Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peace Of Mind

I need to start shoveling the shit out of my life. There are a few things or people in my life that are just energy sucking/draining. I need to be free of these things in order to be happy. If I do not eliminate these things from my life I will always have an excuse to be miserable. I am stronger than that. I allow these things to get to me. SO therefore I should not complain. That has been my motto or mantra you might say....if I allow it I deserve it. Bad or good. I Need to heed to my own advice. Facebook is gone!

As for social networking was doing me a wonder for my art life. I was meeting people and getting exposure. I was connecting with other artists who have given me motivation. But when it has started to become a distraction I had to let the damn thing go. I would add people that I should not have been talking to in the first place. These are people that are poison in my life. These are people that probably want to see me fail. They enjoy sending me little annoyance of comments. Little tidbits they call comments. Sadly these are people that are family and friends I know personally. That is where the poison can come from. We as creators feed off of some kind of drama or life experience to give life to our work. We also can have poison in our life as a distraction and we cannot create. We can be so sad and distraught that we cannot even function.  We are loving people. We want to inspire and be inspired.

Social networking is sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes you have to take a step back. This is a whole other world that people take seriously. They do not have enough sense or courage enough to call you or deliver the message personally when they are able to. They would rather hide behind their computer and bash you. Or play games. This is a distraction we do not need. It is funny...I cannot even believe i am wasting a posting on this subject. this posting should be about uplifting you as an artist family member of mine...Helping you relate to someone else about our art life and culture. Giving you some insight to another perspective to what bothers you. I want to be help to anyone that I can offer the help to. Sometimes we all need some uplifting. I always do. Everyday I ask the God above. over here. over there. I ask for God to smile upon us so we can join together in groups all over the world....we all need to be collectively creative and inspire. Life is so short we cannot be wasting our time and effort worrying about these idiots who do not have a life on social networking bashing each other. It is very hurtful being ridiculed. Embarrassed. We are all full of love when we were born. Somehow it was per-versed into an anger from life experience. All people have to do is remember where they came from. LOVE. that is where we came from.   ANOTHER rambling. Create CREATE CreAte!

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  1. Daniel,
    I am trying to get in touch with you about the LB Open Studio Tour. I think I have the perfect venue for you...very positive & exciting. Pls contact me so we can work this out. E-mail:
    Lisa Wibroe