Saturday, August 1, 2009

Say No.

I know it is hard but say no. I am learning the hard way. For all of you self employed Carreer artists you have no problem saying no. I have a bad habit of offering to paint something for someone. They get all happy I get all happy and then I think to myself as soon as I offer to paint them something....How the heck am I going to find time to paint them something. As for the paid requests when do I have time for them? This is too funny. There is only enough time in whats left in my day when I get home from my day job. I know this is my year for breakthrough...but until that breakthrough materializes I am stuck waking up going to a job where I am going through the motions. I am fiercfully leaning towards committing to a second job of creating pieces of work every evening to sell to my long line of buyers. I also want to make time to create pieces of work for loved ones and friends and even charities. But where do I find the time. Sometimes we have to say no to adding more projects in order to get the first list of projects done. It is great to have this problem. And if we learn anything from this is we are blessed with a God given talent and if we have the resources to make it happen then we are so lucky. Take advantage of the opportunities in your creative world. Network with other artists. Get together and share ideas. Work together to market your work. Collaborate and create more interesting works. Lower your pride and be a part of something bigger. Art is for the calming and soothing of the stress in this world. We all have a part in our spiritual enlightenment...yes we do....Art is almost like a spiritual experience....visit an art gallery and register leaving the artist a wonderful comment of how brilliant they are....share your love for the Arts. Heck!!! GO TO A TATTOO PARLOR AND TELL THEM THEY ARE AWESOME! they ARE ARTISTS TOO.....I will post of how tattooists are not consider artists..which is the most disrespectful thing to me. I will get into that later....

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