Wednesday, August 5, 2009


If you are reading this blog answer this question. Why are we here? this is not a religious answer. This is not a sermon of what my beliefs are. Simple question. Why are we here? For all of you ignorant people out there who do not expand your mind. Look at the sky for a few minutes and answer this question. Why are we here? If this is the first time you have visited this new blog of mine...yes this is an art blog. But I am asking why are we here? Here at this moment in time. Here. Look at human history and figure out how long have we been here. Di sect the traces of humanity and scientists claims of mapping the age of fossils and when they were frozen, buried, and so on. But can they answer the question why are we here? I personally want to believe I am here to be happy and make my fellow human happy. Is that a movie or a fantasy belief? I don't really care. I have been criticized recently over the way I look at life. I have been criticized for the comments I have made over religious beliefs and my disagreements. I have watched friends, loved ones and people I never spoken to get taken advantage of from so called "religious" groups or churches. Their faith is always strong but their disappointment intensifies along side the same passion they spent on their faith. Why are we here? Are we here to create war and hate? Are we here to create uncomfortable situations for our fellow human? Are we here to pass judgement on each other? When we are in a hurry to retire, or rush to work, or rush to make allot of money to buy that happiness we have all been looking for, When we pay for the sex in MANY forms to stimulate that part of the brain that gives us pleasure, When we keep to ourselves and stay away because of our low self esteem, when we hide from the world because the world is cruel and harsh. When we.......stop loving..... Then we ask that question directly at the mirror...Why am I here? Is there a purpose? Has it been explained to us correctly? Have we been informed with the correct translation? I am here to create love. Creating love in the emotional sense. Showing gratitude to that idiot that cut you off on the road. Yes thank him and smile. Because they have given you a reminder to love in any situation. Have you smiled at a co worker in a thankful way? Have you smiled at a total stranger and at least said hello. Good morning. Afternoon. Whatever....Most artists know why they are here. they are here to create. Once you get the sensation in your being you know in order to be at peace in this world you have to create. If not to create for anyone to create fr ones self. Fill that void in you that craves letting go of your inspiring thought process. Letting it out to calm that overflowing creative thought process. Artists know that it is for the world to see and not to be stingy. Artists of any kind need to create words images thought...Artists need to create an environment and change our culture to love on another. Artists have that power. Yes they do. whether they use that power ofr good or they are told to impress upon the masses another thought not owned by them...they have that power. For the life of their interpretation that power is there. Look at the Pyramids. They are filled with interpretation. We read and try and figure out their meaning. Why? When? Who? Where? caves are filled with art telling a story. Images fill the screen you are looking at to influence the masses. Shock and Awe! Is that when you are shocked to see a result and only to be wowed ....Art takes on many forms for many different reasons. Art can display a culture and reveal it 1000 years later. Art can be a truth to someone or several. So Why Are We Here? Forget all the theories. throw aside your rituals. step your ass outside look at the sky and tell me Why Are We Here?


  1. Yes, I also think, we are here to have a great time. That includes making others happy. Today I read a sign at "Volkstheater" Station in Vienna, Austria: "Stop and smile at a stranger" and another one "empty your purse and start a new life". I furthermore believe, art itself is the answer - a language spoken by human race. Therefore I've a dream - I want to travel all 196 countries and make interviews with artists to find out if there is ONE answer or ONE question or something else in common. Got to go on working on my day-time job - thanks for your thoughts and following me on twitter. The greatest of all: none of us is alone :-)

  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on why we are here. I'm reading The World's Religions by Houston Smith right now as research for a novel I plan to start working on in September. SO ... so I have all this on my mind ... as well as art (as always). I'll keep an eye on your blog. Hope you'll visit mine as well.