Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do we change as Artists?

Why the fear of creating. Why do we limit ourselves to one genre or one style? Why are we afraid to branch out? Is it a comfort zoe? Is it somewhere we want to be safe? Maybe that is it. I sit and feel fear sometimes to branch out and experiment to unseen boundaries. I would love to expand my thoughts and be free of that fear. We constantly look for a comfort zone in this society. For the ost part the majority of people do this. We look for safety. But if we dare to explore our limits and break through them then there we will find simple pleasures. The simplicity of acheivment. THe subtle feeling of accomplishment. The giving of ourselves to make ourselves better. Imporvement. Enlightenment. Something as simple as changing the course of a ship by a foot can mean another continent to explore farther down. The small subtle changes we make in our lives mean large implications over time.

After we make these choices and accept the change we have created in our lives...,maintaining that is work in itself. Regarding our art...changing mediums, media, subject matter, themes, painting and creating within, revealing our soul. We all have a choice as artists to capture the moment in time or reveal a heartplace in our soul. All of this is to reach out to our fellow man and expand THEIR mind heart and soul. We do impact people. I have said these previously...we make a difference in the path people take. We create works that can steer that ship by sheer love. We can express to one another volumes of emotions that words cannot begin to describe. Color can vibrantly enhance someones outlook in life. The piece becomes a part of their soul.

How do we change? I think we answered this question. We change for a purpose not for us....for them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Create From The Soul...

When we think of something to create we think of the inspiration and how it relates to the moment. We look at the color and texture and passionately strive to speak through the composition. When we complete the piece we feel a sense of relief that we have given our soul to the world. We have divulged a part of ourselves and let go a secret. When we create we sooth our pain. When we create we resolve and heal. When we give birth to a new piece we let go of something that is not ours. It is the worlds. Someone is destined to change because of the love we gave our medium. If we connect with our work we are doing the right thing. If we give life to our art we are reaching out. If we don't....we are dying. We are compromising. We are in essence committing suicide. Let it go. Create with you soul. Paint, sculpt, photograph do with your medium what your heart and soul guides you to manipulate it. Reach out to the world. Be an artist. Be a creator. Love your work. Let it go.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How To Network and Market yourself as an artist?

Shake hands, be nice, keep it simple, remember names and dont give up. I found it not very hard to get to know these people in the art community. You just have to be persistent and always push forward. Do not be aggressive with these people. They all have "paid their dues". These people are weary of newcomers coming into their world with a cocky attitude. It is not that kind of environment. It is a more laid back sharing environment with your basic 10 percent of idiots.

In the short time I have been out here in my city joining the events and showing my work I try and be kind to everyone. I learn from their creative spirit. I do not always feel comfortable in these situations but I make the best of it and talk to all artists at least to see where they're at. I make sure to shake hands and greet everyone. As for remembering names....I tell them up front I am bad with names! You cannot be shy in this world. You have to meet everyone. Spark a conversation if there is eye contact. never interrupt if they are talking about their work. Only talk about your work if they ask. Do not make it a comparison contest. it is not a contest. This is a sharing of ideas. Be real and original. Meaning not fake the smile.

Everyone has their own story. Everyone has their own experiences they go through to get to where they are. Some artists go through years of education and commitment to learning and training to hone in on their medium. Some people take a life time of experience and translate it into their work with out the formal training and schooling. Their passion for the love of their work and with experimentation....this gives them the hunger and love for learning more. So many artists are self taught and use their life experiences to their advantage. Some of these are hindered with their ability and want to do so much more. They are also the ones that have to work harder for the piece to come alive. We all just want to create. We all want to be noticed for what we do. The next level is very and making a name for yourself. that is a very different animal.

Do you know what you are getting yourself into if you want to be known? It is alot of persistent, unwavering, hardcore, committed work. You have to be out there. Online and at the shows, events and galleries. Meeting and being a part of the "scene". Do not put expectations or pre-conceived thoughts about what is going to happen. Just be yourself. Smile. Shake hands...and have a good time. Do not be afraid to do group shows. Do not be afraid to volunteer some time here and there. Be open to giving of yourself to the art community. I am not an expert on this industry....but people are people in any walk...they want to smile, be inspired and be welcomed. I hope this rant served some purpose. I will never know. All I know is what I experience.