Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skin Art?

Yes skin art. Art OF course it is. I have heard so many "traditional" artists say that tattooing is not the same as what artists do. Bullshit! they are just as much of an artist. They endure so much pressure. Imagine the stress involved of not being able to make a mistake on the piece you are creating. You really only have one shot to get it right or you will have to re-work or redesign your idea. There are so many people wearing wonderful art. Walking canvas. And also there are some people wearing some kindergarten art.....very embarrassing...we wont get into that. The detail involved in some of these art creations is amazing. How can you not agree with me that this is art and these are some of the most Creative of Artists. This art blog is to think of art in a very special way. We have to change our ideas and precepts. We have to look beyond the canvas and brush. There are so many ways to create works of art to make people inspired to love and be loved through our art. Make sense?

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