Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are We Connected As Artists?

All creators have a connection. They all have a link that bonds them. Giving live to a piece of art work is what they live and breathe for. We rise in the morn to greet our muse and then we get to work. Our muse is our soul. Our soul is energy. The energy that fuels us is connecting all of us. We feel. We experience. We see inside of one another and share the passion we feel for what we love.

I can go to any event here in my city and instantly connect with someone. Art bridges the gap between so many demographics. Age, sex, orientation, race, name it. We are all a community that is massively connected. It is unbelievable. The more I go out and involve myself in this wonderful community I fall in lov with all the people I encounter. Genuine souls. Even the artists that are in pain and are very closed in putting up that wall...I can still get to them. I smile, hug, show them I love them and wammo! they are my friend. It is not always that easy but you get the point. Give people a chance. Non artists who love art and purchase or just like to view it are so special to me. I can have 20-30 pieces showing and if they only connect to is marvelous, spectacular and awe inspiring to me. It is very humbling. It fuels my desire to create. Making people have that feeling is so special. Enormous in my heart. That is why I create.

Creating along side wonderful fantastic talented amazing artists can be intimidating. But for me it has been a joy. I learn so much. I see that they are just like me it is just that they are that much more committed. I value that friendship I have forged with them. I learn from them and watch their passion. it does not come over night. Some are self taught some are educated for years. But everyday they too learn. They too graciously will look upon another artist respectfully and take something away from that experience and apply it to their own. We all have to grow together as artists and learn from one another because we are connected. We are all unique and have our own special way of expressing ourselves and a true artists will not criticize or judge another artist only they will encourage and guide one another to grow. This is not a competition it is a journey we are partaking together to inspire one another and the world through our gift.

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