Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Are A Perv!

If I paint a naked woman am I a perv? Does the subject matter tell a story about you? Can someone actually label you as something or another because of your content? This sounds silly but if I paint A skull and blood dripping from it does that make me a Satan worshiper? If I paint a series of abstract women in the nude from different cultures am I appreciating the female figure or am I developing a fetish? By the way I have not painted a nude yet because I have not had the reason or a request. If I had a request I would and I would surely respect the female body and portray it with all its beauty. My point is there is a general idea in this country that psychologically we are driven to express our innermost desires in our art and written word. When we are expressing ourselves through our creative outlets it is our soul we are talking to. There are so many different reasons why artists pick a subject matter. Why did the masters in the 14-16 century choose to paint nudes to portray a story written in the bible? Well for one they were commissioned to do so. Another reason is to dramatize and give life to the story. Society today is so nervous about the human body in Art because they are worried about the intentions of the person creating the piece. If I had this beautiful sculpture to the right here in my house and my fellow Artists visited they would compliment the beauty. If an every day "Joe" walked in and noticed I had a naked man then for sure I am gay and love having peepee's swinging in my living room. there is a very horrible example and sounds ridiculous. But this is so close to the truth of how our society thinks. We are so naive. Now do I think porn movies are an art form? No I don't. But there are those that will surely disagree. Porn is a multi BILLION dollar industry and there are divisions within that industry that have artistic value to it. Beautiful works ans creations....but the act of sex close up in your face and all the stuff that is in your face.....i guess it is more like drinking a beer or having a joint. It will stimulate a part of the body temporarily. It will also desensitized you to the beauty and the mystery of the opposite gender. We become less attracted to our standards and then the standard is raised so high subconsciously that we are unable to reach to recreate the images we start to perceive as normal. Shit! I lost my train of thought. Do you get it? Porn in its general terms is not art. We can create pornographic images and express a rendition of that through our art which makes it an art form as a subject in our composition. Ok. Comment away! Disagree.... Art is self expression through our creative process. OUCH. Did I just say that. Sorry conservatives....I guess it is "in a way" an art form. After all that I gave in. Do I want my 12 year old little girl watching that art form. NO. It is a subject I am not comfortable with my family watching. I am also not comfortable looking a photographers photos of a cat licking someones face. It grosses me out. Or a photo of a person chewing foil. Yuck. I prefer some material over others. It is our choice. I can turn it off and turn it on. I might not like Picasso yet I like Dali.(I love both) we all have choices. Porn is not my thing but I love the artistic renditions in paint and rendering of both genders. The human body is beautiful. It is more beautiful in a more natural form. Real people. Not hand picked subject. Average folks. Will it stand in a gallery? Who knows. Have I seen it done? I dont get out. Have you? So what is the point here? DONT be afraid to pick your subject...just be SURE to accept the social consequences. is an awful example.....(baby don't read this part) Two dogs fucking? Cute! Funny! Two men making love? PErvert!!!!!!Sick ! Ok. I think I have gone too far. But this world is so afraid. Yes there are proper and correct. I love those values. I live those values the best I can. I might not agree with most of the rights I defend. But they are our choices and censuring our art is wrong.

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