Monday, August 31, 2009

Expression Is Sacred.

Who are you to tell me what brand I should use? Who are you to tell me what shade looked better in my composition? Did I ask your opinion? Did I ask who or what group of persons I was targeting for interest in my pieces? Did I invite you personally? Did I ask you for your opinion if it was offensive to you or not?Did I send some sort of a worldwide e-mail inviting people to criticize my choice of words in my blog and choice of subjects? I did not see a line outside with a ticket booth for you to buy a ticket to my piss on me party? .....Many times artists are targeted because they paint in a very controversial manner. they will have a negative following for which they do not understand the purpose other than to try and discredit them and hurt them from what I can tell...I was recently told a story of an artist who is friends with me from a social network. He paints beautifully and expresses himself as we all do with a deep passion for what we love. He has his critics who prefer not to admire him as much as his fans. He is a bit of an an eccentric artist....what a concept! Yeah. Real different. He is a sort of an instigator of sorts. He knows his art is going to cause a stir now yet it only fuels his desire to create these works for the public to see. His work is very public. He creates works of art and displays it all over ....literally all over. Outside. I will stop with the extent as to nature of his work. Only to say he has people who vandalize and destroy his work because they are not "fans" of his work. I guess they are the judge and jury. He has not broken any laws. He has the permission of the local governing official to display. It is not offensive in an adult only sort of way. it is not politically motivated. He is not making a social statement pro or con. He is just displaying a piece of art work that the majority of his viewing public admires. So why the hate? Another....example. Sally the artist used brand A paint to use for his piece. Jack used brand B. Brand B is an expensive well known product while A is a cheaper version and not favoured by artists. Not a part of the clique. It performs the same yet it is a name. Classic. What do you think happened. The materials one uses does not play into the factor of who you are as an artist...It does not enhance your status internally....externally it puts you in a favoured spot among your peers and critics....if your work cannot stand on its own then yes by all means sell out and get your favor anyway you can. It will be your fifteen minutes of recognition until they see you for who you really are. Who you are and the essence of your being should come into play when creating your pieces. People who really collect quality work collect the work of an artist with passion. Most of these people can spot the brilliance and courage it takes to express yourself entirely. invest your passion in a piece. this takes real commitment. it can be someone Else's subject matter or a project. Commissioned piece...but the passion needs to be there.....not...oh by the way i used Paint A and brush A....I should have a quality piece because of that. Yes! i know we all have materials we use to perform better than others and they might be pricey. But I am not talking about the technical side. We are talking who we are as artists. What are we doing this for? What is out purpose in this world of art? Where do we fit in? Personally....I am trying to impress myself. I am trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. Lifelong meaning the rest of my life I will paint. I will create. I will make people cry. I will inspire. I will be happy trying. I will be overjoyed at the sight of artists collaborating to inspire others through their work. Inspiring each other. This is my passion. If I can generate an income from it that would be GRAND! if not. That is perfectly fine. I will give it away on the street corner.

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