Monday, August 31, 2009

Expression Is Sacred.

Who are you to tell me what brand I should use? Who are you to tell me what shade looked better in my composition? Did I ask your opinion? Did I ask who or what group of persons I was targeting for interest in my pieces? Did I invite you personally? Did I ask you for your opinion if it was offensive to you or not?Did I send some sort of a worldwide e-mail inviting people to criticize my choice of words in my blog and choice of subjects? I did not see a line outside with a ticket booth for you to buy a ticket to my piss on me party? .....Many times artists are targeted because they paint in a very controversial manner. they will have a negative following for which they do not understand the purpose other than to try and discredit them and hurt them from what I can tell...I was recently told a story of an artist who is friends with me from a social network. He paints beautifully and expresses himself as we all do with a deep passion for what we love. He has his critics who prefer not to admire him as much as his fans. He is a bit of an an eccentric artist....what a concept! Yeah. Real different. He is a sort of an instigator of sorts. He knows his art is going to cause a stir now yet it only fuels his desire to create these works for the public to see. His work is very public. He creates works of art and displays it all over ....literally all over. Outside. I will stop with the extent as to nature of his work. Only to say he has people who vandalize and destroy his work because they are not "fans" of his work. I guess they are the judge and jury. He has not broken any laws. He has the permission of the local governing official to display. It is not offensive in an adult only sort of way. it is not politically motivated. He is not making a social statement pro or con. He is just displaying a piece of art work that the majority of his viewing public admires. So why the hate? Another....example. Sally the artist used brand A paint to use for his piece. Jack used brand B. Brand B is an expensive well known product while A is a cheaper version and not favoured by artists. Not a part of the clique. It performs the same yet it is a name. Classic. What do you think happened. The materials one uses does not play into the factor of who you are as an artist...It does not enhance your status internally....externally it puts you in a favoured spot among your peers and critics....if your work cannot stand on its own then yes by all means sell out and get your favor anyway you can. It will be your fifteen minutes of recognition until they see you for who you really are. Who you are and the essence of your being should come into play when creating your pieces. People who really collect quality work collect the work of an artist with passion. Most of these people can spot the brilliance and courage it takes to express yourself entirely. invest your passion in a piece. this takes real commitment. it can be someone Else's subject matter or a project. Commissioned piece...but the passion needs to be there.....not...oh by the way i used Paint A and brush A....I should have a quality piece because of that. Yes! i know we all have materials we use to perform better than others and they might be pricey. But I am not talking about the technical side. We are talking who we are as artists. What are we doing this for? What is out purpose in this world of art? Where do we fit in? Personally....I am trying to impress myself. I am trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. Lifelong meaning the rest of my life I will paint. I will create. I will make people cry. I will inspire. I will be happy trying. I will be overjoyed at the sight of artists collaborating to inspire others through their work. Inspiring each other. This is my passion. If I can generate an income from it that would be GRAND! if not. That is perfectly fine. I will give it away on the street corner.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Do You Want?

Hello everyone in blogger land. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the support and your interest in what I have to say. It is all about us and our creative process. I would love to continue to improve what we have started here. In order to do that of course feedback is in order. So I would love to offer my ear to anything that a person visiting or wanting to be a part of a community where we can feel comfortable and express to each other our interests in creating to inspire. In other words. Let me know what you want me to put on this blog! Is a daily post enough? Would you like to see more going on? Is a basic blog good enough. I often see blogs that are fancy dancy with all the bells and this what people want? Or are you more comfortable with a conversation? Let me know your thoughts.... More controversial topics? I just say what I feel and try to voice what I hear from other artists....Links and interviews? Let me know if that is something that appeals. Picture of the day or week? That might be fun...and interesting? it can offend if you are not open to all aspects of art. ok. I will leave it at that.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Speed Painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist School Is In session! For me

I have put off posting until I have received enough feedback to what I write. I am so happy that did. I was caught up getting all the feelings out of me on what I feel and divulging MY opinion that I failed to categorically respond to comments. I started this blog to positively impact your lives and my own if that was possible. I wanted to speak on my behalf and on behalf of fellow artists I converse with on a daily basis. There are two subjects that I always seem to return to when talking Art to "artsy" people if you may...Abstract Art and "value", Selling Out. I have had a large response on these subjects. Email, Facebook, Myspace, phone calls and a few posts here. I love abstract art and know the immense undertaking one can take with these works. For example...Pablo Picasso. Wow. Breathtaking work. But seriously some people think this was work that a child could paint. The figures are unrealistic. I for one think he was brilliant. He used cubism which SOME historians attributed to his creation. The Abstract artists of their time felt that the art of painting should not copy nature, but should be an independent art form. The purpose of a painting became the painting itself. That philosophy is wonderful. Although I am not a proponent of either just the thought of the Masters before us paving the way for such an outlet so widely is wonderful. I am an abstract artist. I have had people criticize me for my choice in medium. I have had artists comment to paint on canvas and that painting on different surfaces does not "really" categorize my work as a "painting". Hey all I can say is I am a "Green Abstract Artist". I recycle metal for the environment. For some reason expressing myself in attempting to copy nature is frustrating to me. I can do fact I drew many as a young man for fellow marines back in the day. They all wanted their girlfriends drawn and sent as gifts. I thought it was the standard for which an artist is judged. Hey can you draw that? I did. I was bored. I met a kid who was new to my unit and bunked in my room. He noticed I drew. He was an artist as well. We talked about painting. We painted an abstract piece together and it flowed. It was wonderful. We added bright colors. Cut holes in the canvas. Glued texture and fabric. It started out as a painting of a woman and ended up as a crazed singing punk rocker. After that I learned to let go creatively. But it is still a struggle emotionally. Because the creative process is personal. It does not matter if it is an abstract piece or a realistic attempt to copy nature. We are artists. We see a vision in every piece we create. Whether it is a giant red dot on a canvas with a green blotch in the middle. We want that red to glisten and the green to have texture. Or if it is a wonderful landscape capturing the feeling the artist had when he/she sat there breathing in the air and appreciating the mood they felt at that moment. If I made it sound like I was breaking the backs of artists on either side?NO farther from the truth...I am trying to explore all facets of Art through your eyes. The eyes and hearts of Artists. I want to understand and see for myself that we all feel the same thing. We all want to be passionate about what we create. Every last piece is just as important. Every medium and subject is relevant. We have all the tools of the world at our disposal as artists to express. Incorporate them all. If you are broke go green. Use trash! As for the value and the whoring of your art? Sell the shit for what you want. Just don't loose your passion for creating. Sign any contract you want...just don't loose the control of YOUR creative process even though you cant control the subject matter. Kings Queens and Lords back when.....commissioned artists to portray them in paint for their own selfish reasons....I am sure those artists did not want to paint them. I am sure they would have rather created something more marvelous than some old hag or old fart sitting on a stool. Those artists did not have a choice. I wonder if they even enjoyed painting with a guillotine to keep them honest. Artists today have so many choices. I now this economy has shortened that list. I am sure many doors no longer exist for Artist to knock on. Let alone people willing to open them. But we still have control in our creative process which is the soul of our creativity. Do not sell out on that.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Discount please.

OK. here we go again. I'm a little confused. Who sets the price to the value of a painting? I see an abstract acrylic painting versus an oil painting with detail..... The oil painting is selling for $300 or so...and the abstract painting is selling for $3000 dollars. No detail. minimal time spent creating this piece. Very little effort on the artists part. I know the artist. He laughs all the way to the bank. On the other hand the same artist paints a very original piece which took hours in fact a week or so to complete. He laboured over the piece yet it will only be offered for $300 or so. I don't understand. Why such a difference? I see this as a re-occurring theme. I always see the difference so dramatic. I go to art fairs, galleries, online galleries and websites offering pieces direct from the artist....the modern, pop and abstract art are offered higher than the detailed pieces. Can someone explain this to me. Am i naive? Why? Ok. Maybe I am not the judge or jury of this appraising racket but someone must be high? Ok. I'll shut up. Just an observation on my part. My point is an abstract piece flows and can be done rather quickly or not depending on the texture if any involved in the piece. Some pieces are more involved than others. They are detailed compositions landscapes or portraits or themed pieces that will take hours and days and once in a while weeks depending on the physical and creative process involved. In my logic the piece that you labour over should net you more than the piece that is done rather quickly. Ok. there is my point. I hope we are all on the same page here. Now someone please explain. I know my answer. What is your take. I know I have a rather large following now here on this blog. I am so thankful for the following. Please can someone please post an answer to this? Some of you experienced? or some non artists with a wonderful insightful opinion that I would hold very dear respectfully?! Hello?

an euphonious keeps you smart

The title does not make sense but euphonious is "pleasing to the ear". I guess the whole point is to stimulate your mind and soul with art. visually stimulate with colours and texture. Music always soothes and relaxes. Art does the same if people will give it a chance. That is why I am such a proponent of cramming Art down your face. there is a style of art that is for everyone. There is a subject or medium that will interest anyone. Anyone and everyone can feel the passion from the artist. Open your closeminded eyes. I guess I am just reminding everyone to keep looking at your creative side.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Working Artist.

go to work come home eat shit sleep. go to work come home eat shit sleep. ok...when do i make time to paint sometimes.... i am an artist and i know my calling in life. i have realized this calling for several years now. i have met many wonderful people in my journey. some are positive and some are not so...but still i learn from everyone. this realization of who i am has instilled a passion in my life like no other. i love my faith and my family. i love my friendships and love people all around but the passion that burns in my soul for creating is very powerful. i look for people to inspire me. i look for that next idea. i look for that wonderful subject that will bring life to people. all of this is so great to talk about but....going to work everyday...coming home and prioritizing my evening activities....spending time with family and loving them. my art is like a sacrifice. i and many others i know who work have to sacrifice for their love. the love of creating. wow. as i am reading what i write i realize that the time it takes to get the passion of creating out of my heart and soul takes more time than to make the living to pay for my livelihood. this is a very hard puzzle to solve. how? give me an answer art gods! i know the answer. sell out? nah. i don't like kissing ass. i know i am going in circles her. can anyone relate? post below!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New York New York.

I have an artist friend that is not very happy with himself. Moody SOB! I feel bad for him. I want to say snap out of it. Quit feeling like that. Look at the bright side. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. I could not bring myself to say those things when I am feeling those myself. We all go through a process of feeling like crap and doubting ourselves. We have to see for ourselves our purpose in order to get ourselves out of it. Looking at other peoples art is a great way to help the process. Talking with other artists can make you feel wonderful. I have a young friend in New York that is an amazing artist. He is full of life and positive energy. So much to look forward to in his talent. He is a great motivator. I never fail to feel better when we talk. This young person loves people and making people happy through his connection. His work has life. He is full of life. I love connecting with artists because I see their talent and appreciate it. I respect the gift of creativity we were given and we as artists need to remind each other of that fact that we have to give creativity respect. How? We indulge in it when ever we can. I want to open a show soon that will showcase artists that love making people happy. I want to celebrate our cause....creating to inspire. All of us showcasing our work and enjoying each others presence and appreciating the people that come to see. US. The smiles we cause. The good feeling and HIGh we feel because of all of the creativity. I guess that is alot of work to get to that point. Ok. Ill stop. Remember my fellow artist. Keep creating for the right reason. Dont hold back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HEre are some samples of what I do with Rusted Steel!

Artist For Sale

He was so happy to be given the chance to make a name for himself in his first showing. So many people came to see his passion. So many people were intrigued by his unique way of expressing his life and love through the colors he chooses. His work comes alive and makes a statement of love....the love for art and humanity. He wants so much for people to relate to any one of his works. they do not have to like all of them but at least connect to one. Just one. He salivates with anticipation of watching that person or group with glassy staring eyes. Watching his painting glow on that display. Colours brilliant with the perfect lighting yet not needing the light for clarity. His works are light enough for the room. People came in droves. Second and third night were opening night crowds. He wonders where all these people hear of his work. Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire. His confidence is strong now. His attitude is high with pride. He is so happy. What a wonderful feeling. His passion gave him that opportunity. His dedication to what he believes in gave him the chance. He didn't have to beg. He did not have to kiss any ass. He did not have to put his portfolio in front of negative gallery owners that toss it on the bottom of the pile of struggling artists with the same aspiration. He was given a rare chance. Someone actually gave a gallery owner his website and the rest is history. This is not a happy ending though. This artist was so happy and appreciative of his opportunity that he felt obligated to the people that brought him there to listen to their suggestions. To make a long story short......he sold out. He painted what they wanted him to paint. His passion was now gone. He pleased the people that were in his corner and still made allot of money. He still had his eye for the color. His paintings still came alive in color. His passion was not there. His heart was not present. He loves creating. He is not creating now he is painting someone Else's vision. Where can he redeem himself? Paint from his heart. Paint his life. Paint with passion. It is never too late. You might have to start over. Commercially you might be dead if that is WHO you relied on to make your name. If you were for sale in the beginning and you signed? you sold out. You can be represented....but don't go for the big sale.. it is too good to be true. I have never experienced that. But I saw a proud man break. I saw brilliance disappear. I saw the fire in passion die. I witnessed the brush thrown away. I don't know if this helps. It is a long entry. It is touchy feely and lengthy. It is too much and not what someone else would want to read. It is me. It is what I love to write. It is my heart. So I will scribe with the passion for the art and the artists I love the only way I know how. Unedited and open.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wake Up Dammit!

Inspiration. I felt like crap this morning and actually for the last couple of days. Faking with my girls in my life that I feel ok. Trying to make sense of this world and give it some purpose. Going through the motions and then I laid my eyes on some artwork that was amazing to me. I guess you could say it breathed life into me to create and stay afloat longer. Then I realized I have more purpose than just my art. I have my family. Has anyone ever taken a shot of a strong drink and WHAM! it gives you a jolt? Or strong coffee...or a strong breath of sea air oxygen? Well that is what I felt like when I looked at the artwork. For some reason I was feeling down. I have a driveway full of rusted sheetmetal to paint. I have so much purpose. I have to beautiful women that care about me. My daughter and my wife. The count on me. I have grandchildren that want their papa. I have a world to minister to with my artwork. inspire them. scream at them. I have alot of pages to blog in. I love waking up to a new challenge. Art inspires me when I am the most down. That is all I wanted to say. If anything we artists should always be inspired. We have our work. Neverending.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ok. The last post I wrote was very ofensive to some poeple. I am not sorry I wrote what I wrote so I will not apologize. All I will do Is say Art is Art. There are so many forms of Art and Art is applied to so many different industries and walks of life. We might not agree in the manner which Art is applied but nevertheless it is Art applied. We all can marvel at the pallette of colour involved or the detail in composition and we might not at all agree with the subject matter but is Art. the way some people will depict certain historical figures is offensive to some yet it is done in very good form and we can appreciate the passion the artist had when creating their piece. SO what is the problem people? I am just pointing out that Art comes in many forms and you cannot take that away from the artist. You cannot judge why they are driven to do a certain piece. IF their intentions are malicious then it is on them. We should only appreciate their creativity or dont look at the work at all. Avoid it ignore it walk away and leave the artist alone. As for our morals? Yes we have our limits and standards when it comes to what we believe....we should always stick by them. We are not talking of guaging the Art we see with what we believe. If the art is offensive then close your eyes. I think this blog is over cooked.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Are A Perv!

If I paint a naked woman am I a perv? Does the subject matter tell a story about you? Can someone actually label you as something or another because of your content? This sounds silly but if I paint A skull and blood dripping from it does that make me a Satan worshiper? If I paint a series of abstract women in the nude from different cultures am I appreciating the female figure or am I developing a fetish? By the way I have not painted a nude yet because I have not had the reason or a request. If I had a request I would and I would surely respect the female body and portray it with all its beauty. My point is there is a general idea in this country that psychologically we are driven to express our innermost desires in our art and written word. When we are expressing ourselves through our creative outlets it is our soul we are talking to. There are so many different reasons why artists pick a subject matter. Why did the masters in the 14-16 century choose to paint nudes to portray a story written in the bible? Well for one they were commissioned to do so. Another reason is to dramatize and give life to the story. Society today is so nervous about the human body in Art because they are worried about the intentions of the person creating the piece. If I had this beautiful sculpture to the right here in my house and my fellow Artists visited they would compliment the beauty. If an every day "Joe" walked in and noticed I had a naked man then for sure I am gay and love having peepee's swinging in my living room. there is a very horrible example and sounds ridiculous. But this is so close to the truth of how our society thinks. We are so naive. Now do I think porn movies are an art form? No I don't. But there are those that will surely disagree. Porn is a multi BILLION dollar industry and there are divisions within that industry that have artistic value to it. Beautiful works ans creations....but the act of sex close up in your face and all the stuff that is in your face.....i guess it is more like drinking a beer or having a joint. It will stimulate a part of the body temporarily. It will also desensitized you to the beauty and the mystery of the opposite gender. We become less attracted to our standards and then the standard is raised so high subconsciously that we are unable to reach to recreate the images we start to perceive as normal. Shit! I lost my train of thought. Do you get it? Porn in its general terms is not art. We can create pornographic images and express a rendition of that through our art which makes it an art form as a subject in our composition. Ok. Comment away! Disagree.... Art is self expression through our creative process. OUCH. Did I just say that. Sorry conservatives....I guess it is "in a way" an art form. After all that I gave in. Do I want my 12 year old little girl watching that art form. NO. It is a subject I am not comfortable with my family watching. I am also not comfortable looking a photographers photos of a cat licking someones face. It grosses me out. Or a photo of a person chewing foil. Yuck. I prefer some material over others. It is our choice. I can turn it off and turn it on. I might not like Picasso yet I like Dali.(I love both) we all have choices. Porn is not my thing but I love the artistic renditions in paint and rendering of both genders. The human body is beautiful. It is more beautiful in a more natural form. Real people. Not hand picked subject. Average folks. Will it stand in a gallery? Who knows. Have I seen it done? I dont get out. Have you? So what is the point here? DONT be afraid to pick your subject...just be SURE to accept the social consequences. is an awful example.....(baby don't read this part) Two dogs fucking? Cute! Funny! Two men making love? PErvert!!!!!!Sick ! Ok. I think I have gone too far. But this world is so afraid. Yes there are proper and correct. I love those values. I live those values the best I can. I might not agree with most of the rights I defend. But they are our choices and censuring our art is wrong.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creative Mind Numbing Happiness through Art.

My love for people is about the same as my love for Art. I really have so much compassion for the human spirit. I feel sorry for all the screwed up people in this world. I think in my ignorant mind that Art can heal them. I am talking about the angry people and the lost ones of society. Art can heal them. Maybe I am the crazy one here but couldnt we somehow make a change with Art? How can we do that? There has to be a way. I am so naive? Am I dreaming in a fantasyland? Is this a weird idea? I dont think so. Can we start in the communities or in the schools with charitable donations or some of that government money that we are all paying for 20-30 years from now for the bail outs? grants....or something like that. We can set up Art Shelters for Non -Expressive people to help them express their suppressed creativity. Does that make sense? We can donate our 1 day a week as artists....there are alot of artists around. There are alot of hidden undercover shy artists that do not feel they are worthy. there are people that do not know they are artists until they pick up that brush dip it in some paint and slap it on the canvas or cardboard or paper or anything they can paint. Create colors shapes angles and lines all to express their wonderful idea of how their mind and heart works. IS this such a bad idea? No we would rather party, drink, argue, be sad, hate, watch TV until we fall asleep, look at the computer(porn) Distract our minds from creativity and healthy stimuli....Does anyone care? I do. You do. If you are reading this and you are an artist or appreciate art can you look at your community to see if someone is doing this? Can someone actually strart something like this? YES> How? Shit Don't ask me I am just throwing it out there. But. I am going to look into it. I had a person comment on an entry yesterday with a wonderful vision of visiting and interviewing artists from all over the world for educating himself. Wonderful!!!!! Exciting! this is what I am talking about. I think there is allot of us in this world who feel the same way of our creativity and our uniqueness and what we can contribute to humanity. Our minds are brimming and SCREAMING with passion and ideas to put smile on children's faces. Elderly people need to be stimulated and feel involved with creating everyday! People of all ages need to take part in some sort of project personally to enhance their thinking. Evolve their thought process to higher levels. Wow. Where was I going there. Get with the program!!!!!!! Create, Love and SHout!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

public Exposure

I went to the fair yesterday. I had a chance to look at the artists that were displaying their work. Some of the work was amazing. Anyone that is willing to display their work in such a very public forum is brave. I was standing looking at some pieces and some of the people that were looking had very ignorant comments. "that's not art" "looks like they copied" "their work is very sloppy" "anyone can do that" "ugly color" ......these are some dumb comments. I know we all have a voice. I now these are people that were walking around in the fair and needed to come inside because of the heat. I was so happy to be there seeing all the different and unique artists that displayed their hard work and passion next to fellow creators. I applaud them. Every last piece of work I laid eyes on was beautiful because it was created by someone who loves art. It was created by someone who had the courage to display their work in such a very public forum. I also heard people that were in awe of the works. I noticed some people just standing there staring and enjoying the visual stimuli. It was a sight to see. A giant room full of different works. Only at the fair will you see that. I go to the art fairs and I don't even see that. This was a county fair. I just wanted to remind ourselves that Art is for everyone and people should be very respectful of ones creation. We can critique each others work to improve or help one another...but to break someone down is very disrespectful. We should all have some compassion for one another.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


If you are reading this blog answer this question. Why are we here? this is not a religious answer. This is not a sermon of what my beliefs are. Simple question. Why are we here? For all of you ignorant people out there who do not expand your mind. Look at the sky for a few minutes and answer this question. Why are we here? If this is the first time you have visited this new blog of mine...yes this is an art blog. But I am asking why are we here? Here at this moment in time. Here. Look at human history and figure out how long have we been here. Di sect the traces of humanity and scientists claims of mapping the age of fossils and when they were frozen, buried, and so on. But can they answer the question why are we here? I personally want to believe I am here to be happy and make my fellow human happy. Is that a movie or a fantasy belief? I don't really care. I have been criticized recently over the way I look at life. I have been criticized for the comments I have made over religious beliefs and my disagreements. I have watched friends, loved ones and people I never spoken to get taken advantage of from so called "religious" groups or churches. Their faith is always strong but their disappointment intensifies along side the same passion they spent on their faith. Why are we here? Are we here to create war and hate? Are we here to create uncomfortable situations for our fellow human? Are we here to pass judgement on each other? When we are in a hurry to retire, or rush to work, or rush to make allot of money to buy that happiness we have all been looking for, When we pay for the sex in MANY forms to stimulate that part of the brain that gives us pleasure, When we keep to ourselves and stay away because of our low self esteem, when we hide from the world because the world is cruel and harsh. When we.......stop loving..... Then we ask that question directly at the mirror...Why am I here? Is there a purpose? Has it been explained to us correctly? Have we been informed with the correct translation? I am here to create love. Creating love in the emotional sense. Showing gratitude to that idiot that cut you off on the road. Yes thank him and smile. Because they have given you a reminder to love in any situation. Have you smiled at a co worker in a thankful way? Have you smiled at a total stranger and at least said hello. Good morning. Afternoon. Whatever....Most artists know why they are here. they are here to create. Once you get the sensation in your being you know in order to be at peace in this world you have to create. If not to create for anyone to create fr ones self. Fill that void in you that craves letting go of your inspiring thought process. Letting it out to calm that overflowing creative thought process. Artists know that it is for the world to see and not to be stingy. Artists of any kind need to create words images thought...Artists need to create an environment and change our culture to love on another. Artists have that power. Yes they do. whether they use that power ofr good or they are told to impress upon the masses another thought not owned by them...they have that power. For the life of their interpretation that power is there. Look at the Pyramids. They are filled with interpretation. We read and try and figure out their meaning. Why? When? Who? Where? caves are filled with art telling a story. Images fill the screen you are looking at to influence the masses. Shock and Awe! Is that when you are shocked to see a result and only to be wowed ....Art takes on many forms for many different reasons. Art can display a culture and reveal it 1000 years later. Art can be a truth to someone or several. So Why Are We Here? Forget all the theories. throw aside your rituals. step your ass outside look at the sky and tell me Why Are We Here?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WHo is it about?

I want to paint in one base colour. I want to make a series of pieces in one base colour where they all flow in a set yet they are all unique respectively. There are so many different ideas I can flow with a set like this I am going to do it. I have shared this idea with a few artsy friends of mine and they were excited for me. Thanks ....Then I shared the idea with a couple of family and friends at the conversation table and wow. what a let down. It is OK. I am doing it anyway. I think it will hit. It will hit with me anyway. There is a painting waiting to meet someone every encounter. I will show my work and someone will fall in love with a piece. It always happens. My calling is to share my love of life through my art. I will ignore assholism. LOL. yeah assholism. for all of those assholes that cannot seem to control or stop being an asshole it is like a disease(alcoholism) they have it strong. But I love them anyway. I am kind and am a genuine gentleman. I met this artist at work...what a coincidence. He was one of these assholisms...the more we shared our love for our creating the more we bonded. he is a very good person. even though he is a homeboy form the barrio(neighborhood) He speaks so intelligently when talking about art then as soon as he talks in his normal way...or what he was conditioned in his little world...he turns in to guessed it....asshole. In MOST cases art seems to bring light to love. Art is an outlet to anger, love, frustration, randomness, extremeness, is a way for a person to let go with out numbing the senses. although some artists create best when their senses are numbed. I like to be sober. I do get high when I create. it feels like I am taking a hit of creation. I toke it all in. TOKE....not take. I have not used that term since high school. LOL ...funny I would be with my neighbors smoking all that green stuff and then I would come home and draw some weird poor mom was scared. She thought I was loosing it. Well I Will stop there. I was loosing it in many ways. Another story! I might blog it in NONSENSE...this is about our ART senses. Yes we all have it. Art senses. Creating. Anyone can take a brush and a can of paint and make shapes. then manipulate the strokes to make an appealing form. Then add a different color to make another appealing form. then add an unappealing form next to what you created and then step back and I bet it is something that flowed from the heart. I bet it would feel great to just see what was made so simply. All that positive energy will come from it. I know some writers that experience that kind of high or positive energy from creating a masterpiece of literary works....something that people can be intellectually stimulated from reading it. OR aroused in some cases. Some of the novels I have read are better than seeing an erotic movie. It is so descriptive. The Art of the written word. Wow. There is a book that is a work of art yet it is more. It is actually a divine work. Yes. The Bible. Enough said. I began this blog telling you about my next project. One colour yet each piece unique. Very old idea my take. Who is it about? you! the person looking a the work. I will be showing here in the next couple of days because they are very easy to paint. they flow. So get off of your ass and create something. define yourself. Make an impression in your minds eye. Dream of your masterpiece and then get high! Did you get high today? We ARE talking art.
Que Dios Te Bendiga!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skin Art?

Yes skin art. Art OF course it is. I have heard so many "traditional" artists say that tattooing is not the same as what artists do. Bullshit! they are just as much of an artist. They endure so much pressure. Imagine the stress involved of not being able to make a mistake on the piece you are creating. You really only have one shot to get it right or you will have to re-work or redesign your idea. There are so many people wearing wonderful art. Walking canvas. And also there are some people wearing some kindergarten art.....very embarrassing...we wont get into that. The detail involved in some of these art creations is amazing. How can you not agree with me that this is art and these are some of the most Creative of Artists. This art blog is to think of art in a very special way. We have to change our ideas and precepts. We have to look beyond the canvas and brush. There are so many ways to create works of art to make people inspired to love and be loved through our art. Make sense?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Say No.

I know it is hard but say no. I am learning the hard way. For all of you self employed Carreer artists you have no problem saying no. I have a bad habit of offering to paint something for someone. They get all happy I get all happy and then I think to myself as soon as I offer to paint them something....How the heck am I going to find time to paint them something. As for the paid requests when do I have time for them? This is too funny. There is only enough time in whats left in my day when I get home from my day job. I know this is my year for breakthrough...but until that breakthrough materializes I am stuck waking up going to a job where I am going through the motions. I am fiercfully leaning towards committing to a second job of creating pieces of work every evening to sell to my long line of buyers. I also want to make time to create pieces of work for loved ones and friends and even charities. But where do I find the time. Sometimes we have to say no to adding more projects in order to get the first list of projects done. It is great to have this problem. And if we learn anything from this is we are blessed with a God given talent and if we have the resources to make it happen then we are so lucky. Take advantage of the opportunities in your creative world. Network with other artists. Get together and share ideas. Work together to market your work. Collaborate and create more interesting works. Lower your pride and be a part of something bigger. Art is for the calming and soothing of the stress in this world. We all have a part in our spiritual enlightenment...yes we do....Art is almost like a spiritual experience....visit an art gallery and register leaving the artist a wonderful comment of how brilliant they are....share your love for the Arts. Heck!!! GO TO A TATTOO PARLOR AND TELL THEM THEY ARE AWESOME! they ARE ARTISTS TOO.....I will post of how tattooists are not consider artists..which is the most disrespectful thing to me. I will get into that later....