Russian roulette. Your turn will come at anytime. I drive in fear sometimes. I work watching my back for something to fall on me. I drive home racing in hopes that going 100 mph I can get home faster and there will be less chance for my number to come up. I walk in the door and I am relieved to see my family all home and we are together once again. They made it as well. I call my sons and see if my grandchildren are OK. I make sure my parents are breathing in their old age. All is calm now in my crazy little world. My paranoia is asleep for the moment. What does this whining story of mine have to do with art? ever thing. this is what keeps artists from painting. Life is too short to waste time painting. Why should I paint when I have all these other things to do. Some artists aren't so positive about life and they are the most creative people. They are the most brightest and have the most to offer this world. They can bring so much joy to the world. I was one of those people that would be paranoid at one time. I did not trust many people. I did not talk much to anyone. I hated dealing with the public and hated crowds. Especially a COSTCO! I was at my wits end. I had enough of this grinding my teeth. It was wearing my family down this anxiety and depression. The stupid shrink was sick of me so I stormed out of his office like a little bitch.....his fault but I still should not have lost it...oh well. I learned from that as well. I found myself in my garage with an extension cord around my throat standing on a chair ready to take a step of cowardice. At that moment my family, life, experiences, all the people I have impacted in one way or another crossed my mind...I was reminded of the people I love so much. I was shown something special. I'm still here. I started to paint. I prayed for my gift to come back. I prayed for my family. I prayed for my paranoia to go away. I know I am getting all JESUS on you but he did answer my prayers. My love for creating came back and gave me purpose. i started to paint on a medium that no one was doing. It is wonderful. I was given a gift for my faith and patience. I was trusting him and my abilities. I went with it. I did not doubt my ability any longer. I just created. I created with what others throw away. scrap metal. I made a difference with the first piece I gave away. The real boost of confidence is when a fellow artist complimented me. WOW. I did not need to be was just so nice. After all these years of doubting myself. I really did not know the true meaning of "artist". I am an artist. Art saved my life. Well.....partly. But it is carrying me. It is allowing me to go to work happy knowing I have a purpose in this mysterious life. I don't know the purpose of humanity....I know my purpose. I don't know the world is going to end or when my neighbor's time is up....but I know when my life is done I will have left a legacy for my family to enjoy as long as I keep painting. They will always see me in my art. My loved ones and friends will always find me. We all have a passion. My passion happens to be creating pieces of work to make people be happy and appreciate God's gifts. Yes I am very appreciative that he gave me a gift ...whether I think I deserve it or not.....that is another long story. I thank him and hope I can give enough people some of that love to show thanks. Find your passion. If it isn't art as this blog is intended....find your passion. Find your purpose. Smile, love, hold on to it and RUN!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Working Artist

How does a working artist survive without creating? How can someone have a passion for painting and not be able to create his work? Were is the time found? Do they sleep? Do they ignore their families and lose precious time with them? It is a dilemma that I have talked about to with my peers. They are frustrated because there time is precious. To be a single artist is of course ideal. Work come home paint and relax. But..spending time with our families is paramount and we have to be very respectful of that....I personally would rather be painting for a living. Wake up 6am...paint. Create. Visit galleries ad network. Come home paint. I need that. Boy! Starving Artist is a real word in this world. So what do we do. We cannot function in this world with out a way to make a living to support our responsibilities. We have to meet those expectations and commitments. Where do we go from here? Wake up early Saturday and Sunday. When your family is ready to go stop. Choose a day of the week that you can sacrifice some sleep. Tuesday. Monday is tiring as it is....go to bed early Monday night and keep in mind to Paint Tuesday. Stay up Tuesday after your family goes to sleep. Battle through the workday Wednesday....get some rest Thursday night. Then you have Friday an all nighter!!! Sleep in Saturday Morning. Or go to bed early Friday night and the wake up early Saturday. There are so many ways to pick away at your work. I know I am talking out of my ass with all of this for some but there are a few people that follow this blog will agree that we need to sacrifice comfort for our passions...Our passion makes us comfortable. Our passion gives us energy. Our passion makes it all worth while. Keep this in mind. Don't guarantee your self in your mind the plan that you will have time to paint when things get better....or your eulogy will be read that "he/she loved painting so much but ran out of time" It is God's gift so find a way to thank him by using it...And if you are an athiest....well....I feel sorry for you if you are not is a once around shot. Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rEpOsT....What Is An Artist?"

I hope someone can shed light on this question. What is an Artist? As I was pondering the word Artist I was remembering being told at a young age that an artist is a person that has gone to college and has been classically trained. HUGH? I don't agree...see Wikepedia is not like being a doctor or a lawyer. I started to believe all the lies I was told at a very young age. I had a complex about this issue. I did not feel good enough to create anything. I felt I had to be perfect in a certain style or medium. It felt awful because creating felt good to me. Showing people what I created and helping them feel happy because of my art was very satisfying, fulfilling, special. I loved sharing ideas and and hearing about other artists creations. I loved having conversations about art period. I felt for a long time I could not be a part of that world because I was not good enough to be called an artist. The few pieces I created when I was a young man brought joy to people in a very negative state. Then I started to realize the power the creative process has. The joy it can bring to someones little world. A piece of art can be treasured by someone if it is given. It can bring so much happiness. If the artist puts his heart in a piece and truly CREATES it the piece will have a life of it's own and give life if needed. It can wake up a sleeping soul. It can stir emotion in a very shallow dry face. Art can bring life to a suffocating world. It can inspire. Art can inspire like the written word can. The more you create the more you are energized. Life takes a new meaning. If any negative that can come out of that is knowing life is too short to get all the ideas out of your head to create them and give them life for someone to share with you. Creating life from nothing you are giving birth to a living piece. Isn't that an artist? An artist cannot buy his talent. Even a learned student of art has to have passion for what he or she creates. They will have to truly love what they create. Why are they creating it in the first place. to show to someone. If I were an artist painting in a closed door room and I was lonely and did not socialize....even then my true hope would be is that my art would receive acceptance in someones little world. I have had the wonderful blessing of someone loving my creations and they are hanging on their walls. I have also had the displeasure of giving someone a gift of art and they through it away or stick it in their garage and use it as a table...Hey that's OK....different strokes for different folks. I am an artist. I love creating pieces of work for the world to enjoy. If I could live off of painting and giving paintings away to everyone that wants one I would. But I cannot pay the bills that way. I have to work and paint in my spare time. I am an artist. I know creating is from the soul. I love people. I love making people happy. I have always been a fan of the smile kiss and hug.I ask you. What Is An Artist?

Who Are You?

When you are a child you worry about what you will be when you become an adult. The American school systems brainwash you into believing that a productive citizen is a money making machine. Yes we have to invest in our livelihood in the American way. Pay bills of the debt we acquired from the the media reinforced product ads we buy buy buy and then we pay pay pay. Our children learn at a young age to buy buy buy with their parents money. The upper echelon of education puts a whole family in debt with the price of the education. They teach you something so you can be something then you spend the rest of your precious life paying with a job doing something you didn't learn about in school when you wanted to be someone. I think it is called status. Going to that school. Buying that car. wearing those clothes having that job that barely pays for the credit card to have these expensive things and all of it for just to brag you have it. Someone will work allot of hours away from what is important to acquire all of this. Most of the stuff you get from all these hours sits at home and when you return home you are too tired to see it or use it. Your children are growing fast and you do not get to see that. Your significant other finds that FRIEND to help them cope with you being away all the time. Where is the justification of this mess we created? Our death comes quick. then we leave the debt to our families. And the vicious cycle is not broken. This is not a lecture or a blog on how to spend our money. That is your business. This is not a rant about working too much. This is a realization of who we are. As artists we are here on this earth to create. We are here to enrich each others lives in community. The rest of the folks in this world can figure it out. We are very special people and there are allot of us. the rest of the world is caught in the trap of perversions and the hustle and bustle of this worldly life. We have a church we belong to. the church of creativity. We can express ourselves with beautiful creations that exist only when we allow them to. We make these creations with our hands. We give life to many other things besides the art we make. Our church is in session when we pick up that brush. We worship when we focus on our art. We pray when we lose our consciousness and become entranced in front of our piece. Our purpose is to create. Create pieces of work that inspire. Create works of art that show our passion for life. We are not of this world in our community. We don't believe the bullshit. We have our status. We are artists. Simple. We are here for a reason. There are soooo many of us and yet more than less are asleep and are afraid like I was. I am awake and love who I am. I lost my job and that corporate status and realized who I was 5 minutes after my boss was bullshitting me about how a billion dollar company cannot afford my little paycheck and bonus. WOW. I saw the the light right there. He asked me what I was going to do...I said "Paint" My painting was my savior. God gave me that gift. For about 6-7 years now I have been creating pieces of artwork that make people feel all sorts of emotions from a medium I never new could be used. All my life I was creating works of art just to keep the interest. Now I am in love with life because my life has a purpose. ART....Who are you?

What Is Art?

Form of expression? A gateway to creativity? A way for self realization? Something to do when bored? I way to communicate to the masses? I way to communicate to your soul? Finger painting? Porn? Photography? Singing? Acting? Surviving? Fighting? Whistling? What is it!? Is it creating unselfishly with your favorite medium expressing your passion? No....follow this link.....Interesting answers....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting High

I was having a conversation with a co worker about draw and paint. He is an illustrator. I am a painter. We were going back ad forth like fighters in a ring. He was jabbing with his sketching I was countering with my brush. He would through a kick with his shading I would take him down with my texture. Back and forth. We stood there for a few minutes. Then before I knew it I was there for 20 minutes and realized I have to get back to work! After we talked I was filled with a sense of light-headedness. I could not understand. yesterday I was talking to a friend about painting a piece for their house. I was asking about the color scheme subject matter and then somehow we got into why and how I choose a subject for someone or how do I know when and how? Before I knew it I am talking a hundred miles an hour and not paying attention to the road. My head is really light. I feel really relaxed. I am getting silly and loud and have the munchies....all of the sudden. I thought to myself...I am HIGH! Yes that is that feeling. I get that feeling when I talk about art....I am alone when I paint and I just remembered every time I paint I listen to music I get into a trance because I always get pissed off that the day went by to fast. If I paint on a Saturday and start early in the morning Ill let the day go by and it will be dark and I did not get anything done so it seems. It is such a wonderful experience. Imagine If I was high and painting? NO. I don't think my family would appreciate it. Welllllll? NO! I wont. :) I guess my reason for Writing such a provocative entry is that when runners get to a certain length into there run they experience euphoria or runners high. IT is a very weird experience. All those chemicals are released here and there blah blah blah.....It is the same kind that are released when you introduce a drug to do it intentionally. This is done naturally. I am not a medical student so I cannot esplane the terminologymumbojumbo. All I know is I get an artists high. I love it!

At Least You Can See It"

There it was so bold and loud. Yet full of emotion. Textures very coarse yet somehow flowing. Like lava...dangerous yet beautiful. I could stare at it for hours. It was almost mouth-watering. The reds and oranges were so beautiful like the evening sunset with light clouds radiating through like a kaleidoscope. Wonderful vertical lines. Streaking with beauty. ALIVE....bold, peaceful. So many emotions. There was no subject yet it had wonderful composition. An abstract. It was something. It was real. It was emotions on canvas. Brilliant. From the heart. IT took time you can tell. This piece was special. A "masterpiece". A true masterpiece in the sense. personal. very could see the pain and joy in the process. You can see the brush strokes and the depth is which he applied the pressure. You could almost see the tears where they dried as he was creating. You could almost sense the excitement as he signed it. "X" marked the spot. Literally...he signed with an "X" unique! My words are running because I am such a dumb ass and my vocabulary is not so profound and articulate. Second because I am so blown away to find out the artist was blind. WOW! Truly amazing. Amazing that this man used his other senses to paint. He did not know the colors being applied but he felt and imagined the texture. He used anything he could get his hands on to apply the paint. He created with such reality. He was himself. In his mind he was releasing his demons. He was erasing all doubt. His story was special. He was creating his life's drama. He was sharing his heart. He was not worried about anything else except the flow and the feeling of the piece. We should all create to inspire...."at least we can see" We have the advantage...or do we have a weakness. We can see. We are too judgmental. we are too critical. Create like your are blind. Feel what you paint. Paint like your sight will be gone tomorrow. Appreciate. Paint like it is your masterpiece. The final legacy. Intensify your efforts. Let it all out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Self Taught Confidence

I just read a fascinating article. all of you artists that feel intimidated by the art world. All those cocky, arrogant know it all educated mumbo jumbo artists. The make the shy artist feel as if they are less with their smug looks. I feel for them. I felt that way but now I could care less. I just love the feeling of making people happy with my art and hate the negativity surrounding that world. My world needs to be simple. Sometimes we make our own lives very complicate with our issues. We should find something we love and latch on to it and not let go. That certain thing we love to do will carry us through the bad and good times. For me it is creating as most of he people reading this blog love art as I do. We need to latch on to our creative process to make our lives rich. There are two kinds of artists as I spoke about before in another posting....Ones who do it for the love of fulfillment and love of making people enjoy their work and others create for a very selfish self serving greedy purpose. the product might look the same but the passion involved always shows in the color subject texture and composition. People can tell. Paint with your hearts. Feel what you are painting, Love the purpose for which you are painting for. Anyone can create a piece of art work. We do not have to be so educated. The education is to appreciate what you already feel. The formal education is to enhance and find and explore new tools to aid in that passion. Having that piece of paper saying you spent thousands in the artistic education does not mean you are more of an artist. It just means you were blessed with the resources to explore and learn the history and be taught what the industry is all about commercially. Also you have a wonderful opportunity to formally learn new techniques and methods. Blah bLaH Blah...... What it comes down to is we can learn all of the same by talking to one another as artists in our community of creators. We all have the passion and we should share. We should all pass this love and passion to our children. To our family and friends. Go out and learn, experiment, explore, jump into new creative horizons....paint on wood, metal, use trash to create, use textures to express, paint boldly and loudly, paint soft and lovely, paint!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"oh!?!...Is that IT?

For a few weeks I laboured over getting this painting right and worried it was going to be what the lady wanted. I made sure the colours popped. I made sure there was good texture in the areas where I wanted to stand out. I was so excited and loved the painting I did not want to give it away after is was complete. I held on to it for a couple of weeks after I was finished. The she started to call for it...I had to reveal to her the piece I loved so much. We drove to her work....she took one look at it and she said..."oh!?! that IT? Yikes~! I was so disgusted with her trashy self....I could not believe she had the bad taste to deliver her displeasure in the painting that way. There could have been so many other ways she could have put it. When you tell an artist you don't like a piece that was meant for you created by them you don't like have to use some tact....or you might get punched in the face or kicked in the nuts. That is what it felt like to me. It felt like she should have just kicked me in the nuts. then she really put her foot in her mouth suggesting her brother likes that certain kind of painting and she will take it anyway in hopes of her brother wanting it. So now she is giving me charity. She was willing to pay the price. To me it was not about the money. It was about appreciation. It was about finding that painting a good home. My paintings are given life for someone to be inspired. Artists are in it for filling a HUGE void in their lives. For me it is making people happy and making them feel like that painting will somehow define some sense anyway. I know that sounds ridiculous. How can a painting define you? Well....the painting can tell a story about you and your passion In any case. I walked out of her work and took that painting home. TODAY. I was visiting a friend and he was talking about a painting I showed him last year. He remembered thinking he wanted that painting for his father. I remember telling him it was reserved for someone. Well as soon as I told him that person rejected was like he just won the lottery or something. His eyes rolled back...he was so happy. I was complete at that moment. This friend of ours is a very special person. He loves that painting for himself but he wants to give it to his father. There is so much more to this story I gave the short version. The point I learned in all of this and it has been proven to me time and time again....I will always put my heart and soul into every piece. I will not feel bad in that after I put everything into a piece and the recipient does not approve...I will find a home for that piece. I will just paint what I feel and show everyone. Art is for everyone to be inspired somehow. Everyone needs to feel what the artist feels. We should all be so blessed to fall in love with a piece of art work. I know I am weird...I look as art in such a deep way. I have so much to say about it. That is why I am writing and you are reading it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jealous Brush!

I got in an argument with them again today. They told me I don't spend enough time with them. They told me we don't play enough together. We do not laugh together as much as we used to. I hope that I can make it up to them. I really hurt their feelings. They want me to justify the lack of attention. They loved spending time flowing and circulating. My brushes are so upset with me. I wait until the weekend or Friday evenings....sometimes I visit them On certain weekdays where I am not too tired for them. The thing is when I have them in my hands we are inseparable. We make so many thoughts and dreams come alive. Maybe when I cam creating something from nothing without a planned Idea they are there rewarding me with beautiful lines and textures of colors. I need to visit them first thing in the morning.

Blank Stare

I was looking at the the wall when I should have been looking at my piece to complete. I was looking at the thoughts floating around the air in front of me like ideas teasing me and I cannot duplicate what I see. I wonder if I am the only artist the does this. My blank stare tells the whole story. I am trying to capture the one piece of inspiration for my next masterpiece. I will sit there for a long time when I am thinking through it too much. What is funny....when I just start to create an idea from nothing and add color to color and shapes to shapes......Everything seems to fall in line when I just create. The small things are big and the big things are very small. I love when Everything flows and falls into place. I make so many mistakes that way but The mistakes turn into wonderful opportunities for color and texture. It's is funny how we make excuses to justify our blank stares. If I could just paint all day and not work day to day would I have more ideas? Would that be inspiration? I often wonder. I know I am probably going around in circles right now and this rant is non productive. I want to connect with all of you and share the experiences in hopes of striking a cord with someone. Maybe something can help....or you can respond and have a healthy argument. We can help each other get away from nonproductive spending of our free time. Blanks stares....Or watching the tube too much. That is not creative for artists. That is a very blank stare...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Please join me in my Daily Rants!!!!!!!!!

Hello all. Please join me in my daily rants about creating and changing the way we see Art. We all have so much creativity and color in us we should share and discover our hidden and obvious talents. Our world will be more positive for it. It is infectious. We all can learn from each other. We all can love one another from making ourselves happy with art. Does this make sense? Well. Read on daily and argue with me if you disagree....cry with me if you agree. Comment and follow me in this creative journey. Literally.......Click on the follow button on my blog and register so you can voice those wonderful opinions.